What mega do you want to come to Pokemon go? For me this guy

  1. Sadly i don’t think we’ll get them for Hoenn tour (hopefully i’m wrong though). We still haven’t seen Hoenn starters megas & Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza signature moves in raids. I’d expect those with Hoenn tour.

  2. Swampert, he has always been one of my favourite Pokemon and I have a Shundo, best buddied one on hand, ready-to-go

  3. I actually have a hundo purified banette that I am in the process of getting best buddy with, in anticipation for the mega raids coming 😍

  4. Mark my words, we're going to get the "game-breaking" megas in special research or very limited raids (like ex raids). No way are we gonna be able to just farm raids for Rayquaza or Mewtwo mega energy.

  5. Could be but that won't really limit them all that much. It's not like you really need to farm the actual raid. With the new mega system you only need enough mega energy to evolve one. After that you can walk with them to get more mega energy.

  6. I have a shiny shadow pinsir thats 98% so i hope it doesnt come to pokemon go cuz then ill be tempted to purify and have a mega shundo

  7. I have a hundo pinsir that I purified before I knew what I was doing. I now really hope they release its mega soon so I dont keep looking at in disappointment.

  8. It will probably be on Hoenn tour, along with primal Groudon and Kyogre, I have level 40 100% IV Rayquaza and level 40 96% IV shiny Groudon waiting..

  9. I’m mostly hyped for blaziken, which is exciting considering we’re most likely getting the release of mega blaziken this winter

  10. My first ever 5* raid ended up being a 13/14/15 shiny Rayquaza and after using up all my luck forever on it I cannot wait to make it a mega.

  11. Nothing in particular but I do wish my costumed Pokémons can mega evolve with its costumes. Seeing mega Sableye with his Litwick hat would be so cool!

  12. He needs to get added back into the raids soon. I've been actively playing again for Samoset a year after taking a year or so long break and I haven't seen him or most relevant Legos yet

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