Anyone else have a random pokemon that you have CD-like amounts of shinies of?

  1. I have 24 shiny Yanma. I probably have some other types of Pokémon that I have a ton of, but that one immediately came to mind

  2. A have a shiny Sneasel with event sunglasses and a hat. It gets even better because sneasel has that crossed arms stance. It's the coolest pokemon I own and I like to flex it on gyms.

  3. Skarmory. So many shiny skarmory. But also I find whenever there is a comm day, my next few shinies after that are always one of the recent comm days. Like I needed more.

  4. Somehow I keep hatching shiny riolus, just got my 6th and wish the mega was out already. Oh and I have an annoying amount of Ledybas also

  5. I have that with Scyther. I had 2 already and at go fest I got 3 more. I'm more surprised when they are not shiny. Lol

  6. Lucky you! I love the little rusty ant, for me its ditto. Have 6 of em. Might be a flex, but they are pretty useless (garbo IV too)

  7. Besides the shiny Ponyta you get from that side quest, I have 2 shiny kricketots on Arceus and no others. I feel your pain there haha

  8. outside of community days I've not caught more than 1 duplicate shiny. like, best I have is 2 shiny trapinches (evo'd 1 into flygon) and 2 shiny ralts (evo'd one into Gardevoir, one into kirlia)

  9. I caught three random shiny drifloon over the course of 3 weeks, and now it’s my mission to get as many shiny drifloon as possible

  10. I don’t even know this one so let’s become friends 😂 I have a ton of shiny squirtle with sunglasses and a lot of others as well. But the squirtle gang must be untouched :)

  11. Rip, transferred my shiny Plusle clearing space late one night… they look the sameeee, Un-starred it like nothing and bye lol before realizing

  12. 4 Castform, but they were all caught the same day, must have been a non CD event I'm not remembering and 3 Snubbull, all three caught in the wild at completely different times.

  13. With only 200 Natu checked, I have 3. Not really community day level, but pretty good for something thats 1/400 or whatever

  14. I have 11 shiny galarian zigzagoons, 9 from the event and then 2 shinys from eggs. I'm pretty salty about wasting my shiny luck on more zigzagoons when I already had way too many

  15. Yes. When Galarian Zigzagoon event was going on I ended up catching many of them as shinies. I got bored enough one day that I evolved two of them and one of them is a member on my Sword team.

  16. Unsure if it counts as got them on community day, but I have 19 shiny Galarian Zigzagoons. I think they’re pretty cool but the odds went in my favour that day. Makes up for the zero I got on Go Fest Day 1 this year.

  17. Damn… need this one. But, yes, I have similar situations with several Pokémon that just spawn a lot for me.

  18. Misdreavus, sneasel and bronzor I have 6 misdreavus and a mismagius I leave around town as my shiny witch/ghost coven.

  19. I have 10 shiny bronzor, 8 exeggutor, 7 snubbull, 7 sneasel, 7 slakoth, 7 drifloon, 7 lillipup, 7 yungoos, 6 chansey.

  20. Starleys and Swamperts. Can’t just shit can them but largely bad IV or severely anemic CP’s. I had hoped to trade them but no one I know plays so they stay in inventory.

  21. Literally every event that spawns durant, I seem to get a shiny. CD Pokemon aside, I don't have anywhere near this amount of duplicate shinies.

  22. Diglett. Just came back to the game a couple months ago, and somehow have found 4 shiny digletts. And I dislike that Pokemon. Lol.

  23. Onyx, Snubbul and, oddly enough, Bulbasaur. Maybe 5-10 of each over the course of my years. I also had this funny thing where I hunted for Crogunk for a long time, had something like 400+ encounters without a shiny despite events, and then after the fighting event ends I caught 3 of them within a week.

  24. I caught 4 shiny kabuto in the 2 weeks after it first came out, traded 2 though. 1 for a shiny omanyte which had eluded me while I got my 4 kabuto and 1 for a shiny vaporeon because apparently 9 eevees isn't enough for 1 single shiny vaporeon

  25. For me it’s Growlithe. I’ve caught like 5 of them. Traded one to my ex boyfriend, and then sent 2 to sword and shield. So I just have 2 left in Go

  26. in my case its gligar.. had 6-7 of them. one of each for living dex in home, rest traded for shinies in home

  27. Mine would be shiny shadow Sneasel. I don't know why, but early last year when a lot of Rockets had Sneasel, I managed to get 4 shadow shinies, including one that was Shundo after purification. To this day, I've only gotten 8 shadow shinies total, and half have been Sneasel.

  28. Caught 4 shiny galarian stunfisks, pretty happy that rng chose that one to bless me with. 3 of them go to 1501 cp though so it balances out

  29. Grimer. I caught like 4 shiny grimer in one day. Traded away all but two. One Iis now a shiny muk

  30. I have three shiny plusle and they are the bane of my existence. All I want is a single shiny minun but NO, I just get more plusle 😡

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