Perfect Galarian Articuno 💯

  1. Yeah, I'm assuming this about the galarian Zapdos who I fed the wrong berry to and promptly fled.

  2. I saw my first Galarian bird yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't even get to see it because there was a Starly in the way.

  3. I know!!! I'm wondering now if I keep it like that, as G. birds must be coming in raids in the future and low CP ones may become unobtainable

  4. I don't get it. I do my daily incense every day and walk for the full 15 minutes and still haven't seen a single bird. Am I doing something wrong?? It's been over a month

  5. I got my first spawn 19 august, three weeks after incense release (25 july). I also use it every day and got only 5 spawns, including this one. My advice is: keep trying!

  6. I think the odds are 1/4096 (16*16*16), like a shiny Pokémon in the mainline games. Above this, finding it and catching it!

  7. Well done! I had a 100 zapdos run from me and it broke my heart - but happy others are nailing it (it was a non weather boosted one so the cp showed it had to be a level 30 100)

  8. This is one of those catches that you’ll dream of, but will never happen to you, unless you’re extremely lucky, congrats!

  9. WOW. Glad it didn’t run from you. Then again you wouldn’t know it’s perfect. (Thinks the 5 that ran from me were perfects - 2 Moltres & 3 Zapdos)

  10. Certainly I wouldn’t know. This is good, if i knew it was 100% my hand shaking would have prevented me from capturing it.

  11. How did you get it to spawn? I go for a run daily and it took me some time before I figured out how to get pokemon spawning and I catch around 30 /day but didn’t even get an encounter..

  12. Awesome but the CP is super low, I wouldn't.know to do with that. Maybe just a trophy pokemon I guess

  13. Damn, they still spawn? I've popped one every day for the past like month and haven't seen a single galarian bird

  14. I've seen two of these legendary birds since they were launched and they both flew off. Gratz on the catch 🤜💥🤛

  15. I had one pop up yesterday. I wanted to try the cool new tech of wasting Pokéballs… I dropped twenty and then went to berry it. “Item can’t be used at this time”.

  16. I’ve never even seen any of the Galarian birds and I use my incense daily, walk in a mostly straight line (I walk around a huge river, barely even turns by the time the 15 mins are up). What am I doing wrong 😭

  17. Was walking with daily incense yesterday catching minccinos, and galarian moltres appeared after I left the catching screen... for like 1/4 of a second before disappearing. Wouldn't let me tap on it either, I was so sad. That was the 3rd daily incense I've ever used too (just got back into the game)

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