DiD nInTeNdO jUsT cOnFiRm ThAt ThEy EaT pOkÉmOn?

  1. This is actually basically what happens in the episode this image is from; ash's gang and team rocket are stranded on a boat, and they try to eat James's magikarp, but magikarp is literally just scales and bones. James, frustrated that magikarp is useless for eveything, even being eaten, hits it into the ocean, and it proceeds to evolve and attacks everyone, blowing them onto an island.

  2. What always bothered me about this scene was that after someone bites into one, Misty says that magicarp are all scale and bones. But other sources ever since then show magicarp being a popular choice for both people and pokemon to eat. This is like the ditto face thing all over again. The pokemon company is always quietly retconning things.

  3. Pokemon eat other Pokemon all the time (Grapploct and Golisopod, Heatmor and Durant, Sableye and Carbink). Why should we be shamed for finding Miltank tasty?

  4. Magikarp aren‘t edible. When they get stranded after the SS Anne wrecks (same episode OP’s picture is from) they think about eating James Magikarp. Meowth tries and brakes his teeth because it’s basically just scales and bones.

  5. i always found these posts (the serious ones of course) to be so weird. like what else would they be eating? there's no other animals in the world besides pokémon. did people really think everyone was just collectively vegetarian?

  6. This post was a jab at the people who’ve been saying this since the new games came out. I’ve been watching and playing Pokemon my whole life. I’ve always known people and Pokemon eat each other

  7. I say it and get -5 upvotes. You do it in post form and suddenly it's worth an entire 8 bit processor and then some? (At the time of this comment my screen shows this post with 256 upvotes)

  8. Context: They were drifting out at sea for a while after escaping a sunken ship and James’ Magikarp was just flopping around on their raft so they fantasized about eating it but Misty tells all of them that it’s just scale and bone

  9. If my memory serves me correctly that's was after the ship crashed and they were stuck at sea and magikarp flops on board and then ash and brock start imagining eating it which is that picture but not long after misty says its just skin and bones

  10. The best example I can give of people eating Pokémon all the way back in the early gens is chansey, where it’s Crystal pokedex entry reads:

  11. I’m 24 and have watched and played Pokemon my whole life. This post was just a jab at all of the people who were saying the same thing since the new games came out. I’ve known from the beginning that Pokemon get eaten

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