They're no Hoenn or Sinnoh starters but they aight 🤷‍♂️

  1. Skeledirge is a fucking boss and I’m so happy I chose Fuecoco. That little idiot won my heart in the first couple minutes of meeting the starters

  2. Same. I wanted to pick Sprigatito, but the instant I saw Fuecoco's derpy little face, I changed my mind. Shame his movepool is about as deep as a puddle, but that seems to be the case with like half of all fire starters.

  3. It's just a shame we don't get to see official 2D art before seeing the 3D sprites anymore. I feel like those usually really help with appreciating the designs.

  4. For me, it's the opposite. I find most Pokemon since XY have been designed with 3D in mind first, so I personally find the 2D art misses a lot that the 3D model brings to light.

  5. Honestly I chose Quaquaval and the only drawback for me is the idle sprite. I still think it's a really clean design and has cool inspirations and a nice toolkit in battle but...holy shit, they dropped the ball on the animations

  6. If you like ducks, you'll love the millions of psyducks and golducks near every single body of water in every single region!

  7. Sorry but how is skeledirge not your vibe? I'm just unable to see how a gay duck and a William Shakespeare marujana dealer cat could compare with an awesome ghost fire type beast of a starter, the only downside I can see is it being a little too flat, other than that, it's perfect

  8. When I saw flower trick, I LOST IT. I can't get over how much I love the little magic cat, even though he's got a snaggletooth.

  9. Meowscarada is better. Skeledirge is the least intelligent looking of the three starters and loses the personality of the first and second stage.

  10. I'm really happy with Skeledirge, although I don't understand what's up with the fire bird or why it's suddenly a singer.

  11. Meowscarada is a magician/entertainer, skeledirge is a singer and quaquaval is a dancer! The starters all have 'jobs' starting back to black and white.

  12. I can't tell you if singer works in there somehow but the bird is based on a type of bird that has a symbiotic relationship with crocodiles. The cock will let the bird eat things stuck in its teeth, which is good for the Crocs mouth and feeds the bird.

  13. Meowscarda goes with my ideal team of Mismagius and Delphox i love it lol that and it being really fast with lots of crits makes it amazing to me. I don't really like skeledirge and the water starter is fun in design and concept

  14. Skeledirge is probably objectively the most solid design, but Quaquaval is still my favorite, and competitively might end up the strongest.

  15. But but it kinda is humanoid!!! Tbh standing on 2 is not something animals do it's a human trait,and human like pokemon are a gen 1 thing a lot more then people seem to want to remember. It's part of pokemons DNA lol

  16. Idc about them being bipedal. I don't think they look good. Plenty of awesome bipedal humanoid designs like meinshoo, Hitmonlee, Machamp, weavile, even Hawlucha and it's flying. These just miss the mark for me

  17. The still images make the fire starter look awesome, but I feel like he looks a little less bad-ass animated, if the fire around his mouth was animated with more flow to it rather then looking like a glowing clown-wig that's bald on top he would have been my favorite hands down. I was pleasantly surprised by the grass starter, didn't think i would like the weed cat at first when i saw that she was gonna be the next furry waifu, but her move is powerful, she has protean as a hidden ability (annoyed it got nerfed but its still fun and useful, just a bit less so) and her general design grew on me with mine was female so i named her "mary jane" lol. the duck is my least favorite of the 3, i get what they were going for and i don't HATE it mind you, just not my favorite.

  18. No strong opinion on Meowscarada, but i do love Quaquaval and Skeledirge, Skeledirge sings and has a cute bird that turns into a mic, and i love that Quaquaval is a samba dancer, and the fact that the Quaxly line it's not from Paldea might be a sign that we'll have a region inspired by Brazil

  19. Water and Grass were not what I was hoping for at all. That said that totally works! I was hoping for Sabertooth Tiger and some sort of Conquistaduck but these are solid. I personally don’t care for them but that doesn’t make them bad. That said Skeledirge is my favorite starter since Greninja

  20. Quaquakal is the best to me. It looks graceful and it's pretty underrated and i like giving those kinds of mons more love. Also Water Step and Moxie basically giving you a free ddance on ko sounds super fun.

  21. I like that the starters can be seen as paradox versions of previous starters. Meowscarada is incineroar. Quaquaval is blazekin, and Skeledirge is Feraligatr

  22. Chose Sprigatito, don't regret it, glad i didn't choose Quaxly, he had the perfect oppurtunity to become a sailor, Skeledirge is cool

  23. I chose weed cat bc I love cats, when he evolved into the third evo I became super attached to him due to him never leaving my party. His name is Jester and he is lv 100 and will be loved forever.

  24. Catnip is great! It's not his fault half the pokemon fanbase fetishizes him. I love him for what he is, and that's a weed kitty going to the masked ball <3

  25. Unchanged! I'm really happy with Meowscarada, Skeledirge is really cool, and the only one I don't care fir is Quackuaval which is also how I felt about Quaxly.

  26. Hoenn is by far the most overrated Gen of starters. Sceptile is awesome but swampert and blaziken are so mid

  27. Fuecoco and Skeledirge are the best all the way. Fuecoco has actually become my second fav starter overall and I used an everstone for the first time to enjoy him a little while longer. Crocalor is nice but not as perfect as Fuecoco. Skeledirge has a great design and great. Love the bird and after learning of his singing prowess, I immediately thought of Lyle Lyle Crocadile.

  28. I was really upset at Meowsarada's design. That face kills it. So I was like well Skeledirge looks kinda cool and I like the typing so let's go.

  29. Originally I loved all the first evos and was greatly disappointed with the finals. But they've grown on me. Took me a while to get used to Skeledirge, but it's pretty cool now... not really my type, but I get it. Quaguaval I started to get used to the idea, until I saw him on the battle field.. that weird creepy walk, the hips, the butt, I don't understand it 💀 it had potential, I don't hate all aspects of the design, but it's just awkward. Meowscarda I had high hopes for, because Sprigatito was so great... perhaps my expectations were too high and I had too many of my own ideas for it in my head, but when I first saw it I was disappointed... It grew on me to "I kinda like it" and decided to evolve mine... I'm now OBSESSED with it, I don't know what I couldn't see before, but I look at it now and it's amazing! Definitely Sprigatito and Meowscarada are being added to my top fave pokemom list... All 3 of the middle evolutions I didn't and still don't care for.. don't hate them at all, but just nothing special..

  30. I like the stats distributions, typing, special moves and hidden abilities,but the designs are probably the worst so far

  31. Ok look I like all the starters and yes you can hate one of them but I. My opinion they are cute and it doesn’t matter how any start look I started playing Pokémon two years ago and I got on of the generation 8 game the bp yes it was kinda hard because I never played the older Pokémon but I had a friend sister who help me and told me. What to do and I beat Pokémon sword and legend and let go

  32. Really like them. And personally I really like the path they are taking with the evolutions. Sure they are not top their but I feel the new game gives the Pokemon a but more to the designs especially the starters. Compared to the more bland Jhoto and Sinnoh starters( still like those too)

  33. i love meowscarada's design, it feels so complete and it's just so fun. quaquavel (i think?) is very unique and i love it, i just don't know how it went from duck to peacock. and i don't like skeledirge. it looks so blocky and stiff and the 3d animation makes it look ridiculous

  34. Have you seen their shinies? I was hoping Quaquaval would wear Brazil colors, Skeledirge would be black, white, with blue or purple flames, and Meowscarada would have red and white or purple and white to represent jesters/magicians more. Most shinies in this gen are unremarkable, boring, ugly, or hardly noticeable at all

  35. Chose quaxly, regretted it, likes fuecoco but hate the rest of the line, sprigatito line is best by a long shot

  36. Meowscarada is what happens when you fuse a roserade with a gardevoir, and it's fking perfect. Quaquaval is a brazilian reference making it the best starter and you can't tell me otherwise. Skeledirge is... Something? Idk, i thought fuecoco would evolve into some quetzalcoatl like creature but it sadly evolved into a normal alligator with fire coming out of it's mouth

  37. Extemely unpopular opinion but Skeledirge is ugly and theres something about its eyes that makes it look goofy and not in a good way

  38. Sprigatito was the only one that i liked from the 1st stage same with the evolutions. 3rd fuecoco stage (i cannot remember it's name) was cool but too forced and the water duck was just the avarage line that i don't really care for but don't hate either (ex:feneckin, popplio and sobble)

  39. I chose meow and I like them a lot, but it does feel a bit overdesigned. Didn’t need the pink flower collar, the floating leaves thingy, and a lot of its easily missable details. It’s still the most simple of the trio.

  40. These starter evolutions were super disappointing to me, I thought their first stages were like perfect for all 3 of them and I think they butchered it a bit.

  41. I mean two look like people in costumes and the other looks like a sentient charcoal grill with the brain activity of a coconut. So 1 out of 3 stars for me.

  42. Fire is the best, water isn't to bad and grass would've been better if sprigatito was bipedal

  43. Fire croc is a fav and has a lot of themes going on. Fancy cat isn't too bad, like the idea, though the smugness it has is really on the edge. The duck... remember the leaks for it and think I went, "Brazilian or Spaniard" which the former was right. Probably my least favorite on design side. Somehow even more questionable than the cat.

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