Just arived in poland and Saw this in my room, i think it is some Sort of fire alarm but does anyone know exactly what It is?

  1. Op must be in a dormitory. Wait for one of the fire alarms to be triggered, (most of the time falsely) and you will be woken up by UWAGA UWAGA 😅. Three emergency vehicles will then arrive at the scene.

  2. Halo, halo. Tu Warszawa i wszystkie rozgłośnie Polskiego Radia. Dziś rano o godzinie 5 minut 40 oddziały niemieckie przekroczyły granicę polską, łamiąc pakt o nieagresji. Zbombardowano szereg miast. Za chwilę usłyszą państwo komunikat specjalny.

  3. Well if put the name of manufacturer of the item into the google it will output something. I can't do that as it's not very clear what's written there other than it has around 5 letters. If I had to guess it's a speaker and it's probably old as it has a date of 14/2/2003 on the side.

  4. I've yet to see a single fire alarm in a residential building in Poland. Even in brand new builds. On the plus side the fire service here is top notch. Probably a coincidence...

  5. it's an alarm speaker (not only the fire one but in general for any kind of danger for the building and/or it's residents) and this one looks identical to what i had in my dorm room too, i wonder if it's the same one

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