Greeks Made Everything!

  1. The final panel really elevates this comic in my opinion. Italy acting smug like Greece in the previous panels and the specific detail of Greece being stabbed 1,453 times was very funny in my opinion.

  2. I mean, the Greeks were big into stabbing smug people too. Socrates was murdered for going around irritating people by asking too many smug questions.

  3. I'm pretty sure Ottomans would reply with “Yes,I would make even more of wounds but Entente intervened”

  4. These two panels alone made me laugh my ass off, especially Czechia coming back to life just to get pissed off at Greece's interruption, peak ball humor.

  5. There was an old joke about an Italian and Greek arguing about who invented more and the punch line was the Greek arguing that the Greeks invented sex while the Italian countered: "Ah but we invented having it with women"

  6. Greeks like claiming shit others did so much, especially the turks, that soon they are gonna claim they did the Armenian Genocide

  7. I once had a Greek kid yell at me in Call of Duty lobby on Xbox that Greeks invented Superman and the Incredible Hulk.

  8. The founders of Rome are said to be descendants of the Greek hero Aeneas, ergo Rome is also a Greek invention and so is back stabbing.

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