1. Wait, does that mean China is secretly supporting Ukraine through TikTok while Western clays are bombarding China with complaints about how they're totally not doing enough about the Ukraine War? Huh... I'm getting a feeling of Nigerian Civil War stuff.

  2. Since when did the UK "Groom" the US to take over the family business? The Empire wasn't planned to fail and the US followed their own path, albeit while copying the Empire a bit. The US and UK have also historically not been close allies till WW1/2

  3. Americans maybe, but the US government and Military have been creaming their pants for 8 years on the hope that Russia would get themselves stuck in a quagmire and ruin their political position.

  4. I mean…. the US started funding Ukrainian defense to the tune of billions of dollars after the first iteration of the invasion and sent US troops there to train the Ukrainian military. When the Russians invaded the rest of Ukraine, the US still kept up the training. They just do it in Poland now. But I guess vibes really are all that matter now.

  5. "America is the girl on tiktok who didnt even know ukraine existed untill the day of the invasion" - Let me fix that - "America didnt even know ukraine existed untill the day of the invasion" /s

  6. I think if you want to use 'the' then I think The Republic of Ukraine would be better. It sounds less odd when used with the full name of a country.

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