'Please Help Us': Essential, Low-Wage Workers Share Why They Need Reconciliation Package | "We've heard the voices of the poor. We've heard the voices crying out, demanding justice. All I want to know right now, Joe Manchin, is which side are you on?"

  1. It is hard for him to hear with the waves hitting his yacht. Maybe try on a day when he is at his mansion instead.

  2. It's his house boat according to corporate media trying to make him look like a man of the people. He lives on a boat to save money on an apartment in DC and writes his yacht off on his taxes.

  3. Republicans are kept in line by fear, Democrats ask politely for solidarity and want to negotiate and two people are destroying the agenda.

  4. In case anyone is not familiar with or missed the reference to the coal miner union song, here are the lyrics. What a particularly poignant jab, as Manchin would definitely know this song:

  5. It's been over 50 years since minimum wage kept up with inflation. Democrats and Republicans have failed us alike, and it keeps getting worse. The $15 minimum wage that was kept out of the American Rescue Plan Act is still $10 too low for it to match inflation, but I thank Sanders for at least trying and know he won't give up. The problem goes a lot further than Joe Manchin unfortunately.

  6. Many don't even have boots, let alone bootstraps. Spend some time in the poorer areas of our country and find out what it's really like. Spend some time in areas where there are more unemployed or underemployed than anyone else. Many people in these areas are one crisis away from homelessness. Government assistance is the only thing keeping many from starvation, going without medication, or being homeless.

  7. A handful of "essential, low-wage workers" (NOT PAID ACTORS WE PROMISE) stand in front of the Capitol, and the media goes nuts

  8. Don't ask him what side he's on, demand that he explain how the fuck he can say he's on your side sincerely, and ask how he feels about lying to his constituents to profit. Just ask that over and over.

  9. No need to ask, Joe Manchin is on the side of him getting re-elected and/or securing post-elected office corporate board gigs, neither of which require the votes or support of left-leaning, low-wage workers. That said, good for them to apply pressure, no change happens without it.

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