Warren: Billionaires who 'have enough money to shoot themselves into space' will pay for reconciliation bill

  1. Maybe that's the plan. Tell him he doesn't have to pay since he didn't really make it to space and he'll demand to pay to sooth his ego.

  2. That’s the thing. Folks that defend the tax inequality don’t see it as cheating. They see it as companies working within the laws and loopholes created by a corrupt government. They dismiss the tax disparity by thinking… I would cheat the system too, if I could. Good on them.

  3. What exactly is Warren going to do about that? Nothing. If there was any ability for her to do something about billionaires 'cheating the system', it stood a better chance of happening a decade ago, not now. This is all lip service. If she actually had an ability to address the issue of avoiding tax obligations, it would pretty much mean they weren't trying to ever before. Nothing can materially change without overturning Citizens United... and that's not even a possibility based on where we are at currently.

  4. The government won't make them pay. They will have a thousand lawyers, accountants, etc blocking the government from seeing a dime in 20 years. It's not worth the work

  5. Billionaires pay a lot in taxes. Hundreds of millions of dollars per year for somebody like Bezos. What Warren wantsvis confiscatory taxes, not "paying their fair share".

  6. Show me the math that there’s enough billionaires to sustain a $3.5 trillion package every year.

  7. And they want absolutely no benefits to go to regular Americans, who are buried umder debt, with the cost of living rising ever higher.

  8. The trick is to pay the employees as little as possible, while charging as much as possible for whatever you sell.

  9. Sounds good but then why does the irs need to look at every bank account with more the $600 cumulative activity for the year? If the new reporting requirements are meant to catch billionaire tax cheats why the hell do they need to know about $600 bank accounts? It’s because they are full of it as usual and everything they do is meant to put the middle class into poverty to become dependents of the government.

  10. Who really believes they are going to make the billionaires pay for their $3.5 Trillion relief package? If that was the case then why do they have a provision in the bill that makes banks report all accounts that have balances of $600 or more?

  11. I'm surprised this topic isn't talked about more on this sub. They complain rich people aren't paying taxes but make people scraping by or just managing to live comfortably the targets?

  12. Not necessarily germane to this post, but why was Bezos wearing a Blue Origin flight suit when he didn’t even go up this trip? Role playing jackassery!

  13. The problem is that they also have enough money to pay high-powered lawyers to ensure that they won't pay for the reconciliation bill.

  14. Hand the bill to the billionaires, but don't make spacetravel the bad guy. We want to possibly go that way at some point.

  15. I see and generally agree with your point. I do tend to see a difference between Bezos and the virgin dude versus Musk. For all of his faults, Musk is building an enterprise that is moving us closer to the stars. The other two are simply selling overpriced disconnected roller coaster rides.

  16. George Harrison was arguably the most spiritual of the Beatles, yet he was the only one who wrote a song about taxes: the aptly titled “Taxman.” At that time, the UK’s top tax bracket was 95%. Hence the lyrics: “Let me tell you how it will be/There’s one for you, nineteen for me” and “Should five percent appear too small/Be thankful I don’t take it all.” And how was the UK’s economy during its soak-the-rich craze? SHITE. 🇬🇧💷💩

  17. I’m going to guess that there’s no way in hell people like Bezos, Musk, Zackenberg are going to pay anything they can get away with. They have been for decades, and they’ll continue to do because they pay the people who write the bills, and the people vote for them…

  18. These people sign your campaign cheques and fund lobbying groups. The rich will never pay their part in tax. Making them, sorry, attempting to make them, will be political suicide and cause much further economic effects.

  19. My problem isn’t that they have enough money to shoot themselves into space, it’s that they have enough money to also return safely. But by all means, shoot away!

  20. These billionaires have done more to advance space technology than NASA has done, using money that could have gone to poverty and health, in decades

  21. Warren preaches about the rich paying for this yet she had a net worth of $12million, what’s her contribution going to be?

  22. If they're not paying taxes how are they going to make them pay for this? I love warren but I'd be surprised if they could make this happen.

  23. They won't. They'll raise taxes on people, either through flat taxes or "hidden" taxes like they already do, then the rich guy pays shit and us commoners pay more.

  24. Check out the ventilation and distancing within schools, etc. Denmark was able to keep the schools open with 2m ventilation when we shut, because it has smaller classes.

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