Trump must give videotaped deposition in protest lawsuit, judge orders

  1. So what are the pros/cons of a videotaped deposition as opposed to live testimony? Is this a common practice?

  2. Yes, a very common practice. Almost universal with depositions I believe. And technically he's under oath as well I'm pretty sure.

  3. It is reasonably common, especially when dealing with elderly people or people who can make a somewhat reasonable argument for being too busy to spend a day in court.

  4. There is not really a significant difference. I prefer deposing a witness in person, but you can do it through Zoom. Many depositions proceed by video as a result of the pandemic.

  5. It is these days. It’s a lot easier to read credibility if the video gets played. Long pauses are more poignant. It also, mostly, keeps the lawyer nonsense under control.

  6. I’m old enough to remember when his lawyer went to Mueller to tell him he couldn’t testify because he would look like “a goddamn dumbbell” in the eyes of world leaders, should his testimony ever get out.

  7. I’m not a lawyer, but I think there’s a chance he may be able to weasel out of an in person deposition with written answers to those questions. I really hope they sit his ass down in a chair in front of a microphone though.

  8. I forsee Mar-A-Lago to have a really bad internet connection so that you can barely tell who is in front of the camera or what they are saying.. It wont be Trump but someone else in a Trump mask answering like a lawyer with a whole lot of I dont remember, I cant recall, etc...

  9. "... a judge in the Bronx ordered.". It will be years of appeals before this takes place. And should it ever happen, the answer can legitimately be to take the 5th Amendment and answer nothing to every question. This is theatre.

  10. Gee it's almost as though the shithead is still trying to foment an insurrection, and it's relevant to still report on him so he doesn't pull another attack from behind.

  11. The sub users upvote what is interesting to them, and watching Trump fail on live television while not being president is very interesting to those of us who paid attention to the last several years.

  12. If Hillary had been actively trying to overturn a fair election and been under multiple investigations from both state and federal authorities, then it would be fair of us to still be talking about her every day. Trump could have slunk back to Mar-a-Lago and laid low after the election, but he insists on having attention on him. Pair that with his refusal to admit defeat under any circumstances, and this is where we are now.

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