Outrage as Texas school District Considers Holocaust Denial Books in Response to Anti-Racism Crackdown

  1. HB3979 and SB3 b require schools in Texas to teach both sides of "controversial" issues. The good and bad, both sides of every historical event, so this is what their law literally requires and it is dumb as hell. This is the legal outcome of "banning" crt, you get uncritical racial theories springing up in the classrooms like "both sides" of the Holocaust. Kids in texas are about to learn the slavers side of slavery and the german racist nazis side of the holocaust. I wish I was a kid again, I wonder what happens when they get to the Taliban, Vietnam war, Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, North Korea, Cambodia and both sides.

  2. Jesus texas, wtf is going on? Every single day there is a new shitty thing that either the governor, some state official or a school district is trying to or actually did implement. People joke about never going to Texas, but my fear is this shit becoming the norm across the country.

  3. The only way you stop this from becoming the norm, is for Democrats in the heavily blue states like NY and CA to move there and change them. Texas is on the cusp of flipping blue, Beto and Biden came within 2 and 5 points respectively of winning it. Once dems crack it in the 2020s, the whole thing comes tumbling down. Texas SC is all elected judges and it is state wide. So you are going to have a Dem governor, a Dem court and Dem senators, then Dem court redistricting in 2030 when they can't agree on how to redraw the map, and the Rethugs would be finished. If they can turn a few more kids racist, they think they can delay the inevitable demographic change.

  4. I know a lot of Jews, that vote (R), some in Texas. This is a deal breaker for them. My word, can the Reeps alienate anymore voters?

  5. You'd think they'd realize that if they're erasing the horrors of Slavery and Jim Crow, what'd come next... But in a way I guess we should be grateful to this administrator for being blunt enough about it.

  6. Lol, my grandma is Jewish, her father got her out of the holocaust. Stupid hag still votes R. These people have fox news brain worms! They have become the nazis they were hunted by. I'm just glad she is the exception and not the rule for Jews, but she makes me sick.

  7. They were going to push books that erased black people but then they realised they were already doing that, so Jews it is.

  8. Maybe those in the Jewish community who turned far right for tax or foreign policy reasons will read this, sober up from Trumpism and return to the civil rights and education platform of previous generations. Supremacists and their nationalism are not your friends

  9. Why not monthly book burnings? It’s neatly impossible to control educated FREETHINKERS - people who aren’t afraid of facts. My father was a RACIST ASS - this doesn’t diminish me in the least. Actually, I’m proud I wasn’t influenced by his narrow view of the world. History doesn’t define anyone unless they want/hope to perpetuate the injustice they are working so hard to deny.

  10. 12 squared = 24 is WRONG, but it is an alternate view of math. Anyone with any sense should start packing now leave these idiots to their own devices (an entire state of angry white men jerking-off alone in their jacked up trucks with Trump WON bumper stickers - wait that’s pretty much what it’s like now - just no one else needs to suffer). I won’t be visiting, buying or doing business with Texas or anyone who does. An absolute race to the bottom, do or say anything for your 15 minutes of outrageous behavior captured in the news. FYI - infamy and fame aren’t interchangeable. And what’s happening now is HISTORY that won’t be rewritten or forgotten.

  11. How’s that arresting EVERY RAPIST going? Anti-vaxxing & anti-masks will get a few but this can’t be the entire plan but then again we’re talking about Texas.

  12. All of the Karens of the US seemed to be united together in outright racism and stupidity. I guess they haven't gotten the memo that racism denial is a form of racism.

  13. We should thank president Trump for this “alternative facts” reality we live today, where anything can be true, false or both, depending only on what the voices inside your head are telling you today.

  14. German law: Whosoever publicly or in a meeting approves of, denies or downplays an act committed under the rule of National Socialism of the kind indicated in section 6 (1) of the Code of International Criminal Law, in a manner capable of disturbing the public peace shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding five years or a fine.[35][36]

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