'He has not suffered the consequences': Impeachment witness on Trump's lies

  1. His consequence will probably be legacy. He’s likely the worst president in American History (Andrew Johnson has a strong case), a failed businessman, racist, misogynist, an amoral narcissist, an actual crook, deadbeat, unfaithful husband, bad parent, had bad hair, had a spray tan, likely a cuckhold, sexual predator, semi-literate, draft dodger, insulted veterans, coward, traitor to the state, politicized a pandemic and killed thousands, and paid hush money to a porn star.

  2. I feel really bad for him too. The guy was a faithful soldier and then took a huge stand for this country when the moment arose and look what it got him.

  3. Yeah these articles are literally just spewing the same crap now, “trump might go to jail” has been said for 5 years now

  4. If it's any comfort at all, most narcissists are scared, unhappy, and isolated in their sad little minds as they cannot love or be loved. It's all empty and frightening and a lot stressful which they cover up with a lot of bloviating.

  5. Whatever Vindman has suffered, our country has suffered even more. I feel bad for our democracy because most people are shrugging and don’t have their hair on fire about this nightmare situation we’ve yet to rectify. The Republican Party is a fascist crime syndicate.

  6. Agreed, I simply don't have faith in our legal system to do the right thing. They struggle putting away police that blatantly hunt/murder other people. They struggle putting away CEO's who ruin thousands, if not more lives and get away with millions at no cost aside from maaaaybe some light fines.

  7. America doesn’t have the guts to do what’s right, and when democracy dies here you will have the new law then turned further against you, wake the fuck up.

  8. Orange Fatso learned how to be a crook from his father who, in turn, learned it from HIS draft-dodging whoremonger father. Fatso has taught his own kids to be crooks as well. Being a crook is the Trump family business.

  9. Neither did Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., starting to see a pattern here. I'm going to put it simply: put this person in jail, or it's time to call another constitutional convention, and the people that will not be invited are those serving in the government past or present and trade hegemons.

  10. Like a spoiled, coddled child, Trump will continue or even step up his criminal activities unless someone has the guts to do the right thing and prosecute the orange ape.

  11. But nothing will ever happen to Trump. We all know that by now. Can we just move on now and stop with the clickbait news articles over and over? He doesn't deserve any more attention and airtime. Remember, Trump was only a symptom. He will just get older and die and the KKK-type movements will get stronger and bolder eventually America will self-implode into another civil war with its false democracy and racist, bigoted founding ideals. Has anyone read the DoI?! It will merely be the 1st failed American Republic and others will follow, just like France, just like every other Empire in history.

  12. In exchange for his eternal soul, the demon promised Donald they there are no consequences for anything he’ll ever do and he gets to fail upwards for as long as he’s here. The art of the deal.

  13. Yea 2 more months until I collect $100. My co worker swore up and down Trump would be in jail Jan 20th and I gave the year and he still lost haha

  14. Twice, remember… first time for trying to coerce Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden and second time for his role in that little gathering at the nation’s capitol.

  15. Nor will he. Since 1/6 Trump and his backers have fanned the flames of conspiracy (the audits continue to press this, pushing for audits in the states that he won continues to sow the seeds of dissention). The headlines continue to state that he did something wrong as a reminder, but it's political theatre until something is done. Otherwise it would seem that action taken in office is above reproach. The United States is a caste system, the common man can voice his opinon but without power and influence it's drowned out.

  16. You guys whined about Hillary his entire presidency up to the point when you realized she wouldn’t be running against him at which point you switched it up to hunter.

  17. He hasn't suffered consequences for anything he's done his entire life. And I am extremely doubtful he will anytime before he dies.

  18. Exactly if Republicans would have manned up like they did under Nixon we would not be held hostage by a big entitled liar crybaby.

  19. Vindman is a traitorous POS that participated in a wholly illegal effort to unseat a duly and legally elected President. Douch-bag O-5 Army Lt Colonels don't make national policy, and Trump DID NOTHING WRONG.

  20. Created the best ever US economy. We were self sufficient on oil production. Gas was $1.75. Inflation was at lowest point in 30 yrs. interest rates were lowest ever.

  21. He inherited a rising economy. He gave away vast oil/gas lands from protected US monuments. He wanted to destroy the North of Alaska wilderness (he has never been and would never go as there are no gold toilets to hold his fat ass) Gas Prices:

  22. Because that is what he told you? He lost 6 million jobs (not due to the pandemic that he ignored) and increased our debt by $7.8 Trillion. Hardly anything to say he was the best ever in your lifetime.

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