Madison Cawthorn: Society 'De-masculates' Men, Parents Should Raise Sons to Be 'Monsters'

  1. Big difference between teaching children how to be masculine and teaching them to be screaming assholes. it's such a shame that Cawthorn's parents went with the latter lesson.

  2. Anyone trying to control a person's behavior by challenging their masculinity is just, well, trying to control that person's behavior. It's not much different than calling someone "chicken" like poor Marty McFly.

  3. This is true of so much of the incel/ “high T is good, bro!” community: the social darwinism they advocate would be very, very unkind to them.

  4. The idiocy of outrage over people getting away from gender norms really infuriates me. Can we just bring on the meteor now? We need a hard reset.

  5. Ah, see there's the rub. People like Cawthorn don't feel comfortable in their manhood. They are ashamed of their own feelings, and so they use performative machismo to pretend to feel better about themselves. Which means they always have to speak out against anything that they see as weakness, because in their own heads accepting someone else's "weakness" shines a light on their own weakness.

  6. Just a reminder that last October more than 160 members of the Patrick Henry College community, a Christian college, signed an open letter describing his history of sexually predatory behavior.

  7. You have to be strong to be kind. It takes courage to show emotions. It's cool and manly to be empathetic to others, when you have nothing to gain.

  8. the "manly man" type people de-masculate themselves. I mean, aren't you just a bit embarrassed for them via second-hand embarrassment when they show their "super proud, super manly man ways" in public? they go so fucking overboard about it that they wear all kinds of dumbass gear that's supposed to show how "rugged" they are, how much camo and survival supplies they can carry on them when they go about their normal daily every day shit.

  9. raising monsters is not how you "stand up", it's how you get people that in turn, outlaw compassion, happiness or any kind of human emotion, it's how you get people that look at all of the tyrants, serial killers, the worst of the worst and flat out say" yeah we need to be more like the bad guys because the heroes bore me"

  10. You’d think someone who doesn’t have full control of his meat suit would appreciate the more mental and/or emotional side of existence as a man.

  11. And this guy thought he had a shot at getting into the Naval Academy. I'm amazed he managed to hold down his old job at Chick-fil-A.


  13. It certainly “demasculated” Cawthorn. Other than Ted Cruz, hard to think of a bigger pussy in congress than lil’ Maddie.

  14. The only way to raise men up to be real is not by teaching them to be abusive jerks. It's teaching love and compassion for your fellow mankind.

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