Biden urges Congress to codify Roe v. Wade into law

  1. Manchin & Sinema’s states both have trigger laws that will ban abortion as soon as SCOTUS releases this opinion (if this is indicative of the final draft).

  2. Reminder that Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and Jim Clyburn have endorsed Henry Cuellar: the last remaining anti-choice Democrat in the House, because his challenger is a Bernie-allied Progressive. A female, pro-choice candidate. They're going to campaign for anti-choice Cuellar this week.

  3. And you don’t need to be pregnant to get it! I just ordered some to keep on hand. Shelf life is between 2-5 years depending on brand.

  4. Thank you. I'm tempted to stockpile this. And condoms. So my children have safe options. Along with ammo and MRE's. Who knew doom preppers were right all along? They knew the government was going to ruin the world! They probably didn't realize it's the same people they elected in.

  5. Also, the Satanic Temple allows religious abortion. I’m not sure how it applies in each state but it’s worth looking into if you need that resource.

  6. They will come after abortion pills after this. Just listen to ANY conservative politician

  7. I’m sure manchin and sinema will have their own very valid reasons for just not being able to do this in good conscience 🙄

  8. Manchin is anti-abortion is this won't phase him one bit. Sinema will just make up some bullshit about how it's not her decision.

  9. "The unborn are a convenient group of people to advocate for. They never make demands of you; they are morally uncomplicated, unlike the incarcerated, addicted, or the chronically poor; they don’t resent your condescension or complain that you are not politically correct; unlike widows, they don’t ask you to question patriarchy; unlike orphans, they don’t need money, education, or childcare; unlike aliens, they don’t bring all that racial, cultural, and religious baggage that you dislike; they allow you to feel good about yourself without any work at creating or maintaining relationships; and when they are born, you can forget about them, because they cease to be unborn. You can love the unborn and advocate for them without substantially challenging your own wealth, power, or privilege, without re-imagining social structures, apologizing, or making reparations to anyone. They are, in short, the perfect people to love if you want to claim you love Jesus, but actually dislike people who breathe. Prisoners? Immigrants? The sick? The poor? Widows? Orphans? All the groups that are specifically mentioned in the Bible? They all get thrown under the bus for the unborn."

  10. Write the bill, pass it through the House and watch it die in the Senate, but do this before the November election so voters have a chance to see which Senators voted it down and hopefully replace them.

  11. If half of Americans didn’t treat their ballot like a damn coloring book we probably would have decent politicians.

  12. The right to a safe abortion should have been codified into law years ago. Eliminate the filibuster and make it happen now. My gut tells me even this will not stir Manchin or Sinema into action.

  13. The Right likes to divide America to get their voters out. Well, 70% of Americans like Roe and if dividing is the thing to do, here we are. Let's see how 70% of the voters decide to vote.

  14. Could you guys do the 30 seconds of research necessary to find out Joe Manchin doesn't support abortion before you post this stuff

  15. The totality of the leaked Alito opinion is way scarier than many of you imagine. There are parts of it that mention precedent which justifies criminalization abortion even in instances where it’s known that the fetus is no longer living, and even in the event of miscarriage. This is truly some Handmaid’s Tale type shit.

  16. The scope is even greater. Contraceptive bans, gay marriage nullification, criminalization of same-sex relationships, criminizalition of interracial marriages and much, much more would lose a significant pillar of support in terms of legal standing under this ruling.

  17. Honestly it’s much worse. He calls into question validity of Loving V Virginia and Brown V Board of Education. Truly horrific shit if this becomes the majority opinion. Edit: a word cuz I’m dumb

  18. After my wife had a miscarriage they had to do the surgery for the after. Our state had just passed some stringent anti-abortion shit right before. The doctor had to calm our fears of jail time for doing the stupid surgery so we wouldn't have to suffer through the end result at home.

  19. Which just goes to show you that it has nothing to do with life or the fetus. It has to do with controlling women's bodies. The fear alone of being persecuted over something you have no control of, is control itself.

  20. What’s even scarier is I read an article recently about how miscroplastics are potentially going to effect fertility in a major way in the not so distant future. This could straight up be life imitating art if we don’t do something.

  21. Alito is the current SCOTUS justice who'd last the longest in the new ethno-religious fascist state. He's a cheerleader for it, through and through. He'd be having back room meetings with its leaders telling them that he'll gladly walk the tightrope between superficial independence and total compliance, and never, ever publicly oppose them on anything they actually care about.

  22. This isn't just a women's issue, all men who don't want children or have side chicks they don't want children with or couples that aren't ready for children should be against this shit. In a country with the highest prisoners per capita in the world, do we really need more people who's parents couldn't support them or raise them in a loving home being forced to live lives they didn't ask for? I see the Republicans trying to divide men and women on this issue but this issue affects everybody and society as a whole. Divide and conquer, the Republican way

  23. Pro-Choice does not mean Pro-Abortion. Pro-choice means that no matter what your personal feelings or beliefs about abortion are, you understand it is not your place to make a decision for another woman about what she can and can't do with her body. “If all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated and not a child housed. That’s not Pro-life. That’s pro-BIRTH.” – Sister Joanne Chittester.

  24. The right to privacy. That is what is at stake here. Yes abortion rights, but the right to be a private citizen making private choices for themselves, safe from aggressive legislation bent on making your personal and private decisions illegal. The arm of the law that wants to aim a telescope in your bedroom is fucking SALIVATING over this. The madness doesn’t stop with abortion rights.

  25. Their argument was that the Constitution doesn't say anything about abortion. So that means it's up to the legislative branch. At least in theory

  26. Well technically the Bush congress did pass some National Parks legislation that was widely supported... kind of hard to find much good in that department.

  27. One thing comes to mind, GWB was against deporting 13 million undocumented or illegal individuals and their families

  28. If all of the 70% voted, starting with local and state elections, the gerrymandered maps can be thrown out in all but the reddest of the red states.

  29. About half of those folks would rather have “less taxes and regulations” and are fine thinking that women should keep their legs closed if they don’t want babies.

  30. If you have a daughter, and think that she won't need birth control when she is a teenager because "I'm a good parent and no child of mine would ever..." then you have all but completely forgotten how teenagers think.

  31. I was put on birth control at 16 to manage the symptoms of an incurable painful disease called endometriosis and remained on it for 20 years until a hysterectomy. Also, thank fuck I was on birth control when I was raped the night I graduated high school by a few god-fearing Catholic classmates.

  32. I have a daughter. Her periods suck and hurt. That's another reason she is on birth control, and shouldn't be overlooked!

  33. The unfortunate thing about this right here, is a lot of Conservative/Christian households think that's exactly how it should be. I listened to my own mother explain to me how a womans position in the household is below the man, and that he makes the decisions in the house and the woman should follow.

  34. Old people are really good at convincing young people that there aren't 35+ year old women out there going -- UH, NO, SORRY, THIS CANNOT HAPPEN.

  35. Also don't forget the way they are striking down Roe means they have legal precedent to strike down the decision that made contraception legal. Trully terrifying times for anyone with a younger daughter.

  36. That’s not even all of it. This is absolutely about young girls and women getting pregnant unintentionally but it is just as much about very very wanted babies who have no chance of life after birth. Can you imagine testing coming back at 12 weeks saying that the fetus you are growing has a nearly 0% chance of life after birth and having to carry that baby full term. And having to go through the pains (and risks) of pregnancy and having this constant reminder for 9 months of the baby you so badly wanting not being comparable with life?

  37. This isn't just about abortion, it's also going to extend to access to birth control, gay marriage, possibly even interracial marriage. SCOTUS is illegitimate and needs impeached.

  38. My parents are republican, and I remember my mom insisting to all her friends that I was a good Christian boy who would wait until marriage for sex, and at 14 when I didn't do that and she found out, she sat me down and explained that if she gets pregnant, I'm too young to worry about that in my life and so that girl is on her own, it's my job to get good grades and go to college so I could take care of my "real" family.

  39. There comes a point in every teenagers life when they discover their sexuality and attraction to the opposite (or same) gender. No amount of parenting is going to prevent this, and teens will find ways to get it on. Not having access to birth control and sexual education is the best way to enable teenage pregnancy. Of course this applies to adults as well.

  40. I don’t have a daughter, but if you live here, you have rights to do whatever the fuck you want as long as it doesn’t hurt others. This shouldn’t be too hard.

  41. GOP House Reps and Senators are cowards. They are afraid to finally deal with abortions and immigration reform and other "moral" issues. They would rather complain about Presidential Executive Orders. It gives them something to campaign on. It's Congress' job to legislate these things.

  42. This may be a bit unconventional, but there is one really petty thing that Biden can unilaterally do:

  43. The Air Force is doing something close to that. They are willing to move service members and their families for free to states that don't have LGBT bans.

  44. SCOTUS is already illegitimate. If they overturn codified federal law it won't go well. Not that it is now. But It could get very ugly.

  45. Wont happen unless sinema and Manchin agree to get rid of the filibuster and even then Democrats will need at least 2 Republicans to vote for codifying Roe because both Manchin and Tester are pro life.

  46. Unfortunately, codifying Roe v Wade would simply lead to the USSC gutting the Commerce Clause too, I suspect. Those justices were chosen to destroy federal powers, including the power to prevent States from denying basic rights like privacy and the right to vote.

  47. the sexual violence incident is increasing but what the gov do is to ban woman from abortion. This country stands with the rapist.

  48. Sadly true. They've been openly doing this for decades. We all slept while places like Michigan that went blue in every statewide election kept sending congressional delegations of 70% republican and took total control of the state government. What did we think they were going to do?

  49. Democrats need to make it clear to the public just how far this ruling goes in upending the courts. This is about WAY more than just abortion rights. The rhetoric and rationale in Alito's opinion are absolute bonkers—it's an open declaration of war against anything to do with privacy or body autonomy. Sodomy, contraception, and forced-sterilization laws are all back on the table. The dangers to society of this illegitimate Supreme Court's actions need to be packaged into a consumable message and drilled into peoples' heads going into the mid-term. Make fixing the court a top priority.

  50. Conception and birth isn't religious. Separation of church and state exists for a reason and our government bastardizes this concept by letting conservative Christians have their way.

  51. Not arguing against your points made, but you seem to be slightly confused about what “separation of church and state” means.

  52. Well, gee, it's almost as if it's the legislature's job to fucking legislate rather than sitting on its ass through all of this. Nothing should be legalized solely through the authority of the courts. That's not the Judiciary's job. Congress needs to be the body to gets its shit together long enough to do exactly what it's intended to do; make laws.

  53. That’s makes a lot of sense. But I’d also argue for free and easily availed contraceptives, including plan B, be incorporated into any sort of bill. People don’t like abortions.

  54. Let’s start jabbing vaccine needles into every anti choice person now since bodily autonomy now means nothing. I mean, as they would say, it’s for the good of society.

  55. I don't see anyone mentioning that, in the House, where Republicans don't matter and they have enough wiggle room that a single dissenting vote isn't important, they already passed such a bill in late 2021.

  56. Thankful we have Biden. Please make sure you're registered to vote. We need to increase the Democratic margins such that the obstructionists such as Manchin and Sinema are made irrelevant. The work is not yet finished. The fascists will all be voting, we greatly outnumber them but it won't matter if we don't show up. If your vote didn't matter, they would not be trying so hard to disenfranchise us. Apathy is how we got in this mess, so more apathy will truly prove catastrophic. The veil has been torn away. The GOP are bare fascists. They will remake the USA into a bigot's paradise if we allow them.

  57. This is stupid. I wish the lies would just stop. We tried to codify Roe v. Wade very recently. The Women's Health Protection Act failed to pass the Senate. It needed 60 votes to get around the filibuster. Even though Senators Collins and Murkowski supported the bill, Senator Manchin did not. There is zero change Senator Manchin will ever do anything to preserve or protect a woman's right to choose.

  58. Far right: It’s a free country, people should be able to buy guns and say anything they want, it’s our constitutional right!

  59. You’d better suspend the filibuster in a damned hurry then Dems. You’re running out of time to prevent insanity from transpiring.

  60. We couldn't ask for a better motivator for millions of people to turn out in November that normally wouldn't vote. Especially women, but men need to realize this affects them too, and will only be the beginning if the Republicans regain Congress.

  61. This affects EVERYONE. The whole of RvW is hinged on right to PRIVACY and BODILY AUTONOMY. Without RvW, it is no longer assumed that the American people have these rights.

  62. Men pressure women to have sex with them out of entitlement… and now some men want to control women’a bodies again, determining what she can do if she gets pregnant? This is gonna only help predators & increase all the worst men in America, RIP?

  63. 75% of America wants Roe v Wade to stay in place. Dems need to force GOP Senators to vote on legislation and beat them over the head with it this Fall.

  64. This is essentially going to widen the wealth gap. Low income people who don't have the means to get an abortion will be forced to have children they don't want. Those children might then find themselves in the same position 15-20 years later (especially in places where they teach abstinence-only sex education) and so the cycle repeats.

  65. The Supreme Court has held that adults have the right to personal autonomy in matters relating to their own medical care. Oct 15, 2021

  66. Please yes now! I thought I was going to have an ulcer this morning when I heard the news about the Supreme Court leak. We knew it was coming but it’s hitting me like a ton of bricks today It feels like violence. These 5 justices are not elected! I’m just sick with anger! It’s so hard for women to just focus on our lives when the unelected court is committing this violence against female bodies.

  67. Day late and dollar short…. Ffs…. Democrats are really asleep at the wheel… I’m no GQP but the Dems just don’t seem to be making any meaningful effort and it’s so demoralizing…

  68. Why didn’t Biden propose a bill to codify this into law when he was a US Senator? I don’t understand how Democrats are always blaming the other side when they had the power in the Legislative and Executive branches previously.

  69. I think Congress should consider a massive tax on state governments that deny abortion rights in order to fund a huge child tax credit for all these forced births that are about to happen.

  70. Just wait until they realize Roe is a personal privacy law more than anything and that by getting rid of it they’re essentially removing the right to privacy.

  71. Do they? Because I read the sticky and the tone of the comments was far more muted than I expected, bordering on reality setting in. This is chiefly a hardline religious aim and I'm guessing their subreddit is not substantially hardline religious. Everybody else loses.

  72. This is the democrats version of “Thoughts and prayers.” Talk about not liking something, won’t actually fight for it.

  73. Yes, gay marriage and sodomy will be illegal again soon. They have full control over the SCOTUS. Nothing can stop it, hell that's why they were installed. Trump is going to use that as a "see what I did" for the jesus bootlickers.

  74. Urges? Are we disappointed? Should we try to work across the aisle a bit more? Should we hand over our lunch money to anyone in the GOP? Just to make them happy?? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE PLAY NICE. Ffs

  75. Every time you see someone online complaining about this decision, kindly remind them that apathy got us here in the first place. Then have them register to vote.

  76. Can't go to planned parenthood. Dude I'm long past reproducing. I just want a female check up I can't get. Just another way the man keeps you down. Born in 1970 dealt w/saw a lot of how this country treats working women. This last one flabbergasted. Really no one remembers.

  77. It seems unconstitutional. Something that was established law for a couple of generations has been overturned. Were those former judges wrong, and in what way? The only reason this is happening is because of political bias on the court, exactly the sort of thing the Supreme Court is there to stop. Those voting for this repeal must have some contorted logic to justify it.

  78. Name the pro-choice bill, "Stop the Rapists." Make them have to explain why they support rapists every chance you get if they vote against it. If religious groups try to get the supreme court to overturn the bill, they will have to show they support rapists too.

  79. He urges Congress to codify it but also says he doesn’t support ending the filibuster to get it done. Maybe he really is mentally incompetent.

  80. If you really want to protect children, provide access to safe abortions. Many children born with disabilities, to rape victims, or to single parent households face more potential abuse and neglect. Every child deserves to be chosen, not forced on someone.

  81. Nobody sees a problem with the executive branch that has previously tried to undermine the legislative branch in this administration, now attempting to undermine the judicial branch?

  82. If it becomes up to states to decide on their stance on abortion, it will be a golden experiment to see how those who allow it fare compared to those who don't. I mean, I don't know of a single socially positive outcome of having abortion being illegal.

  83. Part of me feel sorry for Americans and then I look at the demographics breakdown of Trump voters(he messed the supreme court)when he won and he literally won the white women votes. So the other part of me say “you reap what you sow, you disgracefully betrayed your sisters and set women back 50 years at least”. What a shitshow…

  84. Patriarchal evangelical bullshit. Back to women having back alley abortions on kitchen tables. You can force a baby on someone and expect it to go well. Forcing women into motherhood can be dangerous. Andrea Yates, remember her?! Time for a no sex protest at home. Free birth control and condoms mandatory in all middle and high schools. UNIVERSAL HEALTH with family planning and mental health coverage. But that won’t happen. 43y in this country has made me go to atheism. Satanic Temple is fighting these Old Testament laws and I love to see it. These cult like laws are driven by people in cults. I am sick of this government being run by a fucking church.

  85. We have to stand up and try regardless of what we think the outcome will be. We cant sit back and watch these fools continue to drag our country back a 100 years.

  86. Republican party has just shot them selves in the foot. As someone who leans conservative, I can't understand why the GOP wants to die on this hill.

  87. The only move is Sander’s prescription: and Kill the Filibuster. Pass codification with 50 votes. There can be no fucking around. It’s time for Biden to man up and do right by the people who put him in office.

  88. Lol they had 50 years to do this. Roe v Wade was decided by the court making some very far reached connections that could easily be negated.

  89. Oh, and what happened to expanding the Court? If the Bible-thumpers are going to go full Handmaiden‘s Tale on RvW, why not nuke 'em back?

  90. Can we stop calling them pro-life, but for real stop calling them that- in the press, on social media, conversations etc They are anti-choice or forced birthers. Call them for what they are

  91. This shit needs to hurt MEN too. 18 years of forced labor to pay for their unplanned offspring. Then we'll see how fast this changes.

  92. I… I’m in shock. I will be the first to say I lean more towards the Pro-life side of pro-choice (if that makes sense). I think, bar certain reasons (rape baby, baby would have no quality of life, mothers health is in danger, etc) mothers should carry the child to term and then give them up for adoption. This stems from the fact that having children of my own is going to be extremely hard.

  93. You seem confused. "Pro-life" (aka, forced birthers) means that you don't want anyone to ever be able to have an abortion. Pro-choice means that you support other people's right to choose what to do with their own bodies, even if that means you would never personally get an abortion.

  94. Not really. If it can be codified one way so can it the other. And remember this moment whenever someone tells you there's no difference between Republicans and Democrats. The fault for this day lies at the feet of those who voted for Trump in 2016, and just as importantly, those who stayed home.

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