Alabama ban on gender-affirming care for transgender youth takes effect

  1. Not every conservative is against abortion. I’d rather the liberal ladies who use abortion as a personality have all the abortions they want as to avoid having them poorly raise more garbage people like themselves.

  2. All I can say is thank god they're putting the screws to the LGTBQ+ community instead of making sure citizens have clean water, air, job security, retirement plans, better infrastructure, health care and education. I mean, we gotta have priorities, right?

  3. At this point they're not even bothering to hide it anymore: Their state government and the Trump cult are blatantly asking for the Feds to intervene so they can shout "muh states rights!" and try to start another civil war.

  4. I am not a Christian. I am opposed to giving kids puberty blockers. The jury is not decided on if the effects are reversible are not. All major studies ive been linked to are funded by the companies/doctors that have a hand in the game. It’s like Bp coming out with a study saying windmills cause cancer. Then you also have the folks popping up in the news cycle saying their four year old is trans. Four year olds do not have the critical reasoning/development to make such a decision for themselves and are highly influenced by authority figures around them. Most people are in the middle of these issues. Just like abortion. But you have two parties that take it to the extreme.

  5. Gender-affirming care is lifesaving healthcare. Faced with the prospect of going through a puberty incongruent with their gender, some trans youth will end their lives.

  6. Puberty blockers do have permanent effects, it gave me severe gynecomastia that I needed surgery for. I was given them as a “trans” male, but I am actually an intersex male who already produces testosterone, just in lower quantities as my testes are partially descended and not fully functional. That testosterone got suppressed entirely and because my estrogen was already on the higher end of the male average I grew breasts, gained weight, and looked very androgynous from 12-15 as my male body had more estrogen than testosterone. It has only been within the last year or so I have looked 100% male and I am 19. Kids who take puberty blockers WILL see the effects of low sex hormones. It’s not a true “pause” like they say it is. If it were up to me I’d just give trans kids the hormones right out the gate, that way they aren’t behind in puberty and don’t suffer side effects. Puberty blockers are a huge scam in my opinion and just a way to let parents stall their children’s happiness.

  7. The War on Women unleashed by the Roe decision will become a War on the LGBTQ+ community. I'm not being metaphoric. It will involve a militarized police force hunting, attacking, and killing people.

  8. Honestly, I kind of agree with the puberty blockers thing. The shots are horribly expensive and actually do have permanent effects, it gave me severe gynecomastia that I had to get surgery for because it suppressed my testosterone production and my estrogen was on the higher end for a male. Then again I also blame incompetent doctors that don’t know how to screen for intersex kids among average bodied trans patients. I think trans kids should just get the hormones they’d be getting had they been born the right way. I’m intersex and not trans but getting TRT straight away instead of blockers would have been much better for my overall health, as I am not biologically female like they had thought and instead have undescended testes. In other words there was no “female puberty” to suppress in my case and it just made my body more feminine as the already little testosterone I had was turned down to nothing. I was on them from age 12-15 and those were some of the most depressing and self hating years of my life. I got fat, grew breasts, my skin got softer, and I just looked like a very feminine young boy/masculine older girl, really just androgynous. I didn’t like it. Then again I never would have been put on blockers if my parents had just accepted that I am male and didn’t want to give me “more time to wait it out”. Sorry for the trauma dump

  9. I saw the news about the UK banning conversion therapy and actually felt like the world was moving forwards. I get on Reddit and my hopes are shattered after 5 seconds.

  10. Ahh yes, government so small it'll deny children lifesaving medical interventions (reversible at that) and lead more to suicide. A noble stance in a state riddled with poverty, disease, and education issues.

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