Every Republican — and 4 Democrats — vote against House bill to stop Big Oil's price gouging on gas

  1. So, the GOP is screaming at Biden about gas prices, and when a bill to reduce those prices is introduced, they vote against it.

  2. If Biden did something about gas prices, then they couldn't yell at Biden for not doing anything about gas prices. But almost nobody pays deep attention to congress, so if they stop him from doing something, they can simply say he's doing nothing and voters will believe him.

  3. Just about everything the Republicans do... bury the bills they are crying the most about.. "we are for the people, but not really"

  4. Wait until you hear how they voted to address the baby formula shortage they keep bitching about.

  5. We had a chance to stop or massively reduce this when there was a bill introduced to bar lawmakers from holding stocks of individual companies, but hey

  6. They want high gas prices so they have a talking point against Biden. They want economic hardship for they have a talking point against Biden.

  7. I would be more surprised if Republicans did something that would help average non wealthy Americans.

  8. But have no problem sending tens of billions to farmers for Trump's pointless trade war. They have no actual value or principles beyond "owning libs"

  9. They don't play by the same rules. Wanna level the playing field, find your local representative that voted against it and print up those gas station stickers that say "I did that" with their face plastered all over it.

  10. It’s because they know their true believers only watch regressive propaganda media like Fox and will only hear them blame Biden.

  11. Voting for issues they actually support makes them look incompetent since it isn’t owning the libs. Last thing they want to do is help this drowning administration

  12. It’s almost like they don’t want to govern and they just make up outrage that their base eats up without thinking

  13. And yet these stories never seem to do real harm to republicans. The playing field is not equal at all. Republicans are allowed to be shitty, cruel and draconian and thats acceptable. But democrats have to not only be constructive and passing bills, they have to combat republican obstruction as well.

  14. That's because conservative media will never , ever report these scenarios. And conservative voters are forbidden to consume + unable to stomach non-conservative media (or they stop being conservative pretty quick)

  15. Yeah, it seems like our country is irreparably broken. As citizens we'll never be able to get anything that helps us out. Republicans can block 100% of things that Democrats propose, and Republicans will never propose anything that helps us when they have power.

  16. You're exactly right. Republicans are allowed to keep shitting in the bed. Dems get criticized for not cleaning the sheets fast enough so they get fired and more bed shitters are hired.

  17. Plus they have to fend off leftist attacks of “Democrats are protecting big oil” as if four votes are an indicator of where the general party platform is, rather than the mountain of policies geared toward combatting climate change, holding industries accountable, and changing our infrastructure.

  18. If Democrats followed through with the power they have to pass and implement all these good things that voters want, they would start kicking R's to the curb (reform filibuster, reform Supreme Court for starters). But they never do, so there's no penalty for obstruction. These policies are fantasies that people don't believe will ever happen. Since they are never implemented they just get easily characterized as evil socialism that harms you. Corporate owned media weighs in against anything that would reform the corporate owned government. They run a picture of Bernie with messy hair and pointing a finger. Be scared.

  19. That’s how it works when one party is backed by the 30% of our country that’s comprised of morally inept shitheads

  20. We need to get better at how we market these votes. We absolutely should be steering ever conversation and interview with news media that the reason shit is so bad and not getting better is because Republicans won't support these bills. Every Democratic Senator and Representative should be saying these talking points. And keep saying it on repeat.

  21. It’s not this. If it hurts the people, it’s good for them in the next election. That’s where we are now.

  22. Fuck Jared Golden, he’s my representative and I’ve made calls on behalf of the Citizens Climate Lobby to put a price on carbon.

  23. "What's infuriating is that this is happening at the same time that gas and oil companies are raking in record profits and then putting those dollars into stock buybacks," Schrier said on Thursday.

  24. I wish there were a Constitutionally-mandated written response from each Congressperson explaining exactly why they voted the way they did on each bill so we could see the rationale behind each decision they made for the historical record.

  25. Democrats should be blasting ads about this stuff nonstop until November. Republicans are anti-America and we have the votes to prove it.

  26. Dont worry! They'll run millions in TV ads a few weeks before the midterms calling legit fascist candidates "TRUMP 2.0!!" and completely ignore digital ads while also sending a broad ambiguous and intangible platform that no average american cares about!

  27. Yea I’m a bit confused by this too, sure I support the concept of stopping any price gouging. But how do you determine that? Is it happening now or are the prices we’re seeing just a reflection of the market?

  28. Maybe these high gas prices will force people to buy smaller, more efficient cars instead of lifted bulldozers to commute with.

  29. I'm waiting for the vote on the actual bill to take place, so I can post a direct link to it to call out peeps on facebook that post that "I did that" shit.

  30. A person I work with will literally say “well those 4 dems voted against it as well” and completely ignore that ALL Republicans voted against it. I fucking hate this timeline.

  31. Probably virtue signaling, and I say that as a democrat. Crude oil costs per barrel are up 40% globally from where they were last fall.

  32. I swear, why don’t Democrats run ads on this every single time it happens. Just one specific instance each ad, “Republicans complained about gas prices but then voted against lowering them. Do they really have your average American in mind?”

  33. Because they don't view gas as a "utility" or basic necessity. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which totally should be regulated, because "boo hoo, we're getting censored by a private company."

  34. The president already has the authority to declare an energy emergency. The Federal Trade Commission already has the authority to investigate price gauging. Just fucking do it.

  35. I don’t know why we don’t just furlough everyone in Congress. What’s the point of paying these idiots to write up and vote on bills that will never become laws with republican fucks cockblocking everything?

  36. It feels like all these bills are purposely drafted to fail. So it looks like they’re doing something but nothing really happens.

  37. so it is safe to say nobody here has actually read the bill? I mean there are laws about gouging already. proving it will be difficult.

  38. And from the looks of it, gouging is determined in relation to other prices in the area for the same product. If everyone in your area is selling at the same price, no gouging.

  39. Haven't read the bill but if it is what the article actually stated, it has no teeth at all and is only symbolic.

  40. We should peob get photo stickers of all of them to put at the pumps, saying "I did that!", to replace the Joe Biden ones.

  41. If America had a wealth tax then this bill wouldn’t be needed. Also interesting how there are exactly zero price gouging laws on the books that could apply to oil/gas companies.

  42. I don't think a wealth tax would impact this at all. I live in Texas, and while I don't work in the O&G industry, I know a ton of people that do. The job market was way the fuck down the last several years. Right now it is blasting on all cylinders and they are throwing money at jobs like it grows on trees. A wealth tax might cut into how much money execs get to take home, but it wouldn't stop what they are doing. When prices go up, certain types of exploration, extraction, etc. become way the fuck more profitable and they jump on it. That in turn gets a lot of low education people jobs. In all honesty, it's temp work at best and then they are back to drinking themselves stupid when the market tanks, but for now it's work, and they are glad to have it. They also get paid very well during times like this.

  43. As much as I love EV's and hope we go 100% EV. Right now it will be very hard to mine enough Li to make it possible.

  44. Thanks to my power being supplied from natural gas, it costs as much to charge my ev where I live as it costs to fill up at the pump (about the same cost miles per dollar)

  45. Salon and Democrats in Congress clearly do not understand basic economics. Record profits does not equate to price gouging…

  46. Funny they want to pass a law that already exists. Price gouging is already illegal. Why didn’t Democrats want to discuss halting gas taxes, something that would actually help instead of just grand standing for something that will do nothing.

  47. I always hate when articles like this won't even link to a digital copy of the bill they're talking about. Am I the only one that finds this annoying?

  48. These people clearly aren't for Americans. They put their political football game over the welfare of the people.

  49. Yes, let’s go for price controls on gas as it’s increasing in price. We haven’t done that in decades! Remember how great it worked out then?

  50. As always, citizens united is the gift that keep giving. We need to end money in politics. Have a reasonable maximum amount each person can donate. Outlaw PACs and dark money. They don’t represent us, they represent their donors

  51. “We voted no because punishing companies for abusing the public is gonna make those companies stop doing business with us.” That’s the most bullshit, corrupt argument I’ve ever heard.

  52. How are any of these people working for the people in any visible and constructive way? Once someone is in politics, it seems their moral compass heads South, immediately. Does the FBI or any authority ever do checks and balances on their actual checks and balances? Is every single one of the cretins not on the payroll? And what about the planet heating up and preserving the environment we all inhabit? Too many questions, I know.

  53. Write down their names. They’re in Big Oil’s pocket. Someone find out their donations… I bet they all get large donations from Oil & Gas industry.

  54. The consequences of something like this would be severe. Stock dividends to shareholders would go down. Members of boards would lose their seats, their yachts, mansions, golden parachutes, etc. Cant have that.

  55. I think within in the next decade we may start seeing the collapse of capitalism. The shift in wealth continues. Millennials are struggling to buy houses and have children due to cost. I can only imagine what it will be like for future generations

  56. 4 Democrats. Jesus. They weren't going to even trust the spoiler twins to activate. They had to blow this out of the water just in case Joe Manchin and/or Synema had a come to McCain moment.

  57. The fossil fuel industry needs to be destroyed to curb the devastating effects of anthropogenic climate change. They are the enemy of the people.

  58. Americans are owned by corporations, so owned that they just cannot catch a break and do what is in the interests of a sustainable future. The future might be unsustainable but hey, at least we are giving value to shareholders!

  59. Follow the money trail. That's the purpose of the GOP in our government. They work for special interest groups and big business. Certainly don't work for those that elected them to office.

  60. What else was in the bill to make an entire party turn against it? Or was there anything about the bill that, once put in place, would make the situation worse?

  61. How is it that we can constantly read stories of entire parties voting one way or another? Just once would I like people to think for themselves when they’ve been elected to think for us. There’s no way anybody in there right mind reading this post says, you know they’re right Big Oil needs to be helped out, fuck the little citizens that need to pay for it. But literally every Republican and 4 Democrats said that

  62. Could somebody pretty pretty please explain to me where within the supply crunch, the Crack spread, the energy demand spike, the RINS value, and the crunch in distribution is the price gouging actually happening?

  63. Because prices are at record highs despite the price of oil not being as high as previous record highs.

  64. If Republicans don't want to help fix the problem. Then their voters need to stop blaming the president. He's opened up drilling opportunities. Given out countless leases for land to drill on. And has even asked companies to drill. Yet they won't. Why? Because they are making money and are hurt that they lost some money due to a pandemic. So if yall want to blame the president all while supporting the oil companies right to charge what they want, then you're dumber then you think.

  65. This is what I don't understand about America. If MPs voted no on helping mothers with baby formula or stop companies gouging people on fuel prices, there's no way they would be re-elected. How???

  66. Geeee. I wonder if its because Big Oil has been bribing 'lobbying' for them to vote against it.

  67. Can people finally admin the culture wars are bullshit and a distraction from the us vs them real war here? It’s the ruling class vs all of us.

  68. I’m a lefty but this is Republican type stuff. It sounds like a hollow bill meant to change the incorrect assumption that Biden is responsible for gas prices being high. It’s theater to combat theater.

  69. I appreciate the story but all the Republicans they could've used as the main images of the story, they chose 3 of the 4 Democrats that voted against the bill.

  70. No why would they do something like that? It’s almost like the people voting on these bills receive copious amounts of money from these companies to make sure their companies continue making money hand over fist while the middle class slowly dissolves. But don’t forget everyone, they are here to represent YOU! …. What a damn joke.

  71. Free market to steal a county's oil and sell it back to them. We need to call this kiddy BS. Declare a state of emergency, liquidate all oil interests and claw back any family wealth from oil and put all money into EV's and the Star Trek transporter or portal tech.

  72. I would assume Big Oil and other companies are intentionally raising prices while Democrats are in office so that Dems get voted out and they can get more tax breaks when Republicans take over. They are working with Republicans to purposefully create inflation.

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