House Democrats called ‘f***ing useless’ for singing ‘God Bless America’ by Capitol after Roe ruling

  1. Looks like they got the pictures of uvalde victims there. I guess it was a photo op for the bill they passed last night. I mean good job on the bill but have some common sense to not do this now when the protest are happening right behind you! Just so cringey 😬

  2. You’d think someone would have been like, “hey guys the Supreme Court just overturned Roe, maybe we shouldn’t do this”

  3. You've got the right take. That event was planned in advance as a way to highlight gun legislation passing both houses and then the SCOTUS dropped the Roe opinion.

  4. What bill? You mean that bill they called gun control that had zero gun control in it and actually worsened the problem by funding more police in schools basically giving the GOP what they wanted. More guns.

  5. I'm gonna go a step further: even if Roe hadn't been overturned, this is still an exceptionally weird photo op and never should have been done in the first place.

  6. lost in this whole debacle is the fact that the house democrats thought they could pass a gun control bill after the deaths of children and then sing a song about it. they're amoral monsters. they always have been

  7. Just as bad singing for Uvalde. Especially their choice of "God Bless America" when the single biggest threat to our country are the Christian Nationalist nutjobs. Those are the gun toting concealed carry domestic terrorists that believe their imaginary god chose the US for white male KKKristian domination.

  8. The funny thing is that separation of church and state isn’t supposed to just protect other religions and non believers like my self, it’s also supposed to to prevent Christianity from cannibalizing itself. Can’t wait for Christians to start fighting each other again.

  9. I’ve said it for fucking years. Are we not a secular government? Why is there “In God We Trust” on our fucking currency? I’ve said it for years!

  10. That’s exactly what I thought. I never realized Democratic leadership was SO out of touch. I knew they were bad, but… wow. Just, wow.

  11. She’s spot on tho. I’d argue that the Supreme Court is also illegitimate with Thomas still in office. He is more than complicit to Jan 6 and Trumps attempted coup. His vote should be thrown out and him forced to resign. Biden should be given the option to choose another progressive to the court.

  12. I hope shes the first female president... democrats need a fucking HARD kick in the ass. The threat of autocracy is enough to get me to vote for them still, but goddamn they are ineffective.

  13. I’m pretty Libertarian and I love AOC. She fucking cares. I just want someone to give a shit about our freedoms we are entitled to have. We aren’t fucking dogs, I refuse to watch my fellow Americans treated as such.

  14. Notice how she doesn't need bullet proof glass or a wall of security to stand amongst the people.

  15. People are angry. They want Democrats to be angry and to act angry. They don’t want them act like they are that violin group playing songs while the Titanic sinks.

  16. I’m technically not a democrat, but I’m also pretty mad and I don’t want my electors singing a song that praises the imaginary deity of the group that’s currently fucking everyone over. It’s gross and stupid on multiple levels.

  17. Best they can do is sing, read a poem, and send out fundraising emails. Pelosi had a fundraising email out basically right after.

  18. Probably worth reminding that the independent is owned by a son of a former kgb Russian oligarch and has a habit of posting divisive stuff aimed at democrats. Maybe let’s not take THIS as the indication of what democrats are doing and maybe look at all the other stuff they’re doing that this story is obscuring? Cause I’m not a fan of having my emotions manipulated by bullshit like trying to make THIS the story of what democrats are doing.

  19. Ive been saying this for years about current leadership and just get downvoted into oblivion. The septuagenarian leadership is feckless.

  20. Christian nationalists are taking over every aspect of our lives and the only thing standing between them and victory are these people. We are so boned

  21. The fact that church attendance is also on a decline adds to the insanity. They think that abortions are cutting into their base of voters, it's nuts.

  22. It’s called Christian reconstructionism. They won’t stop until Jesus is infused into every institution in this country. We are def fucked.

  23. I’m insanely curious how this actually came about. Who convinced them that singing God Bless America made any sense. It is sort of like that strange kente cloth moment of silence for George Floyd…just gimmicky and tone-deaf. It’s like an admission that they’re powerless to do anything.

  24. They did this to celebrate them passing a bill about gun safety and to mourn those lost in Uvalde.

  25. What a depressingly perfect metaphor for how this country is run. Conservatives inside stripping away rights and the Democrats are outside singing a fucking song.

  26. The Democrats are singing the Republican victory song about their fictional god controlling our country. They are praising their own defeat.

  27. What could they do? I get that singing god bless America is very tone deaf but what could they do that would get results?

  28. When I followed Bernie Sanders, I was excited about politics for the first time in my life. I’m in my 40’s, and I was so stoked because there was a possibility of change, and maybe my kids could have had a government that worked for them.

  29. Get rid of bullshit nonpartisan districting committee and start gerrymandering states like California. Take the advantages you can get.

  30. Democratic Party doesn’t want to fight. They like the status quo because they get to point at the bad guys across the aisle.. AOC and other progressives are the only ones fighting and there’s not enough of them

  31. I'd love to see some political ads that call their GOP opponents out as racist fascist neonazis in response to the gun loving immigrant loving socialist nonsense I see every day if Florida... Department of agriculture guys ad is just pro gun, anti immigrant, anti socialist, trump endorsed - what does any of that have to do with agriculture?

  32. Hard to do. The right gets all their information from the same media sphere. Fox News, OANN, Breitbart, facebook posts, all of them are in lockstep with each other. When the right picks a narrative that's all they hear. It's also much easier to get people moving together when they don't have to do anything. The Right doesn't want stuff to happen, they want things to stay the same or go back to how it was. It's so much easier being able to say no then say how to fix.

  33. I wish that for once the democrats go for the jugular and act as ruthlessly as the GOP have for the past seven years. Sadly, they have too much internal disagreement and discord to do so. The GOP have been able to do so. I wish they could somehow present a united front like the GOP have and just bulldozer this stupid minority rule.

  34. The SCOTUS makes a clearly religious decision that your party disagrees with and you sing GOD BLESS America. Way to make the argument for separation of church and state

  35. The amount of melanin in your skin and the amount of dangly bits between your legs are the only things that seem to matter in this country. That and money, lots of money as long as it's in the hands of white men.

  36. Some people are also discriminated because they have a penis, too. Thomas said the court should reconsider Lawrence and Obergefell, which give gay people the right to have relationships. How inclusive.

  37. It’s not only useless, it’s tone deaf and offensive. This is not the time to sing the praises of America or celebrate its history with some ode to American exceptionalism. Fuck America. That’s how most liberals feel today and we want political representatives who understand that: that we deeply despise America right now, its worthless instructional accountability mechanisms and most of all the weak feckless bastards like these singing morons who enable it with their incompetence.

  38. The Democrats in the House have already passed a bill to codify Roe V. Wade. The bill has been sitting in the Senate for months. What else do you want them to do?

  39. The same stunt is just as absurd on the right. During the border blockades here in Canada, all these anti-vax right-winger holding hands singing O Canada. At least in that case, they're just misinformed morons. In the US - these are MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.

  40. Fuck all of them. Nancy Pelosi is the third most powerful person in this country and acts shocked when this shit happens. MTG says something…she is shocked. Supreme Court overturns Rv.W and she is shocked. Time to start fucking nutting up and lashing out at these zealots.

  41. It's long past time these old blood Democrats either crawled into the muck to fuckin' fight, or got outta the way so some young blood could do it. Instead, they're out here singing songs to ... what? Inspire hope?

  42. And fuck this song in particular. After 9/11 they started singing this at sporting events like “this will show the terrorists! We’ve got the REAL God on our side!”

  43. The electoral college is a sham. The electoral college negated millions of votes to allow a president who lost the popular vote to appoint 3 supreme court justices leading to this decision.

  44. Not only is it a sham, but it’s also the machanic republicans tried to use to overturn the election. Straight up tried selecting their own electors and sending those instead so that trump won. It’s not only a sham, it’s so easily open to abuse if people don’t stand up, and people shouldn’t have to stand up just to make sure voting isn’t predatory

  45. Lol It's still so stupid and cheesy. Who do they think they are inspiring with this sing-a-long? They act like we are a bunch of symbol worshipping nationalistic morons who tear up at the mere sight of a bald eagle or an American flag billowing in the wind.

  46. Right, so they're not singing this about losing rights, they're singing this about kids who got murdered in school and mass shootings on the daily...

  47. Whatever the context it's still a fucking stupid thing to do today of all days. Nobody was like "hold up a minute this is probably a bad idea, maybe we should call this off."

  48. This is like at the beginning of covid and all of the poor millionaire celebrities who had to quarantine in their mansions got together and sang Imagine so all of us in our crappy apartments would feel better.

  49. It's exactly that. We're the party of singalongs and "Look, Oreos have a rainbow creme for pride month" instead of action. We should've codified Roe Vs Wade a long time ago.

  50. The number of times I've read the word "feckless" today...I literally had to check the definition just to be sure I was using it right.

  51. We’ve seen what republicans are willing to do to further their agenda. We need Dems to fight for us, the majority of this country.

  52. Time to start protesting at churches every Sunday. Try to stop these people from ruling our lives and government. Protesting at government building does nothing

  53. Oooo I like this idea. Have you ever seen real organization around this - even on a small scale? Religion is controlling our lives, against our will and best interest. Let’s intrude on the lives of it. Get ready to have your sermons interrupted!

  54. Protesting at a government building actually does a lot. You just have to get closer than allowed and they'll leap into action.

  55. It's a joke. If you're under 40 and progressive you are SORELY needed to take back our country. Run for office. Replace the rotten old dinosaurs before they destroy anything else.

  56. I've often thought about running. But I've no acclaim, no weather to draw upon, no corporate sponsorships or donors.

  57. how can a high school graduate who served in the military get involved? Serious question too for anybody how has some answers. because these people clearly do not.

  58. Not last week I got down voted for saying just this. They have been consulted into incompetence. Their lack of action on anything, and their silence is unacceptable. They are going to get routed in November.

  59. I love how when the GOP controls shit, they fall in line. Democrats? They bicker or pussy foot with each other and achieve nothing. This whole mother fucken term is a wash.

  60. They were a bunch of self righteous bastards that through scientific and modern development back thousands of years

  61. This is sad cause right now we are not in a position to have a new party full of useful people and actually win, so this is the party we have to back if we don’t want the republicans to win.

  62. More people need to vote for progressives in primaries. The issue is that these representatives are mostly neo-liberal, tone-deaf, and elderly. They do not have the same political beliefs as the majority of people under 40 who would call themselves a "Democrat." We need new and progressive blood in the party, but unfortunately it feels like we can't do anything but wait for these morons to die out.

  63. We're going to to have a serious upheaval in this country pretty soon. More than protests more than riots, substantial change born out of the inaction of these two shit parties.

  64. All that’s left, I feel, is violence. Political violence. These issues fucking matter. To real fucking people. Stop treating it like a goddam game, for fucks sake.

  65. Jesus fucking christ. One party is pure evil without remorse and the other one is impotent, out of touch, and essentially useless. This is the opposite of what dems need to be doing. And the amount of cringe just makes it worse. Fuck...

  66. they had 40 fucking years to expand the court and codify Roe. Obama had a filibuster proof supermajority in the senate when Ginsburg was diagnosed with cancer. She should have resigned then. They've had countless chances, but they need their fundraising ploy

  67. Democrats are being called fucking useless because they are fucking useless. For decades they have relied on progressive Supreme Court decisions instead of codifying protections into law. But those of us who support them are fucking useless too. We need to vote these people out and elect politicians who are actually willing to go toe to toe with republicans.

  68. That isn't even the problem. The problem is a system that represents the will of the minority over that of the majority. We can vote in all the new wave politicians we want. They'll still have less power than the theocratic right.

  69. Let this be a show of how neither side gives a fuck about the people. They're all drinking buddies on capitol Hill. They all gather round the donkey for the late night fucking together. May they all rot in their ivory caskets among the flames of anger they have wrought upon themselves.

  70. I tend to agree. Democrats have been "effing useless" since 2001. Even when they had a majority, they let themselves be Congressional doormats.

  71. Well they've proven to be useless when they can't do anything to affect federal policy in any way despite having the house the Senate and the presidency. None of that matters when they're not fighting for anything and only throw their hands up saying "we'll get them next time." Fascists are being emboldened by wins while everyone else is feeling hopeless. That's a recipe for some Nazi shit. People will rightfully ask why they should defend institutions that refuse to defend them.

  72. Republicans are lighting the country on fire and democrats continue to respond with another meaningless virtue signal. Stop being pussies.

  73. I'm super liberal but so pissed at the Dems right now! They could have codified abortion rights plenty of times but didn't because the threat of Roe being overturned has gotten votes.

  74. As a millennial (34) I am growing increasingly angry & disgusted with being ruled by a bunch of wealthy, privileged, senile, geriatric men who will not live long enough to suffer the consequences of all the idiotic laws they keep forcing upon the rest of us.

  75. They are fucking useless. I voted for these tools, and they do absolutely nothing to protect our rights. They sit around and twiddle their thumbs and worry about pissing too many people off. Well, now your entire voter based is pissed. Good job, dems. You really fucked this up.

  76. Just over ten years ago, the democrats had complete control of the federal government for seven (7) months. They could have codified Roe into law during this period, and before you tell me it wouldn't have been enough time:

  77. Not defending their tone-deafness, but the article is misleading and seems like many in the comments also miss that they were singing to celebrate the passage of gun legislation. They probably had this planned before they knew the ruling on Roe would come out, and lacked the self-awareness to scrap that victory lap moment.

  78. I've always said this. Nowhere do you see people so willing to lose, and always back down from addressing obvious fuckery.

  79. The faux powerless bullshit from Congress is just insulting. It’s on us as voters too for re-electing these feckless assholes. Almost 50 years and no national law? Unconscionable failure.

  80. At this point we just have to accept and fight. This court is going to do some real damage to everyone's freedoms. They still have many decades on the court. Americans are about to eat crow for a loooong time. And the filibuster will make it impossible to legislate against those decisions in congress

  81. Tired of this performative bullshit. DO SOMETHING! No one wants to hear you sing! The US needs another liberal party. Democrats are fucking useless at this point.

  82. Now that normal everyday people are starting to see that both parties are equally worthless and your Congress person doesn't give a fuck about you (AOC included), I just hope our country corrects this peacefully.

  83. I used to think republicans were the scum of the earth , but at least they pursue what they believe in . Democrats are fucking useless. Even if they win , they won’t really do shit . Atleast let republicans take over completely so people will need to take matter into their own hands rather than relying on politicians .

  84. Democrats and GOP shouldn’t be the end all and be all of politics and policy. We need new parties and more than two power hungry sides of the same coin.

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