The US supreme court poses a real threat to Americans’ democracy

  1. I wonder if the abortion decision was to hide their future decision on gerrymandering and electors? If they decide state legislators get to make their own maps and they can send whatever slate of electors they want, then that's it for American democracy and nobody will know a thing.

  2. I feel like that's why Roe leaked, it was a giant smoke screen for all the other shit they are doing. We HAVE to talk about Roe because we can't not - it's obviously a big deal - but it means we aren't talking about other rulings and future rulings.

  3. It certainly overshadowed West Virginia v. EPA, which expanded the Major Questions Doctrine and set the stage to limit every executive branch agency's ability to regulate the economy -- you know, the case that the super-wealthy actually cared about.

  4. Interesting take but there’s a very high probability when you diminish the rights of half the populace, you’re mobilizing them against you. We shall see in November.

  5. The goal is a new constitutional convention to rewrite the constitution into some “Christian Nation”bullshit. If they can scheme and gerrymander so that at least 3/4ths of Congress are these Trump worshiping, bible thumping wackos they can do whatever they want.

  6. If? It is a virtual certainty that they will decide the state legislators do have that power. The 2024 Presidential election has already been decided. In fact, it was decided in 2010 when Democrats sat out the midterm elections and redistricting in many states gave Republicans the ability to stay in control even when Democrats get more votes. Anyone who is relying on the Republican controlled legislatures, or the Supreme Court to do the right thing, have not been paying attention.

  7. I don’t think the court cares about public perception. They are lifetime appointments. They know they won’t get impeached.

  8. Why hide anything? They decide what the law means. They'll never get impeached by 60 senators either.

  9. I still don't get how the Democrats/Hillary fucking missed this messaging with an OPEN seat at stake. People got too complacent because the court has largely been moderate and siding with precedent for decades. The gay marriage decision was still largely fresh in minds of people and it felt like the court was in an OKAY spot. Also, no one expected Kennedy to abruptly retire and be replaced by a radical...and RBG fucked her own legacy because of her own ego.

  10. Sad we are being controlled by a bullshit unelected council of wizards in robes trying to guess what Thomas Jefferson was thinking

  11. When people genuinely believe our voting options are fascists or corporatists, we are not losing our democracy: we've already lost it. We won't get it back without bottoming out.

  12. I love when people reply with “wE aReN’t A dEmOcRaCy, We ArE a DeMoCrAtIc RePuBlIc” as if that makes it perfectly acceptable to get rights taken away/weakened

  13. And that sentence in itself is meaningless. The concepts of democracy and republic are defined by individual nations. After all, the words themselves mean “rule by the people” (from Greek) and “for the people” (from Latin), respectively. The meaning behind them is defined by each country’s people and government. China calls itself a republic, but in practice it’s a dictatorship. North Korea calls itself a democratic republic, but we all know it’s nothing of the sort. So people who like to insert that tidbit really have no idea what the hell they’re talking about.

  14. It's even more maddening coming from the same crowd that complains about elitists. Moving towards an anti-democratic republic will result in complete rule by elitists.

  15. Technically, if the Supreme Court is going to enforce its own set of laws on the country that sidestep the other two ELECTED branches of government, we have neither a democracy nor a democratic republic. We have an oligarchy.

  16. Question, what "rights" have been "taken away"? Are you talking about abortion? If so, abortion has never passed the Palko Test regarding unenumerated rights.

  17. I argue that we did a representative democracy because travel and technology weren't advanced enough. Now, we have the technology where everyone can vote and it can be a popular vote. NYC no longer has city blocks of horse shit because we use cars. Now its time to get rid of this horse shit voting system

  18. It's worth mentioning that the GOP congressional generic ballot lead has dropped to 1.6. points. It was hovering around 3.0 points about two weeks ago. Just remember to vote in November. We can hold the House and gain in the Senate.

  19. There is some hope the GOP over played their hand and screwed their chances at the red wave we would expect. The senate map this time is way more favorable to democrats than it was in 2018. If people stay engaged at the levels they did in trump’s midterm elections, it would mean democrats expanding their majority in the senate.

  20. Get young people to vote. 18-25 year olds don’t vote (~25% do vote). The young is where the fight remains. Grab one or two or three young people to also vote. Those individuals can change the government over night if they would vote. Get them.

  21. Is a threat. Is the biggest threat. It has become an enemy to the greater good of us citizens, and America on whole. Five people can overthrow the government and ensure their party will rule for decades.

  22. We don't have much democracy, but they have historically been sometimes a threat to what little we have.

  23. The 1933 coup attempt is an interesting example. Not nearly as egregious as Trump’s but, it gives me a littttle hope that a coup was attempted before and was ultimately foiled.

  24. Well. They are not justices. They are zealots of a political view that tries to protect the life style of a certain religious sect that was dominant in the 20th century.

  25. I don’t think it’s their last gasp of power. I think humanity will always be divided between people who want power/tradition/cruelty and people who want freedom/equality/progress. I believe it’s human nature and it will always be a push and pull. It’s not just a US or Christian thing, those are just the current forms we’re dealing with here and now.

  26. It’s just bullshit that millennials and young people (my demographic) will have to spend years undoing this mess the current SCOTUS is implementing. It’s like we are taking a huge leap backwards, and my generation will have to fight to get back to where we were prior to 2016.

  27. Sorry, we're not a democracy, were a constitutional republic. Which is a form of government where a council of appointed Jesus wizards zap away any law that offends the lord, and keep society rightly divided between enlightened shepherd's and their flocks.

  28. This is not some higgledy-piggledy "democracy" with an "encoded constitution of laws and rights." This is a civilized nation, governed by seven immortal dancers who exist on a spindle and sing to the various phases of the moon.

  29. With the state laws that have been crafted since last Presidential election, which can subvert the election results if a Republican does not win, a reality which the Supreme Court is likely to confirm in Moore v. Harper, the U.S. are on track of losing its last democratic mechanisms. An unbiased newspaper from my country coldly noted last year on its front page "the U.S. Presidential Election of 2020 was probably its last free election."

  30. The crazy thing is, the Supreme Court derives its power from the public believing they have power. Everyone can literally tell the SC off and there’s nothing they can do about it

  31. Yeah, I agree with your newspaper. Biden winning felt like a little relief, but the overwhelming sense of dread did not die with trump's removal from office. Anyone paying attention sees the writing on the wall.

  32. Their decisions really are becoming unhinged. They are now overturning decades of precedent over flimsy reasoning or just outright accepting known lies.

  33. Like when they personally intervened to give the presidency to a losing GOP candidate? This article is about 22 years behind the times, but better late than never.

  34. You ran a woman who's been in Washington for 40+ years in a time when people, especially in swing states, were sick and tired of status quo politicians who have done nothing for our country. If Dems had run a younger candidate and didn't rely on identity politics for their entire platform, Trump wouldn't have won.

  35. They are enshrining minority rule, something that I think was the intention of the founder who were, as land owning white men with an education the minority in early America.

  36. Stand up for yourselves people, the United States as we thought we knew it and what a lot of us once believed it was is long gone, this is a matter of fact. Stop holding back words and actions; the working people need to realize how much we truly have in common and stop fighting amongst one another, it’s what those in charge want to keep us distracted that they are the ones doing this to us, not our fellow working-class brothers and sisters. There is power in numbers. Unite. Demand change. Don’t settle for less than we are worth. Support one another in ways we can throughout the fight.

  37. The United States you thought you knew never existed. What you learned in school was patriotic propaganda lionizing aristocratic slavers and calling them "fathers."

  38. I feel like I remember learning about the 3 branches of government in history classes and if I recall correctly, either mentioned in the book or I drew the conclusion myself, but The Supreme Court has basically limitless power in context to what the other branches have.

  39. The Supreme court was originally a much less powerful branch of government in the constitution. It gave itself it's Judicial Review power in 1803 with Marbury vs Madison. It took over 50 years to use that power with the Dred Scott decision that started the civil war.

  40. except they lack power to enforce their rulings. It requires the other 2 branches to say, I except your ruling.

  41. If history is any guide, then I imagine that if Republicans do indeed succeed in ending our republic by casting aside all pretense of democracy and of majority rule, then actual revolution would very likely be on the table.

  42. Roe vs Wade put abortion up to the states yes? That would mean that would be more democracy and that one state that has a lot of people can't boss around others yes?

  43. News leaked this week that the Liberty Council, which funds and brings lawsuits before the court, has members that regularly meet and pray with 6 of the justices. Including before the Dobbs case, in which they joined.

  44. 100% They were installed against the will of the vast majority of Americans and are now doing the bidding of the less than 30% of the country they represent. They must be removed from the bench. All 6 of them. How many more insanely unpopular edicts will they toss out before Americans have had enough and take to their streets?

  45. People don’t get it was never and was never meant to be a democracy the founders feared a tyranny of the majority because they were the wealthy few there are 3 pillars that keep the us from ever being a real democracy one for each branch the senate. The electoral college and the Supreme Court all exist to keep the interest of the few in mind and the have leveraged that power to shatter class unity the reason you earn less then your parents is due to corporate greed inarguably but the reason that greed was able to act was collapse of unions

  46. SCOTUS is a threat to all Americans. GOP Justices with their extremist rulings are the enemy of the people.

  47. Not really. When enough of us decide to ignore the court and its rulings, there really isn't anything the US government can do about it. That's why sanctuary cities exist for immigration and marijuana. Its a simple matter of math. The population outnumbers the government and police by such a wide margin that we are really only governed by our consent. Push hard enough and that consent can disappear.

  48. I mean they're in power now and not doing much of anything at all. They could literally pass a law enshrining RvW and most of the other SCOTUS decisions but they haven't even pushed the issues because they can't campaign on them.

  49. The democrats are a party of conservatives. They dont want anything to change, and any changes are small for virtue signalling. They dont have a plan nor a fight. The GOP is a regressive party now.

  50. They have power except in the SC. What are they doing? Nothing. Biden's approval rating is awful because he and Harris are doing nothing.

  51. The democrats are just as careless when it comes preserving democratic values. They have done nothing to reduce the influence of lobbying on politics. What we need is a massive reform movement.

  52. One of the key features of our self-government is that we created a constitution that created rights that cannot be overcome by the normal statutory process: the burden is higher.

  53. That's not much of an argument considering the majority of Americans didn't want it overturned, the majority do not want abortion illegal, and the ability of the people in the states being able to decide for themselves what they want is less available now, not more. The ability to decide has been transferred from the individual to the state.

  54. Now I’m not sure if this is true or not, so if someone could fact check me, that would be awesome! But I remember hearing when I was younger that when this country founded its constitution and declaration, it was not supposed to be a two party system. As I said though, I’m not sure if that’s true or nah

  55. The Supreme Court is taking a case that will allow a few powerful state legislators to simply ignore the will of the people without checks. This will rip apart our Democracy as we know it.

  56. Yeah, America is fucked beyond all saving. Portuguese citizenship is relatively easy to obtain and the cost of living is much less. Keep those passports updated.

  57. The US has 330M people. No other country on earth will be able or willing to accept any significant amount of refugees. If you want out of the US and see the writing on the wall, the time to leave is now.

  58. By the supreme court striking down roe v wade.. it is returning it to a democratic system.. instead of old white men in suits that weren't elected, creating law out of thin air...

  59. Lmao an opinion piece not actually talking about how the Roe v Wade decision was overturned to advance democracy instead of letting the power of a handful non elected officials determine what is law and what is not.

  60. Nope, propaganda like this poses a real threat to America’s democracy. People simply don’t understand the purpose of SCOTUS. Let the legislature do their work, and keep the three branches separate. SCOTUS should not legislate.

  61. Starting with Robert's Citizen United ruling we have unraveled as a democracy. Greed now rules and the divide between the rich and poor widens.

  62. The US Supreme Court is properly unelected but democratic; federalism creates nice distance between the people and the federal government without abandoning democracy, which is more local than federal. Anyway the US can amend its constitution or vote democratically for officials that can alter the courts. The notion that this is a threat to democracy is not well-founded (prove me wrong. See, nobody can.).

  63. Inaction is the easiest course of action and it will result in the "threat" becoming a reality. Congress isn't going to do anything to prevent this unless the makeup changes, and besides that, state representatives are not who should be defending individual rights in general.

  64. A minority party has filled the court with extremists pushing their views whenever possible. Those is especially clear in their rulings that impact voting negatively.

  65. “Poses a real threat? You’re joking, right? Anyone with a uterus already lost rights to their own body, teachers are allowed to lead students in prayer so separation of church and state is no longer a thing, and gerrymandering has been around for ages. And now it’s going to get worse. They have already gone from threat to action, democracy is in America is already gone.

  66. A single decision? No, more like SCOTUS has just unleashed a slew of decisions ranging from religion in school to abortion to gun laws. They are behaving as activist judges. Every single decision is coming down party lines. That's not jurisprudence, that's judicial activism.

  67. If the court was progressive... there would not be a single fucking issue here. This is the problem. The court made a decision that democrats didn't like and the immediate response is "burn it all down" or the court is "illegitimate". Sure. If you can flippantly push for your ideals and views and that is the ONLY acceptable terms you will be happy with... there is a huge fucking problem and it's not with the courts or the courts process.

  68. It’s been a compounding of many issues. I was young when the SC forced George W. Bush into the White House, but I knew it was wrong then. How can you force a state to stop its own recount? Citizens United was another terrible decision. We’re seeing the goals of Republicans now realized because this was a train powering up to full steam. This terms rulings were particularly bad because we now have 5 justices appointed by presidents who didn’t have the majority of the voters’ support. My outrage extends beyond just the Dobbs decision. In the span of a few years the court changed its own philosophy of incremental change to bringing in the wrecking ball.

  69. No, we weren’t. Not when the GOP shoved two partisan, unqualified dipshits onto it for life. Keep lying to yourself, Americans have been sick of Republicans for decades and they just crossed a line.

  70. I mean you’re not wrong this can be a democracy this can’t be a free country of six morons are determining how I should live my life.

  71. A dysfunctional Congress is more of a threat than SCOTUS. If Congress did its job correctly, legislation wouldn't go to the Supreme Court as often

  72. Can't we do something about the SC? The government was made so all three branches were equal and not have one be all powerful and not accountable.

  73. That's mostly a state thing and to change federal law would be an act of congress. The Supreme Court can't declare something a felony.

  74. I predict if GOP wins midterms, watch for the Reichstag fire. It WILL occur and it will be something sacred to all Americans.....then all the fun really begins. As is tradition

  75. No it doesnt. RBG didn’t retire and libs are overreaching with social issues. Elections have consequences

  76. They were always supposed to be the least dangerous branch, having no power to enforce their decisions and, importantly, constrained by precedent so we are not left to the arbitrary political whims of whoever the majority is at any given time.

  77. Not so fun fact: 5 of our 9 Supreme Court justices were nominated by presidents who lost the popular vote.

  78. Abortion isn't in the constitution in any way.. thus is left to the states... guns are in the constitution and thus protected by it.. it's very black and white here...

  79. The justices review all the potential cases that come before them. If 4 of the justices feel that the case is worthy of the court’s ruling, they add it to the docket. Now that there are only 3 liberal justices, one can easily see how case selection becomes an issue.

  80. It’s ironic because conservatives thought this court composition was going to protect their rights…guns for instance. They have already deleted the rights of women and natives, and they are just getting warmed up. They’re coming for everyone.

  81. The supreme court is getting a lot of heat at the moment, but we can't forget that they're only allowed to do what they're doing because congress is so fucked. Our checks and balances system is completely seized up now, and congress's inability to actually pass new legislation or make changes to the constitution means that the courts can do what they want, when they want.

  82. And here I thought that the judicial branch was supposed to be separate from the other two branches as in Not politically motivated

  83. It doesn’t help that your everyday American doesn’t know how to protest either, thanks to the generalization/white washing of education.

  84. People not voting is how we got here and that is the threat. Vote all dems in the midterms or it gets way worse.

  85. This Supreme Court is not what this country needs. Them, Trump, Desantis and the other looney far righters need to go away. If this keeps up, I am going to pack my family up and live in another country where my daughter will have a better, more free life away from these suppressors who are taking us back to the stone ages.

  86. Ok honestly what’s to stop a president from just flat out telling agencies like the EPA to just ignore these 9 high priests and just continue on as normal?

  87. The court is very concerned about originilism and all that shit. The very first case to be anti-originalism was Marbury vs Madison in which the Supreme Court decided they had the right to judicial review though it’s never mentioned in the Constitution. Start your originalism there and undermine all your recent decisions.

  88. Religion poses the greatest threat to Democracy, hands down. No one seems to ever remember “render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s,” when they start slinging Bible verses around.

  89. The Supreme Court has been illegitimate since 1991 when Clarence Thomas was appointed. Anita Hill told the truth and Clarence Thomas lied. Thomas also lied, as did Roberts, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett when they testified that Roe v. Wade was settled law.

  90. No, they don't. They always make rulings some segment doesn't like. Doesn't mean anything more than that.

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