Billionaire Mark Cuban attacks Elizabeth Warren over tax hike plans: ‘Screw you’

  1. Roughly 724 billionaires in the US and 329.5 million people. I think the real issue is the 724 billionaires get the political microphone way more than everyone else.

  2. This is the trolley problem and I'd happily let it steamroll the billionaires to save the rest of us.

  3. The Roberts court declared that money is free speech so billionaires get a lot more say than the rest of us.

  4. Can't they just take the money they already have and just fuck off? Why must they keep ruining everything for more? They will never, ever live a single uncomfortable day in their life, much less in poverty, even with higher taxes.

  5. Cuban is just bitching because he might be forced to put his money where his mouth is. He’s been saying that he would gladly pay higher taxes for years, and how it’s an American’s patriotic duty to pay their fair share.

  6. I think a huge majority of people see "billionaire" and it doesn't register with them how much money that actually is. They actually think something like Powerball winner level wealth.

  7. People like him want income tax raised so they can act like they’ll pay more but then oops, none of their gains are considered regular income.

  8. I like what Cuban is doing with generic drugs. That being said, saying someone who wants higher taxes on the rich as being everything that’s wrong with politics is absurd and moronic. The MAGA crowd sacked the Capitol after being incited by members of the GOP. A large number of republicans are claiming the election was stolen with zero evidence. Yet one senator calling for higher taxes on some of the most affluent people in human history is what’s wrong with politics. Yeesh.

  9. The one thing I'd love to ask billionaires like Mark Cuban is just... how much is enough? What's your end goal? When tons of people are struggling to pay rent, pay for utilities after heatwaves, buy food how much is enough? When will you be satisfied?

  10. Help fucking pay for the infrastructure you're using to get richer. That's literally all we're asking them to do. I'm paying, with my measly 50k a year, why can't they? I want good roads. I want my kids to have good education and not be stuffed with 30 students with only 1 teacher. Shit, I want all kids to eat a good breakfast and lunch for free, no matter their parents income level. Just help society.

  11. He's also being sued for promoting the obviously fraudulent Voyager cryptocurrency platform ponzi scheme, which was promising insanely stupid APY before it went bankrupt after the crypto crash and all customer funds were frozen.

  12. Not to mention we're still at historic lows for tax rates. We seemed to be doing pretty ok as a country when the tax rates were much higher

  13. I fully believe that rich people have a mental illness, similar to hoarding. This endless lust for gold, where it’s never enough no matter how much you’ve acquired. It doesn’t matter that they could part with 99% of their wealth and still be in the top 10% of all humans ever. It doesn’t matter that they have more summer homes than there are seasons in a year. They need more and they will not part with what they have.

  14. I read a comment a few weeks back describing how liberalism is really a right-wing ideology: how anyone can fashion themselves as enlightened during times of plenty, but when the chips are down, many will run to the fascists for cover while throwing the common man under the bus. It’s interesting that Cuban styles himself as the most left-leaning of billionaires, yet he’s the one to lash out to Warren’s proposed pro-worker legislation, and in an emotional, take-it-personal manner.

  15. I’m convinced he did the generic drug thing for clout and is planning on becoming more political. He also has been making the rounds calling out WFH and unions. He is a business man first and foremost imo.

  16. and this is the REAL mark cuban .. not the pseudo im a billionaire but one of the good ones.. he’s a profiteer like the rest

  17. You don't become a billionaire by helping people, that costs money. You become a billionaire because you use your money to make more money.

  18. Yep, this. Really opened my eyes, and now I don't know how he fooled me in the first place. No one becomes a billionaire by sharing wealth, it happens when people hoard wealth and assets compulsively. It takes greed, and a desire for power.

  19. My dad would have slapped me across the back of the head and taken away all my toys if I had displayed that level of greediness/selfishness.

  20. "Waaah, I might have to sell one of my houses!" My sister, after Australia went on lockdown. She has four, including a flat in London. She also quotes Ayn Rand without realizing it, then tells me she hates Ayn Rand.

  21. Just work HARDER Mark. That’s what we’re told when we can’t afford basic housing and healthcare. If he can’t live off the billions left over after taxes he can work HARDER.

  22. Just who does Cuban think pays the difference once billionaires got their Trump tax cut? I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for a group of billionaires to trickle down universal healthcare for the rest of us.

  23. Sorry, Mark, but you'll get no sympathy. Most Americans pay a "wealth tax" in the form of property tax on their most-expensive assets: homes and cars. Even if you don't own a home, you're paying taxes on the apartment that you live in through your monthly rent.

  24. It's a really good litmus test for whether a tax plan is good. If it pisses off billionaires, it's heading in the right direction.

  25. He wanted a higher income tax because most Americans don't understand he doesn't make much income. He takes stock options and then uses them as collateral for loans that don't beat inflation.

  26. Cuban is the quintessential example of being in the right place at the right time. He got lucky. So on behalf of the 99% fuck you. Take the tax hike and eat a dick.

  27. Seriously.... dude became a billionaire at the height of the dot-com bubble for a website that hasn't even existed for 20 years. Now he acts like an arrogant prick who thinks he actually deserves that much money.

  28. Fun fact about Mark Cuban. He came on Reddit to do an AMA at Wallstreetbets which was nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to shill his crypto project.

  29. How many more billions does this guy need as the middle class slides into poverty? Pre-reagan taxes on the hyper wealthy is not only fair but necessary to give economic relief to the 99%.

  30. He runs an online pharmacy because he makes money off of it, not out of a sense of civic duty. I have no idea why people think he’s doing such a good thing.

  31. A billion is 1,000 million. One million seconds is roughly 3 weeks. One billion seconds is over 50 years (roughly 3,000 weeks) . If you have a billion dollars and spend 100 million, you still have 900 million left over. Some people are multi- billionaires. Those people can afford to pay more taxes.

  32. I thought he was doing a good thing with his drugs site, but talk like this adds to the lack of national decorum that Trump got started. It also rubs me the wrong way how people who have so much still aren't satisfied.

  33. Pay up Billionaires! You have more money then a working professional and do not pay your fair share!! So boo- hoo! And if you dont like it move to a different country see what tax rate you will pay then.

  34. Imagine believing someone whose whole thing is protecting consumers from big banks and trust busting tech giants is “everything that’s wrong with politics”. Yes, if only we had more politicians serving the interests of bankers and billionaires.

  35. Wasn’t Cuban associated with that BS crypto brokerage Voyager or whatever it is that went bankrupt. Now a bunch of people can’t get their money out

  36. What a reasoned, rationale response from such a well thought out citizen of our country. Wait, it was really just another rich asshole crying that they can't be even richer. It's too bad so many people who get hurt by our tax and corporate policies support them and the serfdom they have produced. Fuck Mark Cuban.

  37. She's on the right track then. If billionaires are whining like toddlers, that means that the plan will work and they're frightened.

  38. Pay your taxes and give back to the society that has given you far more than you'll ever want or need.

  39. Good. Billionaires shouldn't be happy with tax policy that makes them pay heavily for the enormous wealth they've gained off of the resources and citizens of this country. Screw Billionaires.

  40. As someone who runs a small business, I find it absurd that I pay the same tax rate as a billionaire. Add more tax brackets so that the middle class isn’t getting screwed. Billionaires should 100% pay more, but don’t raise taxes across the board. I already pay 35% and that’s just in federal income tax.

  41. I agree. Health care and taxes hose the middle class, as lower class gets a lot of subsidies and richer classes don’t pay their share. The bigger you are, the cheaper everything is (bargained health plans, tax write offs, federal subsidies). It makes no sense; it’s bad for society.

  42. I was all about him... he started his own drug company offering enormous discounts on prescription drugs. He must be just interested in the money though if he's so obstinate about not paying his fair share of taxes.

  43. It’s the tax wealth not income argument. Bill Gates got pissed at Bernie over this in 2016. I’m tired of this argument. But you know who really pisses me off? Alice Walton, she walks through so many loopholes. Her state of residence is Texas, but she lives on Madison Ave. her business assets as a board member of Walmart are registered in Liechtenstein (there’s no Walmart there) it’s a shelter, she makes like 93k an hour 24/hr a day off that company and has been for 20+ years. She’s just disgusting.

  44. I dont understand how someone who in involved in a real solution to drug prices can also be this fucking lost on the issue of taxes.

  45. More like billionaire Mark Cuban says Screw You to millions of Massachusetts voters supporting a congresspersons efforts to promote wealth equality.

  46. Poor Mark Cuban. Oh the suffering he must endure! But it's great to see him handle it like a gentleman and a statesman. Wow, capitalists are really the greatest people ever. Thanks Mark Cuban for clarifying what matters.

  47. No, Fuck You Mark Cuban. So sick of the Uber rich literally acting out their real feelings toward the rest of the world, yes the 99%. Hey MAGA idiots, why not turn your ire against the real conspiratorial overlords?

  48. Great now all the reality show fools think we care about their opinions. Another thought virus the orange stain left us with.

  49. Figures he would be angry. On shark tank also. He should worry about his team becoming NBA Champions one day. The rich get richer because of the middle class.

  50. Oh really? Mark Cuban said jack fucking shit when the commie Republican cult tried to overthrow the government because their reality tv celebrity conman cult daddy lost the election. I think that’s a little more serious but he hasn’t said jack because I guess it’s not masculine or manly to stand up to fascists. The tax rate was 90% after World war 2. We are trying to get over a pandemic. It shouldn’t be that high but quit your bitching elite.

  51. I don't even want to look at the comments. I can't imagine how many people are here to defend their pet billionaire from "unfair" taxation. there's always a bunch of people lined up to defend wealth hoarding as being virtuous.

  52. I can never understand a word these people say in their defence. It seems to be ‘i pay my taxes , it’s the most patriotic thing you can d..but screw you wanting to raise my taxes , you suck’ Like no, rationalisation as to why it’s unfair. Just becomes a slanging match .

  53. You could take a million dollars away from Mark Cuban every day for 10 straight years and he'd still have more left at the end of that decade to spend in 10 lifetimes. Given how investing works he'd probably have more than at the start.

  54. So is this the difference between a Liberal and a Progressive? He a Centrist? Allowing billionaires to pick and choose philanthropy over paying taxes isn’t working out too well America.

  55. That's funny, he wrote a blog 20 years ago about it being patriotic to pay his taxes. I've forgotten how many tax cuts he's gotten since then.

  56. Kind of if you watch the full clip he is in favor of ownership taxes so taxes on things like private jets, mansions, yachts etc. The reason is those would be far lower tax payments than what taxes his full wealth would be.

  57. Demanding that the rich pay commensurate taxes is not "soaking the rich", and claiming that it is is deliberate misdirection. The average America doesn't have a clue how much a billion dollars really is, let alone multiples of that.

  58. In seventh grade math I had to work with a partner to try and spend a billion dollars. We couldn’t finish. Granted, our overall awareness of things to purchase was limited compared to our collective knowledge today, and the internet was hardly commonplace where we lived in 1996.

  59. As a temporarily embarrassed future billionaire conservative, I have to agree with Mark Cuban here. Taxing me in the future will be really bad. I'm sure of it.

  60. I wouldn’t support taxing ‘unrealized income’. I could see the very rich finding a way out of their tax bill, but folks like me would end up paying taxes on equity in our homes or on a couple thousand in an IRA.

  61. Cuban’s one of the better billionaires. Which is to say he’s still a stain on society. But he could be worse!

  62. Prove to me that you’re paying a higher percentage of your income than I do and only then will I give a damn about the dollar amount you’re being made to pay.

  63. Ask a republican when was America the greatest, they’ll say the 1950’s. That the maga they want. Hate to tell them but tax rates were much higher then and there wasn’t a lot of manufacturing competition as Europe was rebuilding after the war.

  64. The highest marginal tax rate in this country was like 91% and our country thrived. I don’t wanna hear any complaints from people.

  65. Annnd there goes all the respect I had developed for mark Cuban. You'd think a guy who wants to better things by making medicine affordable would be okay with paying taxes. But this could eat in to his assets, and his control over money, which I guess is more valuable to him than making a difference

  66. Here's an idea: Once you reach a billion dollars you have a 100% tax rate. You hit the wealth cap asshole and don't need any more. Nobody needs that much money. You have enough. If for some reason you end up destitute after that, we'll let you claim social security like everybody else.

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