Mar-a-Lago documents: Trump delaying tactics causing ‘irreparable harm’ – DoJ

  1. The Cannon deadline to grant stay is by the 15th, anyone know if that means by end of day on the 15th or 14th, can’t believe such ambiguity from our DOJ. My bet is Cannon will ignore the stay completely and assuring her and criminal Trumps intended slow down because it will have to be appealed.

  2. Donald Trump never once thought of the office of the President as a public service but rather a position of power for him to take advantage of. It was never a duty for him, only opportunity.

  3. Yes, that's the intention. They want to crush the investigation. Maybe it's time for the DOJ to just arrest Trump. They already have overwhelming amounts of evidence to charge him with numerous crimes.

  4. If the DOJ isn’t going to do anything about it, they should stop complaining. It just makes them look weak and useless.

  5. Yes yes and sure, but remind me again why democrats haven’t treated trump like a (inter)national security risk, foreign agent, domestic white terrorist, and an insurrectionist until only recently? What does the due process battle matter if you lose all of the wars?

  6. This country is an embarrassment. He should have been cuffed and in holding (with NO release till PROVEN he’s “innocent” which clearly he is not) when news broke that he had stolen and kept top secret documents. There should be no pass whatsoever. That should have 100% fucked him and his sleazy dynasty up, but no. At this point, I believe he could take a hostage and shoot them in the head live on television, and he’d still be allowed to walk free as his cult cheers him on. Where’s the justice? What the actual hell America? Seriously, WHAT WILL IT FUCKING TAKE?

  7. In addition, here is footage of Trump personally escorting file boxes of documents as they are flown from Dulles Intl. Airport, to his club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

  8. 'Plaintiff, through his presidency, had demonstrated such a casual disregard for rules and thus cannot be held to the same standards as other more disciplined career politicians should be'.

  9. Look, while I'm as anti-Trump as they come, I'm also an attorney. I'm really tired of stories about "irreparable harm." "Irreparable harm" is a legal standard, which simply means that the harm done cannot be repaired by the opposing side paying damages. Proving "irreparable harm" is a requirement for getting an injunction. In every case. While in this case, Trump is causing "irreparable harm" in a different sense, let's not act like parties are saying things they aren't saying.

  10. As an attorney, can you elaborate for us any detail in regards to what potential harm the justice department can easily show us regarding the MANY background questions our allies must currently be asking us about what sort of information that could possibly endanger their own nations has been leaked? Sure seems like leaked national security info would have this sort of "irreparable harm" in most cases just by definition of the scope our national security covers, but that it would be fairly hard to tell us "it's harming ally XX because the info is about them and not only is it highly classified but Trump may have sold the info to their adversary" in any sort of ongoing investigation about such a thing, I would think?

  11. So what you're saying is: even in front of a judge, under the penalty of perjury, they went ahead and used the words 'irreperable harm' so that they could stop such irreperable harm from continuing

  12. It seems DoJ and establishment have no intention of rocking the boat too much by going after Trump and are gladly playing along with this ridiculous special master game, blaming it on trump for the delay in going after him.

  13. Makes you wonder. Did an undercover agent get killed because of Trump exposing them? And did that undercover agent vote for Trump? The irony if true…

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