Trump threatens ‘big problems’ for US if he’s indicted in stolen documents scandal

  1. Yes. You are right. Fuck Donald. Throw his ass in prison, no visitors. Make an example out of him. That guy got away with a lifetime of literal crimes. No one else is notorious as him. Have him rot in prison & his name forever tarnished. The usa will be stronger by eliminating domestic terrorists.

  2. I learned the other day that one of the things that fall under “disturbing the peace” is “threatening or menacing speeches”

  3. I love that he's just constantly threatening the stability of the country if he doesn't get what he wants, and this is apparently totally legal.

  4. nah, it’s not legal. his day of reckoning is coming. you don’t indict an ex president without all bases covered. this will go down as the most corrupt traitor executive admin of all usa history. let’s hope we never see his kind again. vote!

  5. These are just open threats now. He needs to be arrested. What the fuck are they waiting for? They have plenty of evidence. They've done everything by the books. The MAGA Republicans aren't going to care if they tip toe bureaucratically to the finish line. They will demonize the FBI either way. We all know where this is going. Not arresting him now when he is a clear and present threat to our safety would be doing it the wrong way. Don't wait for people to get hurt.

  6. My faith is already shot. They've let this go on how long now? Yea, indict him. It needs to happen. But I'm pretty convinced the system has failed already if it allowed dozens of CIA agents to get murdered while the DOJ and this fucking con-artist played footsie with one another.

  7. The whole argument of "we don't want to cause an event that will rile up his supporters" goes out the window when he says stupid shit like this, just arrest him and get it over with.

  8. Threatening the American people with violence if he's made to answer to his crimes in a court of law. Arrest him now, and let the FBI and perhaps even the military deal with his subhuman thug terrorist "militia" with all of the arms at their disposal.

  9. This is actually one of the best justifications I can think of for "arrest him now." He's going to actively stoke violence up until that point, and it's gonna get somebody killed... again.

  10. It sounds harsh but this country would be a better place. I’m so fucking tired of him and his band of toothless lunatics.

  11. It always amazes me that of the ~30% of the voting population that blindly supports him, an even smaller chunk of that would actually be willing to take up arms for him and they think they’d actually stand a chance against the “woke” US military.

  12. Seriously. Bring it. Stop talking about it. Get in the streets and do it. Talk is cheap. Let's see how they make out against law enforcement and national guard troops.

  13. Yep, if I’m a prosecutor, there is not choice now but to prosecute him…. and during sentencing I would show a video complication of him saying shit like this, throw my hands up and say, if this doesn’t warrant the maximum prison sentence, I don’t know what does.

  14. Yeah, bring it. It'll end up being just as impotent as his insurrection was -- a bunch of people wandering around too stupid to understand they've been used, and too stupid to know what their objective was.

  15. The dude is threatening insurrection again! What the hell is wrong with this moron. This could be argued as obstruction of justice in my ignorant view of the law.

  16. Fuckin eh! Ik I'm ready to be done with all this Trump this, Trump that bullshit.... The fuckin orange chode should never have had so much media appearance, but atleast it has made spotting the real idiots while out and about that much easier. I hope it doesn't come down to violence, but if it did and the issue is finally settled I'd be ok with that...

  17. It's so amusing how Trump always turns things around to suit his imagined reality. What he means is that there will be 'big problems' for him once he's indicted.

  18. Additionally this is a tell from him. Him openly talking about being indicted before he is indicted just shows how concerned he is that deep inside he knows he is fucked. I am sure that somber pic last week with all those grim faces on his VA golf course (which no one was golfing, btw) is no coincidence. He can see/feel the DOJ closing in hard with their latest rounds of subpoenas, Meadows recent acknowledgement of cooperation to a DOJ subpoena, etc.

  19. Trump hates this country like no one before him. He doesn't have a care in the world what happens as long as he gets his.

  20. It's all about the power and immunity to get away with whatever he wants. He could give a shit less about anything else.

  21. Trump hates everything and everyone who isn’t currently providing him with money, power, or a way to escape accountability. The concept of loving a country is completely foreign to him outside of being a performative method to gain favor with those of whom he feels he can take advantage.

  22. If I talked to anybody like that they could, conceivably, get a restraining order limiting or prohibiting contact.

  23. So if the majority of the US population takes out individual restraining oders, could we make it so he can never be in public again?

  24. “All I’m saying is, if my wife tries to leave and take the kids? Our house is going to have BIG problems. I don’t think my family is going to stand for that… there will be big problems. Just my opinion”.

  25. In fact this reminds me of Putin’s recent threat that if the US sends long range missiles, it crosses the red line. Ok dude.

  26. An attempt to hold the country hostage by making statements like this should result in the harshest possible punishments.

  27. Hear that potential Judges? Trumps mob justice is scarier than your rule of law. That the mob would refuse to show up again is irrelevant to him apparently lol

  28. Is anyone else worried that he might have some confidential documents that prove America is responsible for a lot of shit abroad(apart from the shit that is already known) and they might actually let Trump off easy in return for him to not make them public...I mean we can make fun of this tactic but it might actually work?

  29. Hello Friend! It's Clippy, your helpful paperclip assistant here! It looks like you're attempting to stoke stochastic terrorism! Here's a helpful tip: Go Fuck Yourself!

  30. It's not wise to underestimate Trump and his army of fascists. They are very well armed and prepared to terrorize the nation. Biden was right when he called them a threat to democracy.

  31. Record setting problems? Or "the likes we've never seen" problems? Bigly problems? What kind of problems we talking?

  32. Lololooolol since the search at MaL he just can’t stop himself from telling everyone he’s super guilty of heinous shit. For a guy that lies like he breathes, he is really terrible at it.

  33. It’s a common hallmark of fascists to just lie about everything, just to exhaust people and to cause them to not care about the lies or what is actually true. It’s much easier to make a mess than to clean it up, and one rally’s worth of lying for him takes the entire news industry weeks (or even months) of reporting to clean it up, and even then, the damage is still done in most cases.

  34. Sure sounds like a national security threat to me. Didn’t SCOTUS rule that the Executive branch has authority over national security matters and not the judicial department?

  35. Okay, we all have to make certain to get out and vote this year and vote out every single Republican you can! At every level! Local State and national!

  36. Well, Democrats are far from perfect but it’s amazing how many important issues would just go away if no one voted for republicans, ever.

  37. As much as I'm against voting down party lines I have to agree that until the cancer is removed and they go much closer to the center and stop accepting criminal and nonsensical behavior, voting against the GOP right down the ballot has to continue. The only thing they crave is more power and we the people need to send a message that they will lose power by not being responsible with it.

  38. This fuck stick just blatantly threatened anyone who would prosecute him that they better watch out, if they do, there will be violence, I promise. Who else can do this shit without consequences? Not any American I know...

  39. Well, there Spanky goes again. The perpetual 'victim' threatening violence if he can't get what he wants! AND, like the bully he is, he expects everybody to LIKE IT. The pathetic psychopath doesn't get it: The majority of the American public has HAD IT with him. Tuck you, Frump! You're going to prison.

  40. I’m so sick of hearing about this guy. He’s a fucking ex-reality television show host that’s been unfaithful to all of the women he’s been married to and can’t spell the word “hamburger”

  41. I don't think he's wrong, I think that there will be violence...unfortunately. I still think he needs to be indicted if he indeed do something criminal...and as for the people who will get violent, well, they too need to understand that the rest of us are not going to be threatened into complacency. It's not our fault if they worship him as a flawless god to the point if criminal insanity, nor do we have to stand for that shit.

  42. I think the potential amount of violence against actual people isn’t as high as he’s making it seem. Protest, riots, burning shit. Yes. But actual violence and massacres? Nah I don’t think so… but if there are a lot of deaths directly linked to trump being indicted it won’t end well for the GOP. Imo

  43. Stealing highly classified documents is inexcusable. If there are going to be “big problems” then let’s get it over with. I am fedup with all these threats….

  44. The fact that this person was ever president in the first place is already a big problem for the US. He is a symptom of a deeper illness.

  45. Bluff or not people will commit terrorist acts when he is arrested. I use Truth Social a lot and he is definitely stoking these people to commit violence by lying about the election being stolen, the FBI being corrupt, and being wrongfully persecuted. It's inevitable that it happens but we still need to put him away regardless, it's far too dangerous to let people get away with this behavior.

  46. Like what another attack on the capital or civil war?! Your days as a free person is coming to an end for ALL of the crimes you have committed. 😡🤬

  47. This is your guy, Republicans? A former president threatening the entire country if he’s held accountable for crimes that would rightfully land any normal citizen in prison? I’d ask where the bottom is but I don’t even think y’all know anymore

  48. Problems of the likes we’ve never seen before? Like… a civil war? We saw one. And the right side won.

  49. Point out any liberal politician who has ever said anything like Trump says almost every day who is still in office...I'll wait.

  50. Reporters, if your listening. Help out country. Ask him to guide his supporters by telling them violence is not a proper solution. Tell him, if he doesn't say it, then he knows he is openly supporting and encouraging violence. When he refuses, it will help our justice system prove willful action.

  51. His goons will die for him. They think they'll be going to civil war with the Democrats. Would love to see the look on their face when they realise they'll be fighting their own military.

  52. He needs to be arrested and disappear. Sick of his face, his fat, his hair, his sneer, his stupid kids, his trashy wife, his tacky hotels. And his lying thieving shitfuckery.

  53. Bring it. I'd rather the US go through a period of political violence and get it over with rather than allow this asshat to continually hold it over our heads.

  54. How can this clown literally threaten the US and US citizens and have zero consequences? I'm fucking sick of this asshole thinking he's invincible. Something needs to happen ASAP against him and all his goons.

  55. I hope they nail his ass!!! I used to be a supporter but his true colors started to come out after the election... he's a dick on two feet.

  56. The big problems for the US started the moment he came down an escalator and announced he was running for President...then said a bunch of racist shit and people thought "that's my future President!!"

  57. A Civil War would be a joke. A-K's against F 17's, and Marines throw in a few navy seals along with some soldiers and tanks. Be over in 15 minutes The militia following Trump is nothing but a joke made up of drunken hillbillies.

  58. Imagine giving the CIA good reasons to straight up lobotomize you for reasons of national security...

  59. I used to be a Trump supporter. The final nail in the coffin was when he had the publicity shot of him in front of the church holding a Bible. I fuckin lost it! Don’t you fucking use my faith as a prop you little gremlin!!! I see through all the bullshit now. Go and rot!

  60. I think we’re at the point where Biden should have an emergency address to the American public about Trump and the fact that he’s essentially attempting to immobilize an insurrection - arrest him and put all of our national guard units on alert.

  61. Bullies threaten...they can rarely back it up. I he will soon taste real legitimate, authority. He's doubling down against the United States, let's see if he looses it all.

  62. Daily reminder that if you chose to threaten the United States government with "big problems" as consequences for indicting you, you'd find yourself behind bars in an hour.

  63. Terroristic Threatening is 100% illegal and would absolutely subject somebody to the provisions implemented in the Patriot Act with regards to special tribunal.

  64. 》Terrorism: the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

  65. That interview reminded me why he irritates me even if you completely ignore his policies. “What do you mean big problems?“ “Big. They’re going to be big problems.“ That says nothing. And that’s all he ever did.

  66. I realy hate how in an interview he says there will be "big problems" and the interviewer just moves on to the next question.... The news interviewers impower him.

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