DeSantis Flying Migrants to Martha's Vineyard May Have Violated Federal Law, Experts Say

  1. Yeah. That’s a real thing about New Englanders. If there’s anything that really gets under our skin, it’s some Southern kidnappers — Floridians, even — fucking around in our territory. This is NOT the South, and Southerners are often blind to the cultural implications.

  2. It remains pretty incredible to think that one day a long time ago a dude showed up and basically said people should try to be kind to one another and when they all inevitably fuck up with that because they are human, they should try to forgive one another

  3. My sister was married by a super gay Episcopalian priest. At the church rehearsal he spoke a bit about the church and it’s history. He was awesome and said he would welcome any of us, at any time whether or not we believe. He was awesome.

  4. TLDR: the most likely charge would be “Domestic Transporting, which should carry at least a 50 year sentence (one year per count, one count per person), but potentially up to 250 years or even 500 if it was found he did it for personal financial gain (one could argue that political gain translates to financial gain)

  5. That's what I was thinking. If it had happened in the back of an 18 wheeler it would have been. What difference does the transportation method make?!

  6. I’m so sick of hearing that these jerkoffs “may have violated federal law” and never facing a single consequence.

  7. It’s definitely not. Federally, human trafficking requires the person be used for labor of some kind. That labor can be pretty minimal to meet the federal statute but it still has to be there.

  8. Some of my family members are "maga" republicans, if the Governors are prosecuted then I believe it will make said family members feel as if the GOP is being legally attacked by the "super lib" federal govt. After the MAL stuff got serious they dropped Trump as if they never supported him. They do live in FL but now Desantis is their guy, and im sure they cant wait to defend him blindly

  9. They’re just preaching to the choir. Desantis and his brown shirt boys are giggling like school girls and high-fiving over Busch lites. We’ve seen it with Trump a million times, the spectacle will play out, clearly illegal and article after article and Democratic finger wagging won’t bring any justice. I know I’ll get downvoted for being so cynical but I’m completely jaded because of toothless and seemingly helpless leaders.

  10. Yup. While kind people are looking after this group in MA, I’m sure there are MANY Floridians and Texas thinking this was awesome. I can’t imagine lacking compassion and emotional like that.

  11. Blame the federal government including Biden for his stand-off approach and the DOJ. They should be investigating these matters, but after no one batted an eye at Abbott doing the exact same thing months ago without recourse, it gave the rest of the tools passes. We’re talking about the same DOJ that let Trump hold onto classified nuclear documents in a basement for more than 18 months before obtaining a warrant giving him time to do god knows what. The incompetence deserves as much blame as the fascist wannabes.

  12. Why didn’t Ron “Stolen Valor” DeSantis fly them himself? Or that’s right, he isn’t a real pilot and only cosplays one to satisfy Republicans weird alpha fetish.

  13. May have violated state law too. Florida’s law says money can be spent to remove migrants from the state of Florida. These migrants were NEVER in Florida. DeSantis had the flight chartered to fly them from Texas.

  14. Throw the book at that fucker now before he becomes another Trump. I really don't give a fuck if they win the case or not, slow that mother fucker down.

  15. The GOP is just once again reaffirming that they’re racist, small-minded, hate-filled losers. They perform this political theater to get the votes of the hopelessly addled, while acting against the best interests of those who fight the hardest to get them elected:

  16. It was 60 years ago when this corner of Massachusetts was the center of a similarly cruel stunt. It is a little-told chapter of history called in the media at the time “the Reverse Freedom Rides.” In the summer of 1962, a group of white segregationists and supremacists known as the White Citizens Council passed out leaflets and placed want ads in Southern newspapers to recruit Black families with the promise of jobs up north—and, in particular, in Hyannis, where then-President John F. Kennedy spent summers with his family. The ads read: “President Kennedy’s brother assures you a grand reception to Massachusetts. Good jobs, housing, etc. are promised.” The parallels playing out after six decades are jarring. And this time, the cruelty is state-sponsored.

  17. WTF is up with America? I grew up with less "may haves" "Might haves" "Could haves" with laws than these last couple of years.

  18. Come on. Everyone knows laws don't apply to the GOP elite. Christian Fascists can do whatever they want because they are on God's side. Duh!

  19. BS they are welcoming them in beautiful MV. Let it be. Ron is so smart and compassionate to share the migrants and make sure they get safely to a sanctuary full of resources. This is beautiful. Send more

  20. This seems like a pretty obvious crime, but nothing will happen to DeSantis. Florida voted to set aside $12 million to do exactly this, so it’s not a surprise. For some reason, these monsters are immune to consequences.

  21. But it wasn’t a chartered flight from Florida… he’s got no right to spend Florida’s tax money in another state. If DOJ digs hard enough there’s a crime he committed that will stick!

  22. DeSantis just kicked himself in the nuts, from the humanitarian side, that is just as bad as it gets, horrible human been, and politically speaking, he just gifted his contender a stick to beat him with it.

  23. Too bad he won’t be charged and far right conservatives like the pieces of shit on the conservative sub praising these stunts will just further drive this.

  24. It doesn’t matter if he be broke laws, there won’t be any charges. He’s a rich politician, he’s above the laws, there’s just going to be a bunch of complaint and pretend talk about how he broke the law.

  25. Lock him up. And Abbott as well. How different is this from the Germans moving Jews to concentration camps? This is just the fascist republicans who want a all white nation. They hate losing their power. The republicans and their party are the same as the German party of 1938.

  26. This wannabe tinpot dictator and his babadook press secretary do nothing but break the law and attempt to stop people of their rights

  27. I can’t help but be pessimistic about anything being done about it, here’s to hoping! These people can’t keep getting away with this stuff. It’s insane.

  28. Articles like this are so annoying. While I wish DeSantis would suffer legal repercussions due to manipulating peoples lives for political theater, who actually believes our justice system would prosecute a sitting governor?

  29. How did 'approximately 50 Venezuelan and Colombian migrants' get from Venezuela and Colombia to Florida?

  30. Per a couple of articles they were in Texas seeking political asylum and entered legally. They were also given pamphlets that had false information that would force them to be evicted for violating rules for asylum seekers. The pamphlets also stated they were going to Boston where housing and jobs were already provided. Dropped em off where a former president lives.

  31. Liberals lied to immigrants by saying they would be welcomed in sanctuary cities. DeSantis is helping immigrants by moving them to places where they are welcome.

  32. This is the guy Elon Musk has declared support for, ontwitter. The billionaires really make it clear where they stand the last few years. Kind of always been obvious tho.

  33. Quote from only sensible person in the article: “The program runs through HHS to safely bring children seeking asylum into our country as they await their immigration proceedings. A majority of their parents and relatives are in the United States and HHS’ Office of Refugee Resettlement helps to unite children with their families. These flights allow our country to do what is morally right. We are building an immigration system based on humanity and working to keep families together, process asylum claims quickly and help unaccompanied minors get placed with loving, caring and safe relatives as fast as possible. This unification process is not a new initiative. In fact, it started under the George W. Bush Administration shortly after 9/11. This is just another talking point for the Governor to stir up controversy, rouse his base and disseminate misinformation.”

  34. None, the federal government has a different set of rules to follow on this to states, which is literally in the freaking article.

  35. Haven’t democrats been bussing and flying them from the border for years now? So when a Republican does it it’s bad? Lmao

  36. Why is comparing who is more evil practical ? I would hope most would want equal justice. And to treat everyone like human beings

  37. This was the single most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen an American politician do. He used those people as props in a sadistic political stunt.

  38. So when Biden sent dozens of planes full of illegals to Poughkeepsie and various other airports in the cover of night, it was ok? I see the double standards are In full effect on the reddit team


  40. Trump literally attempted a coup and is walking free on the brink of taking over for good again. You this this is going to get this guy in trouble?

  41. Even if it does violate federal law, doesn’t fucking matter. He’ll go about his life as he always has. No responsibility, no actions.

  42. This is what you get when you don't prosecute criminals because of the positive they hold - other criminals get bolder.

  43. A Republican politician -- presidential hopeful! -- works with FOX News to create a propaganda piece for the viewers. Please, people -- I know that Dems are fuck-ups, but please do not throw away your vote. Please help us. Our country is in thrall to Fascism.

  44. It's got to be a sin to fly people a thousand miles and drop them off with no coordination from anyone. The state did not know they were coming. Relatives were not told. The federal government wasn't informed.

  45. What airline / plane / crew flew them? Did they know what they were doing? Why didn’t they say no?

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