Trump team claimed boxes at Mar-a-Lago were only news clippings

  1. Then why is a special master needed? Sycophants are tripping over their own assholes to come up with stupid excuses and lies.

  2. It's probably worse than that, they're hoping that it'll be the DoJ's word against the special master's, thus promoting the argument that there were never classified materials in those folders to begin with.

  3. It's not needed to deliver justice on the case. It's needed to buy Trump time as a free man until after the midterm elections. For whatever reason, he's not in a jail cell awaiting a hearing or trial. He's out and about either doing more crimes, golfing, or both.

  4. This is what they do! They were declassified documents, now they’re news clippings. The January 6th insurrectionists were peaceful tourists and patriots, then they were antifa. They constantly backpedal and lie and are disgusting, idiotic hypocrites.

  5. Because that's what Judge Connor believed was in the boxes and she wants to return those "news clippings" back to Trump otherwise the Government may use them against Trump in a criminal proceeding.

  6. Ah, that's why he got so pissy when they took them. His ego couldn't stand losing news clippings that were about him.

  7. He thought putting classified markings on bad press meant that nobody else was allowed to read it, that's all

  8. The FBI planted these news clippings that he had already turned over and did not have. In fact, never had them. They were totally his, and he has executive privilege to have them as they are mementos. Also, when the FBI took these news clippings that they totally planted that he never had but still made sure to declassify, they also took personal items of his that were totally unrelated.* Also, the news clipping that were spread out for the camera were not stored that way, because he made sure to have them in boxes and behind a locked door. Also taking the news clippings violates attorney client privilege.

  9. Hes claimed basically every excuse possible, from the evidence wqs all planted, to its top secret but I declassified it, and every stop in between.

  10. I'm pretty sure they also sued demanding that the government give the documents back to him, so they now have a claim that the documents that they demanded be given back actually don't exist and it's just news clippings.

  11. Trump declassified the news clippings kept in classified folders that were planted by the FBI when they raided Melania’s panty drawer and made a mess on his carpet.

  12. Ah memories, like when Puty slipped me those free hookers. Or when I tried hitting on Macron’s wife. Good times good times.

  13. The DOJ has already looked at them. Just cannot move on that evidence legally until the formality is met...and it's that formality that Trump is milking to its full extent, as he is fucked otherwise.

  14. It falls under “making me feel good” privilege. It’s a new form of privilege, and it was always in the Constitution under Article 69.

  15. And besides, executive privilege applies to the office, not the person. Biden is the current head of the executive branch, and he hasn't asserted privilege.

  16. So the FBI planted the news clippings that Trump silently declassified and didn't give back when asked to multiple times? It's really hard to keep all this together.

  17. Seriously, fuck off. The world would be so much better off if these people just dropped dead. I know the rules say "debate the merits of ideas", but how can you debate with people who lie at every opportunity?

  18. So his master will go in and ask for the news paper clippings that the DOJ took, and the DOJ will present classified documents, and the master will say those weren't in Trumps possession. Am I getting this correct?

  19. They've told so many different variants of what the documents are and are not, that it's at this point. Both impossible that they haven't lied to the FBI and to a judge.

  20. We all saw the pictures of the documents the FBI seized - and they were not “news clippings.” The emperor has no pants.

  21. "We need a special master to determine if these news clippings are protected by attorney client privilege!"

  22. NBC News: Over 10,000 govt docs without classified markings were seized from Mar-a-Lago, DOJ says ... Besides documents marked top secret and classified, ... Trump Had More Than 300 Classified Documents at Mar-a-Lago.

  23. They just keep tossing out random headlines to see what people respond to. Next week will be the FBI taking the recipe for the Trump Tower Taco Bowl.

  24. Why would a Special Master be needed to filter out privileged information from declassified news clippings that the FBI planted even though it was headed for the presidential library?

  25. He’s only allowed to spew off endless contradictory lies as long as no one ever holds him to his word in court. Day 1 in court and he has to pick ONE story and hope no one can prove it’s a lie, because he sure seems certain that the truth will hurt him.

  26. So… he’s saying the FBI lied about him having classified documents, as a cover to steal his personal collections of newspaper clippings, and they intended to somehow incriminate him with these newspaper clippings as evidence?

  27. My mom kept the news clippings related to her SNCC activity in Mississippi in the 60s. Some of the letters she sent back home detailing the mechanics of segregation, anti-protester police activity, etc got published in the local papers and she kept those too. I enjoy them.

  28. Remember the character that Jon Lovitz played that lied all the time? Now we know who he patterned it after.

  29. Well, ok, but news clippings can't possibly be privileged in any sense, so you're ok with those boxes being skipped by the special master and going straight to the investigation?

  30. Ah yes, I too keep my daily funnies in a official government top secret file. Helps with sorting my Calvin and Hobbs from my Dilberts.

  31. Why would he say he declassified the documents if they were only newspaper clippings? Why does it never matter when he changes his story? Why do his followers never care if his story makes sense?

  32. So they were planted be the fbi of U.S. secrets he took with a standing order to declassify Of news clippings That he requested a special master to sort through?

  33. Top secret documents hidden in between news clipping and magazines. They had someone else carry them out for him.

  34. Seriously....paywalls are literally against the rules of this sub, yet Washington Post and Business Insider make up the vast majority of posts here, and those are both paywalled.

  35. This would imply that DJT can and does read and we all know what voracious reader he is. So. Much. Bullshit.

  36. Clipping a coupon for Piggly Wiggly and tossing it in a box of top secret documents does not legally cover your big fat lily white ass......Dipshit.

  37. That's game right, the DOJs got trump and his goons dead to right now right? No legit way to explain this away given all of the other BS surrounding this

  38. They were papers needed to be shredded, didn’t have time due to vacation notice !! The document master will find that. Nothing to see. No one going to jail. Or are they ?

  39. I’m sorry, I thought this was 2022 where people stopped clipping articles from newspapers because EVERY FUCKING THING IS DIGITAL.

  40. Specifically, which member of his family reads? Also, we know he has an aversion to pets so we know he’s not lining bird cages.

  41. Sooo…the feelings and reputation of this deranged idiot are more important than secret documents involving national security. Got it!

  42. All of the clippings in those boxes were clippings. That’s all, all of the clippings are clippings. Anyone who says the clippings are anything else is feeding you lies.

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