Trump threatens Mitch McConnell, makes racial slur against his wife

  1. Trump then levelled what appeared to be a veiled threat against McConnell. "He has a DEATH WISH," Trump wrote.

  2. He is racist and so are the people that support him. They'll still support him and probably make T-shirts poking fun at her.

  3. Thats how he regained his popularity. Trump was fighting with Rosie O'Donnel on the news, defending the Tea Party while Obama was in office and you could tell that all the racists started to rally around Trump.

  4. McConnell could have whipped the votes on the second impeachment and prevented Trump from ever holding office again.

  5. Dude put yourself honestly in McConnell’s shell here. What’s a few harsh words from some goon when you consider all that Mitch has gained in the past five years. It’s truly astonishing the investment in the return he’s had.

  6. The take away from Nixon is that he could have gotten away with it if it wasn't some betrayal by his own party. The GOP have decided that that won't happen again.

  7. That was one of many, many, many chances they had to get off the trump train. Whenever he did something horrible, it was shocking to see the president doing something like that, but it was even more how silent all republicans were. And I mean all of them. They continued like nothing happened, and even supported him. Including Chao. They only found their conscience because they knew he lost.

  8. I read someone who said “if McConnell had the votes to impeach, he would have voted to impeach.” Basically, he was going to be on the winning side no matter what.

  9. I loathe McConnell but if someone bears insults to a loved one so as to implement a strategy he thinks best for the majority, that seems more reputable than the opposite.

  10. I hate to defend McConnell, but he was never gonna get the votes to convict Trump. McConnell may be one of the Republican party leaders but he's not Trump. Most of the other Republican senators would sacrifice one of their own children sooner than they would dare cross Trump.

  11. Reporters need to call him out on this shit. "You recently referred to Elaine Chao as 'Coco Chow'. What did you mean by this?"

  12. Trump may be the most disgusting human being this country has ever produced and he proves it every other day.

  13. It's not cowardice in this case. It's just the cost of doing business. They have much more the gain but taking this minor blows, because they'll still being able to work in the shadows with Trump drawing so much media attention

  14. I mean, if all the people he knows are also die hard racists he could be the least racist one. Which is still super racist of course.

  15. Yeah, that's a death threat. So, are those still illegal? Is some authority going to go discuss that with Trump, or does he still just get to do whatever he wants?

  16. And yet McConnell had no issues voting against a second impeachment and effectively burying trumps future AND his wife had no issue working for Cheetos man until Jan 7th knowing he's a racist. So in reality, which of them are stupid? The guy that gets away with it? Or the guy that accepts the abuse?

  17. Because he knows that supporting Trump is the best move for the GOP. He doesn’t care if both Democrats and Republicans hate him, as long as he can get bad stuff done he’s happy.

  18. I don't wish death or harm on anyone but the GQP is reaping what it sowed. I hope the orange turd destroys the party once and for all.

  19. Can you explain why it's Coco? I don't understand why he wrote that. (Fuck, I don't understand most of what he does, but that's probably normal)

  20. Don’t worry, Moscow Mitch will fall right in line. It’s all to make Democrats think there’s infighting. These fucks have no shame. They have one mission and that’s to take over America by any means necessary.

  21. Weird, coming from a guy who announced his presidency by villainizing Mexicans by calling them rapists and drug dealers, after having spent years doubting that Obama was an American citizen as his entrance into GOP sewer politics.

  22. She has a name. Her name is "Elaine Chao". In Trump's diseased mind, her race is different, and therefore her name does not matter.

  23. I once had a conversation on reddit with a conservative. I told them that Trump was a racist, and he told me i was being ridiculous, and that if he was racist there would be PoC groups who support him.

  24. On one hand, threatening the Senate Minority leader and racially insulting his wife is fucked up and should absolutely be treated as such.

  25. The gop is at war with itself; those mitch controls vs those tfg controls. tfg knows this, and knows he's hemorrhaging support so, he wants mitch taken out.

  26. Like his bum-buddy Putin, Trump is in deep despair and spiraling. He's a cornered animal and lashing out at everyone. Gonna be a spectacular crash-and-burn ladies and gents. Stock up on popcorn.

  27. Every time Mitch is in Trump’s crosshairs you know Trump is feeling desperate. The FBI raided Mar Lago and stole all the stuff that made Trump feel presidential. Reality is hitting home, Trump isn’t the dominate force in the room anymore.

  28. The Veiled threat Is his way of calling out his minions to start harassing McConnell and his family. He is a vile POS.

  29. When you’re a fascist cult leader, the DOJ in america lets you do it. You can do anything. Grab secret documents from the white house. Weaponize the mob. You can do anything.

  30. The right has demonstrated time and time again that they’ll let anyone walk all over them as long as they deliver the hate and fear that keeps the party going. Trump has insulted many Republican politicians and they continue to kiss his heels. Hell, he insults the intelligence of right wing voters on a daily basis and they oblige.

  31. She was in his cabinet for his entire term. Lol. He just lashes out at everyone, like a child. She gets what she deserved though. Lying with snakes and whatnot.

  32. I get why this is being reported, but at the same time I wish news companies would just ignore this idiot. Without exposure from the media he's nothing. He intentionally says provocative nonsense because he knows it draws attention to him.

  33. Racism sucks, but I have very little sympathy for Moscow Mitch in this instance. You reap what you sow and he turned down repeated attempts to end Trump's relevance over and over...

  34. C'mon Moscow Mitch, bend over and grab your ankles, we all know you're gonna take this lying down, like Ted Cruz did. Fucking slimy cowards...

  35. it's crazy how he still talks like he's the commander in chief. like nobody gives a shit about you anymore. it's no longer 2016

  36. Yeah, her dad is a billionaire shipping tycoon, which is the source of the majority of Mitch’s money

  37. Lest we forget: it is dauntingly hard to get patents in the PRC, but Ivanka got a dozen with minimum effort. What we hear in Taiwan is that the conditions in her factories shock even the locals, but the authorities turn a blind eye, to keep that hook in the US President. Who loves China more than Diaper Don?

  38. Trump is insane, but do read up on McConnell and his wife's direct involvement with their main source of income being selling merchant ships to the CCP. McConnell is a traitor and always has been.

  39. This fat, orange asshat can pound sand. My youngest son is from China and I am sick and tired of seeing right wingers use racist language against Asians and other ethnicities. This is not the America that I ever wanted and for sure not the one my children should have to put up with!

  40. Anybody who supports Trump has to know that he will turn on them the second they displease him. He has no loyalty at all.

  41. Donald Trump - the only person who can make Mitch McConnell appear to be calm, rational, and reasonable. A human turd with shitty hair.

  42. McConnell doesn’t deserve death threats but he’s probably the most destructive person to this country and his removal from the Senate would be wonderful. It’s because of him that people like Trump have been able to come to power and thrive. Any rational leader wouldn’t have allowed stuff like what Trump and the less moderate republicans have done come to pass. He’s allowed his party to become infested with radicals who want the country to burn.

  43. I pray people of this country don’t elect him as president. He’s racist and a fascist. He wants to dictate rather than what a real president like Biden does . Trump and all his Cult members are a Dangerous movement and needs to be stopped! I can’t believe the shit he promotes and horrible shit he says . I don’t understand how someone like him orchestrated the Jan.6. Attacks on the Capital and not be in prison with his cult members that have been put in prison. These cults like Q anon are dangerous to our Democracy! 🇺🇸

  44. Just put him in prison. There are people sitting in a cell on Rikers Island who have been there for years and they haven’t even been tried. Don’t tell me we can’t just lock him up.

  45. McConnell only has himself to blame. He had endless opportunities to purge his party of Trump, but decided holding on to power in his twilight years was more important.

  46. Trump is McConnell's Frankenstein monster. In the making for two decades. McConnell had only himself to blame for picking Trump to bring his creature to life. For someone known for strategy, he certainly made a strategic mistake here. His legacy is all but sealed now. Another graduate of The Nikki Haley School of Political Career Advancement.

  47. For the life of me, I will never understand why more mainstream Republicans haven't turned on Trump completely, like Liz Cheney finally did. And don't tell me it's because of money. McConnell was rich a decade ago, and he'll be just as rich a decade from now, even if Democrats take and hold every branch of government from local dogcatcher to President for the next 10 years.

  48. I just want a day where I can go check my Facebook or Reddit where there isn't a headline about Trump saying some dumb shit.

  49. No surprise there.....Tramp always goes after the wives. This buffoon can't seem to have an intelligent discussion that doesn't involve insults. smh

  50. When the GOP sends its people, they're not sending the best. They're not sending you. They're sending criminals. They're sending rapists. They're sending Matt Gaetz. They're sending Donald Trump.

  51. There are plenty of reasons to despise that woman that have nothing to do with race or gender. But trump only goes after the lowest hanging fruit

  52. The majority of Republican politicians are completely spineless against Trump. Trump insulted Cruz's wife and Cruz still supported him, McConnell will do the same.

  53. Impossible. He is the least racist person we all know. He said it during the debate with Biden in 2020.

  54. The racist says he is not a racist. He would know after all he knows himself better than anyone. Also, he says he is not a pedophile so ignore everything that says otherwise.

  55. Waiting for one of those "I like Trump because he tells it like it is" types to explain that Trump didn't really mean what he said. Again.

  56. Trump says he has a “Death wish”, because he knows his followers are crazy enough to attempt an assassination.

  57. What trump worshippers haven’t been insulted by this guy? He doesn’t give a shit about anyone!!

  58. McConnell created this monster. I wouldn’t doubt if McConnell doesn’t feel racist towards his wife and holds her as his property.

  59. McConnell will probably apologize to Trump for offending him and then go home and slap his wife for being Chinese. It’s the GOP way.

  60. How is he still the front runner in the Republican Party? How? I used to think only crazed nut bags supported Trump, sad. If I this is now what the Republicans have become, than yes, I do believe people who vote this way have to think like him.

  61. You would think something like this would wake up Elaine Chao to the reality that she was never, and will never truly accepted by the crowd she pretends to belong to because they're inherently racist and she's Asian. I mean, she won't. She and her husband have too much invested. I don't exactly feel sorry for her, but it's still some sad shit to witness playing out.

  62. Remember last week or two weeks ago when he called NY AG her name “peekaboo” last name…. I’ll let you figure out her race. The dude is out of his mind throwing crazy racially charged shit out there and his fans are like, “it’s the media that’s the real enemy! Trump is a perfect man who’s always nice!”. It’s absolutely insane we have to put up with this shit.

  63. Mitch McConnell is a huge dirtbag and one of the worst things to happen to American Democracy… but he’s a masterful politician. He’s the real-life bond-villain controlling the GOP and engineering their solidification of permanent minority rule. Donny boy lashing out at Mitch is a pretty dumb move, but then again Trump is one dumb dude.

  64. As an Asian American I am sick of the alienating Asians constantly face and the mockery of Asian names. This fool isn't even subtle in his racist remarks. The fact that his supporters enable this behavior is very discouraging of where this country is headed.

  65. Christ, I am so sick of hearing from this monster. He is a threat to this country and the whole world. He should be spending the rest of his miserable life in prison, instead, he is spreading his dangerous rhetoric to his moronic, knuckle-dragging cult.

  66. If she is from Taiwan, as the article states, then she likely has no love for China as Trump was quoted saying in the article. Fucking racist piece of shit thinking all Asian people are Chinese.

  67. Her family was part of the Chinese Nationalists that fled during the Chinese civil war, used Taiwan as a temporary stopping point, and immigrated to the United States 5 years later... that is pretty much the "pro-China" faction.

  68. It’s really to the point where he says so much outrageous crap that I just don’t care anymore. Hopefully, the media will start ignoring him too, but I’m not holding my breath.

  69. I wonder if Trump has someone who copy edits his posts before they are posted. This level of frothing crazy doesn't usually come with B+ punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. I wonder who that proofreader is. 🤔

  70. These people love to cry about cancel culture but their Dear Leader hasn’t ever paid any consequences for anything he has done or said. Making fun of Gold Star parents and a handicapped journalist should have been a dealbreaker. His racist shit would just be the insane rantings of a former game show host.

  71. Trump’s blackened soul loves to belittle people with nicknames. When he’s feeling especially evil he’ll say something like “Kamala doesn’t even know how to pronounce her own name”. He’s obsessed with names, like a psycho. His brain gets a ping when he claims that someone begged him for something or cried like a dog. But nicknames really give him a feeling of power. I don’t know if calling Mitch’s wife “Chinese loving Coco Chow” is racist or not. But it does make him a despicable and pathetic man baby psycho.

  72. McConnell won’t do anything, the whole Republican Party leadership has made the choice to negotiate with terrorists and let Trump do anything he wants without impunity. The republicans sold out American to a fascist authoritarian who want to seize power like Putin and turn the USA into his sham kingdom.

  73. Any commoner like you or me would have had the door kicked in and walked out in cuffs for making a threat to a sitting Senator in a public forum with that many followers.

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