Trump aides are desperately trying to dissuade him from testifying to the January 6 panel on live TV

  1. I figure he will do it as proof to his followers how twisted the system is against him and how corrupt Washington is or some shit. He'll gladly walk in there because it's free press for him.

  2. Because he has so much to hide. Also, he has dementia and diarrhea of the mouth. He incriminates himself at his rally’s. If He was under oath and subject to democrat questioning and on live tv he would be truly fucked.

  3. just as deadly as regular aids - except they're just so bad at their job that you eventually want to kill yourself

  4. This is obviously just team Trump pretending he wants to testify again, he's like a guy in a fight saying "hold me back, hold me back!", only if you let him go he'd run away as fast as humanly possible while making little girl noises. He's fucked if he opens his mouth to say anything but "I take the 5th" and he knows it. He also really doesn't want to do that (again) for however many hours straight.

  5. Lay a trail of diet cokes and hamberders from Southern Florida to Washington DC and lure him into the congressional building

  6. I would watch 8 hours of trump repeatedly saying "on the advice of my attorneys I am invoking my constitutional right against self incrimination".

  7. They could have probably done that without implying he was a fucking idiot, though. “We told him, but mostly he doesn’t really understand anything ever so there’s that.”

  8. and as I've said, and I've said it a lot ok, there would be No Greater Testimony than what I do. No Greater. you put me up in front of the Very Unselect Committee, made up of Radical Left Democrats and RINOs, because they want to spend all our money on a Politically Motivated Witch Hunt, and all they know how to do is Presidential Harassment. look, I came in, we had no Planes, no Army Tanks, no Water in a lot of cases. no Water, can you believe it? I said what happened, they said, "Obama took it away, Sir, he took everything from us," and I said I'll handle it. and then you see, not even weeks, months, maybe even sooner than days, I had everything Running Perfectly, no problems.

  9. Damn you! It's bad enough when I hear his actual voice giving a speech - but now I'm hearing his imaginary voice in my actual head giving an actual fake speech. I shake my fist at you!

  10. Pelosi's call out was far more effective than I thought it would be. Figured she'd have to insult him a bit more. He really is a fragile snowflake

  11. Someone needs to release a video of Hillary straight up calling him a pussy who doesn't have the balls to testify.

  12. What’s the plan if he does show up? You don’t just want to hand him a megaphone to blather into. You’d have to ask “so, this was your plan? Or did someone smarter than you plan it?”

  13. The problem of course being that Trump could walk in, say loudly "yes, I planned all of it. I'm not sorry about anything except that Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi aren't dead" and his cult would still cheer and a large chunk of the country would sigh and say "but isn't this all just too political? Surely we should be worrying about inflation"

  14. Trump's plan is to wait out the subpoena until the House is taken by republicans in November at which point it'll be thrown out. This is ridiculous but unfortunately it is likely.

  15. He will never testify. If the SCOTUS can block Graham from having to testify in GA, then they’ll never let Trump get near a court. If the DOJ won’t go after Meadows for refusing a subpoena, they’ll never go after Trump. What’s most likely to occur is Trump will sue the government and win, then he’ll schedule a prime time speech where he’ll lie a lot and do his best to incite more violence.

  16. This is going to be another one of those "it wasn't the crime, it was the cover-up" things that finally sends him to jail, isn't it?

  17. He will have finally made it to the Capital if he does testify. He didn’t make it on Jan 6th like he said he would to his supporters. I guess better late than never.

  18. Pelosi needs to be daily having briefings saying he is not man enough to testify under oath. It will quickly get under his skin, and to do it on hannity.

  19. I hope he does testify on national tv because it might plant that seed to his followers that he’s full of shit and doesn’t care for them.

  20. I don’t think the committee is going to allow live TV testimony and have him turn a hearing into Chubby Cheeto’s Grievance Shit Show.

  21. Here’s the cool thing. It doesn’t matter WHAT his aides and lawyers want. He has to testify. He’s been subpoenaed by the committee. He has to testify or be charged with contempt.

  22. Oh please, he'll never show up. He'll whine about it not being fair and blah blah blah. Isn't it time he had a debilitating stroke or something that renders him speechless?

  23. I thought the committee already said they don't want that, either? Testifying live would be a circus, which they're trying to avoid. They want him to testify, but not live.

  24. This is such a strange situation. Of course Trump should testify and it should be televised for the American people to hear. He’s complicit in attempting to overthrow our government.

  25. I can’t imagine what those lawyers are going through, knowing that the guy will most definitely commit perjury and incriminate himself after taking the oath.

  26. The media needs to just keep questioning his manhood and calling him a chicken to egg him on like Marty McFly.

  27. I think the J6 committee are idiots if they give Trump a live TV platform to spew his ridiculous but effective bullshit.

  28. They're gonna say some horrific things about him. If he wants to come out smelling like a rose he has to tell his side of things. I mean, what grown man can stand to be called out by Pelosi that way and not say anything?

  29. Horrific things because he is a liar and a repugnant human being. He deserves all the criticism he receives, especially after trying to subvert our democracy

  30. It's just a smokescreen. He has no intention of testifying. How many thousands of times will people fall for this?

  31. Tell him he can have 5% of the pay ver view income. Then renege on the deal because he's got too many legal battles to fight you on this one

  32. He won't testify because he might lie? And go to jail for perjury? Maybe don't be such a lying asshole that you can't tell the truth, even on the stand?

  33. Unfortunately, their client is someone who just couldn't shut up and let the proper channels take lead during Covid. The man is always that desperate for attention.

  34. Probably would be wise to have a mute button on his mic though. I can see him just yelling over the top of anything anyone says and going nonstop without letting a word in edgewise.

  35. Some things you can accurately predict. Despite what he thinks, Trump can't hold himself together enough to outwit the Committee.

  36. I don’t know if these headlines are some sort of reverse psychology psy-op to get Don the Con to disobey his handlers, but I’m here for it if so.

  37. “Don’t listen to her Mr. President, you are more manly than anyone I know. You don’t need to prove your manhood by disastrously testifying live to congress. Your the manliest man I know.” - Aide that is really questioning their career choices right now.

  38. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s all bluster. “I have nothing to hide” then at the last minute something will prevent him from showing up.

  39. To be honest, Trump may have forgotten what it was like to be on TV. He could think it will be like being on Fox with a friendly interviewer.

  40. Come on Donnie, don’t be a great big baby pants. Testify. Show everyone how crazy smart you are. The most smart I think. Am I not right. Those aides don’t know nothing. You are way too smart to be worried about the fake Jan 6 witch hunt.

  41. He won't testify - no way! And as for enforcing the subpoeana... forget it! The DOJ could have indicted Trump long ago. By now he would have been behind bars for the rest of his sorry days if the DOJ was able to live up to its name!

  42. He has no plan to testify. I’m pretty confident he will file an injunction at the last moment to delay.

  43. I just want to see him plead the 5th, followed by an immediate super cut of the times he said that only criminals plead the 5th.

  44. There should be a coordinated effort nationwide to use the ego of these idiots (most Republicans) against them. For Trump we should be spreading memes and tik toks and whatever it takes saying that he’s not man enough or something like that and he would be on the stand in an instant. These people shouldn’t be as hard to manipulate and defeat as the Democratic Party makes it seem. Call out their bullshit and use their weaknesses against them!

  45. All they had to say was “imagine the tv ratings”, and that dummy would jump at the chance to perjurer himself.

  46. I would tend to think in spite of agent orange 45’s lawyer’s comments to the contrary that they are working very hard to keep him from ever testifying.

  47. No please. Don’t deny him his chance at putting himself in jail. I love when he goes off script. I can see the panel setting him up. He’s too stupid to actually think he’s going to impress him them with his rambling incomplete sentences. This should be broadcast on the comedy channel. It’s going to be a laugh.

  48. Some commentator should just say he's a loser and a pussy if he doesn't show up. Trump has the maturity of a 12 year old, he'll be there early.

  49. Trump isn't man enough to face Liz Cheney. I speak as a Canadian and small/large L Liberal-I hope when Cheney runs and wins, first in 2024 as an Independent, sucking the life oxygen out of Trump, and again in 2028, she picks a Democrat running mate, and a woman.

  50. You're right, Trump was definitely a mess we should all be ashamed about getting into office. Hopefully he gets indicted so we can't repeat our mistakes.

  51. Please don’t Donald, if not for you, maybe for your children, or your loving wife. It’s going to be the biggest shitshow the world has ever seen. No way you can outsmart, outlie the people who are going to ask you lots of nasty questions. Safe yourself buddy, stay away or come up with a last minute excuse.

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