Oprah Winfrey Endorses John Fetterman, Opponent of Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania Senate Race

  1. 538 has it as the closest race so it’s even more than slightly. Though the most historically accurately graded polls do have Fetterman ahead. It’s Georgia we have to worry about where Warnock is tanking according to 538.

  2. Honestly, he’s grifting, but at least he’s somewhat intelligent. Herschel Walker is the one that shocks me. Partisanship aside, he’s quite possibly the dumbest person to ever run for federal office seriously.

  3. At least Dr. Oz is just a regular Republican grifter and not a brain damaged mental patient. Herschel Walker might become a fucking US Senator, it boggles the mind.

  4. A failed real estate mogul turned reality TV star was President of the United States. Why would anything ever make sense again in American politics.

  5. I entered PA last night and there’s billboards nearly as soon as you get in endorsing him and other GOP grifters. I’m not surprised at how easily swing voters are swayed when this “save PA, vote Republican!” shit literally hits their eyes and puts them into a panic.

  6. God, he gave horrible advice that was dangerous. When I was a teenager, I remember he said that a person should take zinc supplements to up their energy. Being a total naïve dumbass, I did this—and I ended up getting insanely sick and had explosive diarrhea because that is a side effect of too much zinc. Fuck Dr. Oz! I should have known better, but he was just on TV giving that advice out like taking vitamin supplements is equal to eating candy.

  7. If she was consistent, she'd bring Oz on her show and give him a tongue lashing like she did that million little fibers pieces guy.

  8. While it's technically because of her that Dr. Oz even has a platform to begin with, I'm glad that she's making the right decision and endorsing John Fetterman in this pivotal election. Fetterman must win next Tuesday over the quack celebrity doctor.

  9. Seeing the ads against Cheri Beasley in NC is just plain wild - accusing her of being funded by radical billionaires and owned by PACS, then immediately showing those ads literally paid for by gigantic faceless PACs.

  10. nobody would even know about Oprah if it wasn't for me ok, I put her on The Map. and I was sitting there one day, just getting done making a Tremendous Deal, and you had the Radical Left, always against America, but then I went, and I said I don't like that, and all of a sudden we were Perfect. we had no problems, nothing bad. I should probably be President For Life if we're being honest about it. and I know the Fake News has a problem with that.

  11. Technically? 100% nobody would know this clown if it weren’t for Oprah. Or Dr. Phil. She had on Jenny McCarthy to spread lies about vaccines.

  12. Has she endorsed candidates in earlier years? What's been the impact? While Oz did gain a media footprint through Oprah, I don't know how much of his current support depends on it.

  13. A really long time ago, I watched a documentary series about the hospital oz worked at and in one of the episodes she was in NYC at a speaking event and he went to go see her. I remember her being so cold to him I thought it was odd. I think she even asked him what he was doing there, it was so awkward.

  14. Exactly this. We need to remember Dr. Oz is a mess she and her show created. She absolutely has a responsibility to try to clean it up a bit. She did the right thing in endorsing Fetterman, it's a step in the right direction but I refuse to lavish praise upon her for it.

  15. Best take in the thread by far. She created this monster and gave him a platform. Like "Dr." Phil and all that anti vax shit from Jenny McCarthy.

  16. This is funny, but I do think it's worth pointing out that the monster in the story was basically the victim and Dr. Frankenstein was not exactly the villain but certainly an instigator of tragedy. The book itself is a bit dated in that rambling Romantic prose kinda way, but IMO it's still a compelling meditation on monstrosity and humanity.

  17. it's not like she's taking the endorsement seriously. tossed it out the weekend before election day where it would have no effect outside of helping her covering her ass if oz wins

  18. She waits till the last week to do this? She should have been using her star power to campaign with him all across PA. But I guess when you're that rich you're good no matter who wins.

  19. The reality is that voters care about what is most recent in their minds. "Last minute endorsements" like this are common because it's effective.

  20. I had a family member who had him as a surgeon before he was famous. He was apparently a pretty good doctor.

  21. What is up with reality TV personnels deciding to run for office? Like why not start with mayor before president or senator? I mean figuring out that you suck at being a politician at a senator or presidential level just seems stupid

  22. She should be doing more than endorsing Fetterman. She is the reason Dr. Oz ever found his way onto a national stage. He built his brand under Oprah’s spotlight. She better be dumping huge piles of money into Fetterman’s campaign to help unfuck this situation. Thank’s, Oprah.

  23. Oprah is a piece of shit, fuck her, way too late waiting until the writing on the wall after decades of promoting misinformation and pseudoscience

  24. If you don't think this even a little important, you might be too immersed in this Reddit bubble. Like it or not, she has a huge sway over middle aged suburban women of all races and moderate political leanings. She's the reason why Dr. Oz has a name in the first place, so it's great news that she's backing Fetterman. I can honestly see it flipping some votes from less politically engaged people.

  25. That might be a little optimistic. Her original show went off the air over a decade ago. Do people still care? It's also sort of a "dog bites man" story. Anyone could have guessed how she votes.

  26. Yup. Classic corporate shill tactics. Wait till the very last minute to stand up and endorse when it's too late to make a real difference in the election yet she can later say she did her part fighting against Oz.

  27. Now we just need an apology for unleashing dr oz on us, and then a promise to give away all oz related residual checks to a good cause.

  28. Oprah got us into this mess with Oz in the first place. Not sure how far her endorsement really goes at this stage of both the election and her career.

  29. What the fuck is with the right and voting for tv/movie stars? How do they keep doing this shit again and again, and then say WERE the ones listening to celebrities too much?

  30. Like way to wait until the last fucking minute Oprah. She’s the one responsible for Dr Oz in the first fucking place

  31. I know this is big because Opera introduced the world to Dr. Oz, but we really need to stop giving a shit about what celebrities think, even when they're agreeing with us.

  32. She should also apologize for putting this piece of shit in the spotlight. If you wanna think about it, this is all Oprah’s fault. Celebrities are shit.

  33. She unleashed that monster; endorsing Fetterman is the bare-ass minimum she can do. A large donation to Fetterman's campaign would be better.

  34. As I stated before I am a stroke survivor and John Fetterman’s health and cognitive abilities should continue to improve! All strokes are not the same, given that, he should continue to get better.

  35. Hell, even in worse case scenario and he doesn’t improve, he is still incredibly fit and qualified to run as senator. It’s a position in congress, not a basketball game, every person in congress above the age of 60 has probably worse health issues then him. This is only a talking point because of scumbag republicans.

  36. Cutting it close there Oprah, but you made the right choice… this time. Fetterman needs all the support he can get. This race is going to be tight.

  37. Too little too late lady. You unleashed this wave of fake day time “doctors” go sleep with Stedemen and stay the fuck out of politics from now on

  38. Oprah, you're responsible for Dr. Oz becoming a pseudo-celebrity in the first place. You've done enough here.

  39. This could be the last election you can vote in and have it counted. The Supreme Court will be deciding next summer whether or not to allow individual states to decide their own election laws. It looks like they’ll go through with it unless we get another Dem justice. We can ONLY do that if we have enough Dems in congress. PLEASE vote blue. Essentially, if republicans win the midterms, they can make up their own laws for voting and we will literally never have a legitimate presidential election again. For the love of everything that is holy, VOTE BLUE 💙

  40. It really would be a travesty if a man who has built a career out of providing false and sometimes dangerous medical advice were to gain political office and legitimate power over others.

  41. It's too fuckin late Harpo, you propped up a pseudo-science capitalist on national television. You are part of the reason this is happening, and a weak-ass endorsement doesn't even begin to fix it.

  42. Democrats just need to go low. Fuck this when they go low we go high. The problem with that is there is no bottom for the republicans. None.

  43. She did this so late, because this isn't about supporting Fetterman, it is and always was about Oprah protecting her reputation.

  44. He wouldn’t have run if you didn’t promote all his bullshit over the years. But I’m sure all the money was nice.

  45. On Fox News, they mocked Oprah by asking is she would pick Fetterman over Oz to run her business empire. I'd ask her a similar question, if she would let Trump run her business.

  46. You know what’s funny. When Trump was going up for re-election . Sean Hannity and others were bilking at the idea of Oprah running for president. They thought without a doubt she would be the next nominee on the democrats ticket. And they all laughed and joked that “she will probably pick Dr Oz., as her secretary of health”. They carried their show on her probable nominees gutting each and every pick they could think of. Now Dr Oz is running as a republican senator and they love him. God damn hypocrites.

  47. She should have done this a long time ago, before early voting began, and stressed that she's known OZ for years.

  48. Can’t believe that idiot Oz even has a slight chance. This country is fucked. Why are the clowns running always on the republican side. It’s a damn circus, that’s why.

  49. Oprah is an awful person. Don't forget that just cause she's endorsed the right person this time.

  50. Why the fuck is she only endorsing him this close to the election? Millions of people have already voted. I’m sorry but this approach is rubbish, and she’s the one who fucking gave us Oz in the first place. If she wants to do restitution then at least don’t do it in a manner that gives an EDGE to Oz like what the fuck.

  51. Please, please, please, if you're eligible and if you haven't already, VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO!!!!

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