Oprah Throws Support Behind Fetterman In Pennsylvania Senate Race, Abandoning Oz

  1. While her endorsement of Fetterman over Oz is the biggest story, given that Oz only had a platform in the first place because of her, she also made other endorsements, and they all are for Democrats in key races:

  2. Whatever Oprah says is still VERY influential to her fans. Always has been. Less so now than when she had her show, but what she says still does make a difference.

  3. Yes she did. But we can also simultaneously celebrate any little victories against fascism. It doesn’t have to be about her, it’s about democracy.

  4. She was going to have to say something eventually and this was the easiest and least abrasive way of saying it. Even if she was the shittiest person alive, her persona would have been diminished from supporting Oz. I knew she would HAVE to say something eventually and honestly, this is the smartest way she could have done it.

  5. This is like Hatori Hanzo creating a sword to help kill Bill. She created this monster, hopefully she can help keep him out of the senate.

  6. After decades of promoting and supporting Oz and after talking to Oz about removing her support and warning him and waiting until RIGHT before the election, Oprah finally admitted she was wrong. Wow.

  7. Is this supposed to be an attack on Fetterman? Weak sauce. Aphasia is a real thing and does not affect his ability to understand anything.

  8. I find it pretty sad that there is a population of voters who will blindly vote with Oprah freaking Winfrey just because of her name.

  9. Tbh, if the US didn't have such a celebrity obssessed culture, there wouldn't be a Dr. Oz in the first place. If people think the side a TV celebrity like Oprah takes is so relevant, there will be no shortage of Dr. Oz's in the future either.

  10. In 2021, Fetterman’s calendars showed 115 work days with no activities or events listed. That includes a period that stretched from the end of June to mid-September where Fetterman’s schedules were largely blank, listing a total of about 11 hours worked during that period. Fetterman does not have a good work ethic to be honest. This article is a good read on what he’s done in office.

  11. Schedules are just the posted events. Many politicians don't always fill their schedules as their primary job isn't to be in meetings. A light schedule might actually be a planning/writing session that is done more at a personal level.

  12. Democrats: “Do not vote for Oz! He’s a millionaire TV, talkshow host, who doesn’t even live in Pennsylvania, he does not know our state and he cannot be trusted!”

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