Ex-DC officer injured during Jan. 6 riot endorses Fetterman

  1. If you’ve ever watched this officer speak… he is the real deal. He called it like it was and he called out all those responsible. Mad respect.

  2. He’s the kinda guy I’d want to at least see given a chance in public office. Forceful, to the point, and seems like he’s got integrity.

  3. I didn’t write the title of the article, so don’t shoot the messenger, but yes, it should say insurrection rather than riot. Pennsylvania, please don’t let me down tomorrow. Elect Fetterman over the celebrity snake oil salesman.

  4. Because it's been insanely difficult to get any airtime or traction with anyone who worked insurrection defense, and I'm saying this as someone who worked insurrection defense.

  5. Man. Who cares? Not to be mean but this article could’ve used dozens of other names with political experience and knowledge who could endorse the guy. Is he Pennsylvanian? Does he know the candidates? Does he have a masters or PhD in political science? Man. What a lame article and headline.

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