John Fetterman wins Pennsylvania Senate race, defeating TV doctor Mehmet Oz and flipping key state for Democrats

  1. My fellow Pennsylvanians seemed worried that fetterman was going to open our borders, so I guess we better get prepared for the onslaught from Ohio.

  2. I hope he just gets into the senate and stares down at the republican senators all like a whole foot shorter than him like he’s done raid boss

  3. I saw a massive billboard ad a couple days ago that said "FETTERMAN WANTS TO LEGALIZE HEROIN". I knew exactly who I was going to vote for at that point.

  4. I live in PA and went to one of his Town hall stops on legalized marijuana back in 2019. Since that day I wanted him to be Governor, but this is even better in my opinion. Once he fully recovers the whole country will get see what I saw that day. This man cares about people and making choices to help his constituents. I think he’s going to be a folk hero.

  5. My EXACT sentiment, wiscowonder. So happy for us, and so happy for Fetterman. What a brave man to put himself out there after a stroke. Congratulations, Sir!!

  6. Miscalculation by the GOP and OZ to focus and mock a health condition that many people in the US deal with. Cool to see someone bounce back from a stroke and win a Senate election.

  7. Oz was such a weak candidate. Fetterman was vulnerable because of the health condition, but in so many other ways probably appealed to swing voters. Seems like a very good and definitely down to earth guy.

  8. Oz was honestly done for way before that. I think people overestimated the effect that that single debate had on voters opinions. Oz showed his ass for months.

  9. I am glad fetterman won, but I doubt it was a miscalculation. It seemed like the polls got way closer after the stroke. Dr. Oz is probably on the list of most flawed candidates ever to run for office. I mean, his experience is scamming people with health supplements and he fucking lives in New Jersey.

  10. The amount of posts on here saying “oh why didn’t they just pick a healthy candidate” for the past two weeks have been flooding through. Hoping those bots can take a well needed rest.

  11. Ok I really don’t know how they “miscalculated.” For being the party of “fiscally responsibility,” the GOP sure as f was not acting fiscally responsible. By all means, they should’ve torched Oz’s campaign, just like all of the programs that they want to scrap for being non-viable. The writing was on the wall. The last I saw reported, Fetterman’s campaign had something to the tune of $48M in campaign finance donations, while Oz’s campaign brought in $12M. Oz had to put $21M of his own money into his campaign. On top of the actual difference in the total amount of donations, Fetterman’s donations were comprised of smaller amounts from a larger support base. Outside Republican parties has to supplement the lack of donations Oz had with their own money (standard practice).

  12. Miscalculation by Trump. AFAIK the Oz campaign was Trump’s invention and GOP establishment didn’t want him, which makes the loss all the more delicious.

  13. YES THANK YOU PENNSYLVANIA. You all showed up!! Fetterman will be my favorite Senator in Congress now. Oz can move back to New Jersey and hopefully fade away into obscurity now.

  14. All else aside I'm just really happy to see such a GOOD MAN win an election like this. Great job PA even if it was tight

  15. Amazing result. Dems actually gaining senate seats this year is ridiculous. The GOP is paying big time for bad candidates like Oz and their unpopular abortion stances.

  16. It would’ve stayed a bloodbath/red wave had SCOTUS not overturned Roe V Wade. I’m happy they were too stupid to hold off from doing it until after midterms

  17. It's looking like it'll be a solid 50/50 split again, maybe a 51/49. That's a small gain but a huge victory for biden as a democrat playing defense in the midterms. It's been 60 years since a democrat gained senate seats in the midterm. Kennedy was the last one to do it.

  18. It would’ve broken my heart to see Fetterman’s less than perfect debate showing sink his campaign. He has so much heart and cares about regular folks. And when not being forced to speak in quick soundbytes, his campaign did well combatting political narratives.

  19. 100%. The debate format was the worst possible format for him, and yet he still showed up and did it, takes guts and shows he cares. He knew he’d be a a disadvantage in that format but wanted to show.

  20. I’m an old man, but I grew up picturing endless mills and forges when I thought of PA. That this isn’t a forgone conclusion fascinates me.

  21. This man is American Hero. Watching him pull bigger numbers than Biden did in Scranton. I’m impressed by this guys humbleness and real American persona. We need more real people like this in politics.

  22. It’s embarrassing that it’s as close as it is. Oz is a snake oil salesman who isn’t even from Pennsylvania.

  23. PA is a huge stage filled with absolute morons. I wasn’t surprised at all. In fact, I was pretty sure oz was going to win with some recent momentum, which thankfully didn’t happen.

  24. I really hope he doesn't wear suits. It's time to get rid of the idea that you need to wear a suit to do "serious things". It's as silly as UK Courts where they wear white wigs.

  25. Even if Dems do lose control of one or both chambers of Congress, this has been one of the best performances for an incumbent party in a midterm.

  26. Filling the supreme court with frauds actually screwed them over. Most of the country (including Republicans) wants abortion rights, and they showed it at the polls.

  27. Being a carpetbagger doesn't go over well with Pennsylvanians. If it wasn't for Fetterman's struggles at the debate due to his stroke, this wouldn't have even been close.

  28. I really don't get the stroke talking point. I watched this man participate in 1:1 interviews on various networks leading up to the debate. I'm not a great public speaker and would surely not do my best in a debate.

  29. how this was even close is fucking beyond me. how Herschel Walker and Warnock is even close is fucking SUPER beyond me. anyone still voting republican in 2022 fucking hates their country.

  30. I’m from PA. The amount of outside money flooding in for Oz was insane. They stopped funding Masters in AZ to fund Oz. The main angle was to match his speech impediment to cognitive decline and it ate at his lead but as you can see wasn’t enough

  31. Do not let this momentum down. Do not let the next two years or any comfort returning to our systems allow you to forget or grow complacent. Keep up with knowing and contacting your current leaders as well as any prospectives for the next election. It is the people who must protect democracy and freedom above all, even if our institutions fail. The Supreme Court is still stacked illegitimately.

  32. Democrats still need to hold onto Arizona, which is probably going to be close. Senate race might be extended to Dec.

  33. And since Oz constantly mocked Fetterman's condition, I will now constantly mock Oz for losing to a man with said condition.

  34. Well, Trump mocked a disabled reporter and the crowd cheered, so I guess he figured he'd go with a proven strategy.

  35. This is such great news! Some great Dem optimism tonight. Lauren Boebert is losing in Colorado and I love it. Absolutely love it. Also, the new 8th district in CO is currently being led by the Democrat nominee.

  36. I think this is the first time in a while I've felt that there's still some hope left for my faith in america, however small that may be. Fetterman is one of the few politicians left that seems to be in it to make a difference rather than to just have power.

  37. He has a great ad for himself that said Politicians spend time fighting over things that don’t matter. And after his stroke he just wanted to be with his wife and kids.

  38. Same. I started today in a terrible mood expecting to hear bad news today, all the commentators I listen to were predicting anything from a red wave to a red tsunami. I'm so happy to have some hope still for this country. And proud to be from PA tonight.

  39. If he can continue to recover from his stroke, Fetterman is one of the few Bernie types who Id actually be excited to see run in a presidential election. Are there any other young progressives in the senate ?

  40. I am not going to lie. I am kind of addicted to social media. I also have pretty bad anxiety. I made the decision not to look at anything election related after I cast my vote at noon.

  41. As fantastic as it is that Fetterman won, Shapiro winning the governor's race in PA is a much, much bigger deal if you actually live in PA.

  42. I’ve worked in the disability services field for years and many of those years were providing live captioning services. I watched people mock Fetterman for using live captions and mock him for struggling during the debates. I COULD FUCKING CRY that despite the negative press about his stroke and use of captions during interviews and debates that PA elected the best fucking candidate possible. FUCK YES!

  43. Life long republican here. Fuck tv stars running for office. Voted blue across the board this election as well as my old man who vote red since the 70's. He was ashamed to think he would have to vote for Oz

  44. Christian Nationalism was repudiated by Pennsylvania voters tonight - Mastriano was annihilated, and Oz lost because of his ridiculous stance on abortion, his decision to spew nonsense about a woman and a doctor and local politicians, nonsense which he clearly doesn't actually believe.

  45. I can’t believe he only won by like 100k votes. Nearly half of the people voted for a corporate snake oil salesman over an actual public servant. A majority in my county, in fact. My backwoods corner of Pennsyltucky that could seriously use someone willing to fight this inflation/corporate greed crisis rather than just fill the ultra-wealthy’s coffers some more. (Also let women keep their bodily autonomy, that’s pretty cool too)

  46. Never Trump Republican voter here. You know what? Stop posting attack ads, and never make fun of people who have had a medical event like a stroke. And let women decide the abortion issue. If you can’t play nice I will continue to spoil your party.

  47. Congrats Fetterman, now LFG Warnock, get it done! I don't want a runoff, I need to at least have some glimmer of hope since I live in a shit state.

  48. Fetterman scares the fuck out of Republicans because he looks like one of them, talks better than any of them and is tough as hell.

  49. PA is an older state, with many rural and semi-rural people who suffer health conditions. They don’t take well to mock something like a stroke.

  50. Nah I need to see final results. 🤞🤞🤞 I can’t get excited yet. Last few cycles have taught me that but goddamn I’m using all my wishes on this one

  51. Thank the fucking lord that Dr OZ did not become an elected rep in this country highest in the land. What an embarrassment for this country that the quack-doctor on tv was even in the running.

  52. Good, now he needs to do nothing but rest and do everything the doctors tell him because he's got a hell of a job to do starting next year.

  53. Idk why anyone looked at doctor oz, a man who sucks both at being a doctor and a TV host and thought "well you can't fail at 3 things right?" And decided to have him run as a fucking politician, backed by an insanely divisive former president. What could go wrong?

  54. This is a huge blow to Trump as kingmaker. Oz for Senate was basically invented by Trump out of whole cloth. GOP establishment is going to be pissed.

  55. Well done, PA. I cannot wait to see how he does. He deserved to win and it means even more that he beat Oz with one hand tied behind his back. That's how you fucking do it!

  56. 80s and 90s kid here. Grew up in NZ and watched Dr Oz growing up. He was sort of a thing on our TV, kind of like that friendly spider hanging on your corner of the room.

  57. As a lifelong Independent, I can say without hesitation that the best candidate won here. Politicians who will say and do anything to win for personal gain and power are despicable. For Oz to make fun of Fetterman's stroke and adopt the cruel, callous approach that DjT uses tells us all we need to know--that he is unfit to lead his neighborhood--let alone, "his" state.

  58. He hasn’t even served in an elected position. He’s not a politician, he’s a grifter with a medical degree who uses it to hurt people.

  59. I’m in neighboring West Virginia, where there truly was a red wave, as expected. I’m so thankful that PA held strong. My state has zero hope between opioids, coal, and declining population. Thank you, Pennsylvania!

  60. As a Turkish I am glad that asshole Öz did not win it. He is white passing until he isn't. Don't be a token to anyone.

  61. Feels good waking up this morning seeing Fetterman win. I voted for him and Shapiro and I’m very happy with the results.

  62. I moved from Puerto Rico in 2020, and this is my first time voting in an US election. My county of Lancaster was a landslide for Republicans but I'm glad to see my vote mattered. It always matters in the big picture.

  63. I went to sleep last night filled with doom and gloom. The pollsters were wrong. The "experts" were wrong. There is no red wave.

  64. Live in Philly burb, was watching 6abc interview republicans on why they voted Oz or Mastriano, main answer was “I don’t like them, but I’ve always voted Republican.”

  65. Congratulations John, I don’t always agree with you, but you’re a decent sincere guy and it’s nice to see that still means something in PA.

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