'Seismic Win': Michigan Voters Approve Constitutional Amendment to Protect Abortion Rights

  1. Very proud of my state today. Not only did Prop 3 (The abortion one) pass, we also enshrined voting rights and updated term limits, re-elected Big Gretch, flipped a house seat blue, AND flipped the state legislature blue for the first time in like 40 years. Michigan showed up!

  2. Man, flipping Grand Rapids blue feels GOOD. West Wichigan has been a red bastion my entire time living in this state. This was my first election since moving here, and it really feels like I helped change something.

  3. I live in a very red township. When I went to vote yesterday the worker told me it was the biggest turnout he had ever seen. At the time I went, I saw mostly young people voting. I think Gen Z and Millennials voted entirely due to concerns over abortion. I really do.

  4. Just moved here last winter. Happy to see the movement, but I find it disturbing that over 1.8M voters hate women (voted no prop 3). Hopefully that trends down.

  5. Michigan stepped up to the plate and hit a home run! i am also proud of my state today! i'm glad our state isn't allowing any of the crazy republican stuff to happen here for the foreseeable future.

  6. I've been seriously considering sending letters to houses that still have "Trump Won" signs in their yards that say:

  7. Born and raised in MI, and much of my family is still there - I cannot wait to see what Whitmer can accomplish in the next four years!

  8. It's my first major election cycle as a new MI transplant. We did good! I stomped a bunch of those "vote no prop 3, too confusing, too extreme!" signs during this season, so I'm going to have to take a bit of credit.

  9. All hail voter initiatives! The reason the house flipped is because the Michigan voters already passed an initiative to make voting easier and ending gerrymandering. Each election shapes the next

  10. The term limit proposal was really weird. It really just stopped jumping between the house and senate. I voted for it more for the financial disclosure aspect than anything else.

  11. I'm going to look forward to not seeing Dixons face everywhere I go and receiving pamphlet after pamphlet in the mail or left on my door handle.

  12. GOOD WORK!! Michigan’s reputation has taken a real hit through the Trump years. I hope this is the beginning of a new chapter.

  13. I thought I read someone say that in order to flip congress at the state level dems needed to win by a 20-30% margin...if so and that's what happened that's huge.

  14. Former Michigan resident here born and raised. I'm happy to see the changes up there. The rest of my family that still lives in Michigan though is probably livid at this point. My brother-in-law is a former Marine and pay time sheriff now and he is very much not any kind of fan of a blue state

  15. Vermont also fully abolished slavery. Which, as a Vermonter was kind of eye-opening to learn there was a loophole.

  16. Imagine if all the voters who wanted their rights protected took Republican threats to them seriously and voted in 2016.

  17. Thank God yesterday wasn’t a red wave. I guess that’s what happens when a partisan ultraconservative Supreme Court strips away a fundamental right that people have held for five decades. There’s still a chance (albeit small) that Democrats can still keep control of the House and then pass a federal abortion rights law. I’m holding out hope that this happens. The right to safely and legally have an abortion shouldn’t depend on what state you live in.

  18. Even my mom (who leans strongly right politically) was saying how the republicans need to drop the religious crap or they’re gonna keep losing. At this point being against abortion/taking away gay rights/etc are seen as archaic view points by most. It’s like supporting “death penalty to witches!” or “legalize slavery”.

  19. None of this crap by the GOP is over yet. None of it. Look at how many people still voted for that traitorous party.

  20. Just wait, there's more stripping away to come! Hopefully Dems can keep the Senate and control future supreme court justice.

  21. I'm more worried about states that are holding secretary of state elections. As it stands, Nevada will be having an election denier as their new SoS, which will make things extremely difficult for democrats going forward.

  22. Dems aren't gonna keep the house. They're lucky if they get the Senate. And even if they did, not gonna happen - Manchin and Sinema and the filibuster, remember?

  23. My mom hates what they did to Roe v Wade but still voted R because she's a drooling Fox News goon who lost the ability to critically think.

  24. A word of warning though: don't you dare think that this won't mean that should the Republicans win (by whatever means) the presidency in 2024, and should they control both the House and Senate, that they won't go for a federal ban on abortion.

  25. Agreed. That just means we need to remain vigilant. They’ll try to find a way to fuck up all the progress we just made last night and continue to make without them or completely undo it.

  26. Yeah it's def still a problem because people who support abortion rights just don't value it as strongly as the other side does. Kentucky shot down an amendment that would have explicitly said there is no right to abortion, but they will still send rand paul and mitch mcconnel back to the senate. Put abortion all by itself and it wins but mix it with other issues and it doesn't.

  27. The supremacy clause establishes that federal law generally takes precedence over state laws, even state constitutions. They will definitely still come after abortion if they take control.

  28. I live in Ohio. Fuck Ohio. We took away some voting rights and made it easier to fuck working class people with exorbitant bail.

  29. The only ballot measures we had down here were for "Voting reform" and making it so the Ohio State supreme Court has no say in matters of setting bail (because they ruled that excessive bail is illegal).

  30. The "purple" times was a necessary reminder for the Dems to do their job. We weren't happy. Bernie and Trump were very popular. LOTS of independents wanted either of them despite being opposite on the spectrum.

  31. You are so welcome. I feel like we are on our way to being proof that liberals really can govern effectively in modern middle America/rust belt.

  32. I wish we could nominate Abortion Rights as a presidential candidate in 2024. Absolutely kicks the shit out of Republicans.

  33. We also passed Prop 1 which makes candidates be open about where they are getting money for campaign. And Prop 2, which makes it easier to vote.

  34. I gotta say, I thought the no campaign was going to squeak this one out with their "too confusing, too extreme" campaign and framing it as taking parental choice away (teens can get an abortion without parental sign-off now). Glad Michiganders were able to see through the bullshit (55% of them, anyway).

  35. Honestly, I think they went way too far with the muddying. I kept seeing people talking about gender reassignment and sterilization for minors getting tossed around in relation to 3 with absolutely zero context or evidence to even point to.

  36. There was some incredibly crazy things going around on the proposal. There was an ad talking about how it would require a 'trans week' in elementary schools where kids had to cross-dress. The theories on what it was going to do were just absurd fear-mongering. I'm saddened it worked on so many people.

  37. From outside USA, reps looks more than ISIS than anything else. Crazy religious anti science violent nut jobs.

  38. Equally impressive in Michigan is the comeback that dems have made at the state level legislature. Turns out being gerrymandered for the last 30 years has had a huge impact on the state

  39. I remember right up until before Roe was overturned, Republicans worked overtime to push the "Of course we'd still allow it in cases of rape, incest, and health of the mother" narrative.

  40. They did choose outlawing abortion after realizing they lost the legalized segregation fight about fifty years ago. But since they went nuclear with the f*ckery with the Senate and Judiciary during Obama's last term they can ride that abortion stuff for another generation or so at least because Democrats don't have a big enough majority or willpower to change the rules (since the only reason the GOP can pull their hijinks is adherence to norms, not written down in Constitution or law except for the two senators per state, no voting rights, senators/rep for people in Puerto Rico/DC).

  41. Kansas earlier, Michigan and even Kentucky and Montana if it holds. Clearly most Americans agree. It's only the American Mullahs who want the extreme ban removing people's rights.

  42. I wish Kentucky had an amendment proposal to actually protect abortion rights. It's just playing whack-a-mole with voting down total bans instead.

  43. It really is a pretty great place. Hurricane and tsunami proof, very rare tornadoes, and a gargantuan amount of fresh water. Plus with the way global warming is going our Winter is likely to get shorter and milder. 🤔

  44. Why the surprise? - Every poll says that 70% of Americans believe in a Woman's right to choose what she does with her own reproductive tract.

  45. Smartest thing Republicans can do these days is to keep putting it on the ballot so the likes of Tudor Dixon can distance themselves from their unpopular stand on the issue and just say, "the referendum will handle that, it's not an issue this election, lets talk about X".

  46. I live in Michigan and was real worried up until this morning. If you only spoke to people in my office, you would think this bill had no chance of passing. They are all very quiet this morning. I love it.

  47. I drive past my local planned Parenthood every day on my commute where a bunch of old geezers stand out with signs every single day, rain sleet or snow, for YEARS... I decided I was gonna give them a beaming smile and wave today.

  48. I appreciate that it specifically mentioned sterilization as well. I know a lot of women have a ridiculously hard time getting a hysterectomy despite being sure they don't want kids, or suffering terrible health conditions that would be solved with surgery. No woman should have to bring a man in to vouch for what she wants to do with her own body, or 'prove' through time and pain that they're serious about their decision.

  49. The rules of the sub stop me from properly and fully being able to articulate exactly how I feel about the people trying to take away rights from my wife and daughters.

  50. Isn’t it fascinating how even in deeply “Republican” states, when you actually let the people literally vote on abortion (not talking candidates here), they keep siding with abortion?

  51. Not only was its win by more than 13 points in Michigan huge, but anti abortion measures in Kentucky and Montana both failed by about 5 points each. Seriously. Kansas, Kentucky, and Montana have all rejected anti-abortion measures. I think it’s clear where the country stands. Time for federal protection of abortion to be codified into law.

  52. I got kind of emotional this morning when I found out. So proud to live in a state that believes I should have freedom over my own body.

  53. We've been pretty consistent with community backed proposals when they're on the ballot. Medical and then recreational marijuana, redistricting, and now this. I think (most) everyone agrees the ability for voters to put issues on the ballot is good for the state. Hopefully the trend continues and we can get some more good legislature passed in 2024.

  54. Lots of attention on FL and for good reason, but MI looks a lot bluer after last night. GOP can still win state wide, but it isn't going to be easy. Live in W. MI where GOP used to run up the score. GOP just lost by double digits the urban seat they held for decades here. W. MI is getting more blue each cycle and that is devestating to the GOP. Dems now control every branch and statewide office in MI.

  55. Visited my in laws in Michigan a month ago. There were all these signs discouraging people from voting for Proposal 3 because it was…..”too extreme”? My wife and I were laughing at the thought of someone thinking that a woman having body autonomy is “too extreme”.

  56. Almost seems like the majority of Americans feel this way…. Hmmmm you think this might make a difference when Supreme Court makes decisions….. nope; partisan dicks

  57. So can somebody explain to me how things are looking so far? The red wave doesn’t seem like it happened but it still doesn’t look great. So am I missing something?

  58. A lot of people went into the election expecting for Rs to wipe the floor with Dems. That's not happening so everyone's excited.

  59. Who wants to bet on how long my neighbors in Battle Creek keep their signs up? I wager until the 2024 election. Either that or they will just put up their confederate traitor flags again.

  60. I think all of these popular vote wins for abortion rights prove that we have a Supreme Court that has been carefully curated to work against the many and favor the few.

  61. That's awesome. Kentucky passed theirs too and I forgot which state it was but there was also another recreational Marijuana bill passed, right?

  62. There are democrats in Ottawa County! Proud of this state. Less concerned with the national picture - not a fan of large spending bills when inflation is this out of control, but prop 3 was an absolute MUST 👌

  63. If the Republicans are ever politically dumb enough to pass a national abortion ban, it will be interesting to see if SCOTUS strikes down Michigan's Constitutional amendment.

  64. I live in Michigan and voted straight Dem ticket. Many people I know did the same and abortion was the biggest motivating factor, despite a lot of them hurting from inflation. It was just pure insanity to think the electorate would allow a century old law to erase people’s right to choose what they want to do with their own reproductive health.

  65. Ford and GM might be able to poach some tesla workers now. The governor who freezes people to death won again and that is going to scare a lot of people who moved to austin for work.

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