Lindsey Graham says it's 'definitely not a Republican wave — that's for darn sure' as Democrats win in competitive races

  1. Any sane Georgian left should be walking around with a brown paper bag with the eye holes cut out on his head if Georgia actually sends this mentally-addled loon to the Senate.

  2. Same - I took a sleeping pill and went to bed at 10. Woke up this morning after a full night's sleep to see things still standing. I feel pretty good today as a result.

  3. Ripple is more accurate I suppose. This should show everyone their vote counts. We can’t forget this. Going into future elections keep this momentum going. I saw a lot less talk on FB regarding politics and more people going to the polls. As it should be.

  4. Yes, Lindsey, that’s what happens when a partisan illegitimate Supreme Court strips away a fundamental right that people have held for five decades. People get angry.

  5. I’m not well informed on how this stuff works but even if that were to happen, why couldn’t republicans just change that law back if they were to gain majority again?

  6. Millennials and Gen Z don't answer their phones for unfamiliar numbers. Of course they are going to be under represented in the polls. You have a large population of opinionated introverts who ignore solicitation in all forms. Text, call, door to door. Nothing.

  7. I'm Gen X and I stopped picking up weird numbers when I started getting robocalls 5x a day. Maybe robocalling abuse killed accurate polling, too.

  8. Flaming liberal millennial here. I HATE getting texts saying “vote for this democrat”. Don’t ever text me. I’ll vote for them, absolutely. But NEVER text me.

  9. This is exactly why I don’t trust polls anymore. A friend suggested that the polling companies will figure out how to adjust for it in the near future but clearly polling practices are a lagging indicator.

  10. Gen X here. I answer all calls cause my work phone forwards to my cell. 90% of the time I just hang up, cause it’s obvious solicitation. Texts? Reported as spam. Emails? Immediately trashed. Mailers? They don’t even make it into my house. Straight from mailbox to recycle bin. Door knockers? GTFO of here with that noise. I leave solicitors standing outside till they leave.

  11. i did start getting a lot of calls in the last few days that my phone flagged as "spam risk". wonder if they were from get out the vote campaigns.

  12. This is the truth. I’m a millenial, I started answering for polling specifically. Just fuck with solicitors and talk to pollsters so we don’t have panic attacks for 3 months before every election, for the love of god!

  13. I definitely don’t answer my phone for any number I don’t know. If it’s important, they can leave a message.

  14. This my son and his friends rarely ever talk on the phones unlessits someone they know and want to talk to they do not answer. Discord seems to be the communication they all use. I have learned its a hell of a lot easier to ping my son on discord over calling.

  15. The call screening on new Google Pixel phones is a godsend. Google assistant does all the work screening the call, and transcribes the conversation on screen with options to tell Google to hang up or accept the call. Also, their spam detection is what should be required by law to prevent robocalls.

  16. I feel sad when I think of the life Graham could have had, were it not for homophobia and bigotry. I could totally see an alternate reality where he's just known as "that nice older gentleman who lives in the yellow house and is always out on the porch in the afternoon with his husband". :(

  17. You're right. In a better world he'd just be that camp older gay man running the bed and breakfast out of a historic southern plantation (where they pointedly ignore the slavery part of their historical tours).

  18. "I wanna talk to the Trump supporters for a minute. I don't know who you are, and I don't know why you like this guy. He's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. [...] I think he's a kook. I think he's crazy. I think he's unfit for office."

  19. I think you are assuming all gay men will be nice, because they are gay. Being gay doesn't make you less power hungry or capable of evil than heterosexuals. Your narrative puts them in a 'nice' box. Their narrative puts them in the 'evil' box. How about we put them in the 'human' box?

  20. This is what ruined many people and families throughout history. Bitter old men trying to 'fit in', younger men starting families with women they didn't love and children they didn't want. It is horribly sad which is why we have to fight for acceptance and inclusion for all the LGBTQIa communities.

  21. I'm not quite celebrating "not getting blown out" but the fact that Democrats made things competitive despite insane levels of gerrymandering and other sketchy voter suppression tactics is the real story here.

  22. All of the rationally minded people have spoken. Not just “libs,” but people who are sick of Republicans turning our democracy into a freak show while not doing shit for the people. This fight is not over.

  23. Even with all the illegal voter suppression tactics making people who live in urban areas that are more likely to be persons of color they still lost

  24. Why would anyone want to elect a representative that believes in the voting process only if they win? What other laws/rules will they ignore if it doesn't benefit them? If they can't play by the rules they shouldn't get to play the game.

  25. I seem to remember Graham going on about how Trump will "destroy the Republican party" shortly before becoming a staunch Trump supporter and eventually getting involved in attempts to commit election fraud.

  26. Every now and then an honest and principled person shines through from underneath the mountain of bullshit that is Lindsay Graham. It'd be great if that person kept around.

  27. My favorite part of this article is that it's quoting him from early in the evening so he actually was still holding out hope for a GOP Senate.... I'd like to see what his response is the morning after when it's clear the path to a GOP Senate looks about as good as his chances of not testifying in GA about Trump's conspiracy to idiotically say the silent stuff out loud.

  28. He's disgusting across the board. I'm just waiting for the 'powers that be' to finally use him as the scapegoat they've been keeping him around for, for a while now.

  29. Lindsey, millions of lifelong Republicans like myself have left your shitty “Christian” party. Except all the Christians on the right are modern day Pharisees

  30. Fuck Sissy Graham. Her brown nose is so far up Fat Agent Orange Traitor Blowhard’s ass, she can lick the roof of his disgusting mouth.

  31. Man who declares Republicans' desire to limit health care access to millions of women surprised when they don't win the votes of millions of women.

  32. Maybe if they stop spurting out the stolen election crap and trying to stop every bill and actually started being politicians they might start getting more votes, but they just want to push their agenda and not working together for a better world, drop the giant Cheeto and get a leader who has lived in this reality

  33. They're not dead, but they grow increasingly desperate. Gerrymandering in red states will get worse, as will their lies. I hope for the failure of social media companies like Facebook to stop the flow of misinformation.

  34. I’m equally parts thrilled and disappointed by the results. Hard to believe the morals some people are willing to put on the line. Fucking ignorant morons that only have enough braincells to say gas=expensive BIDEN FAULT.

  35. Red Wave seems isolated to Florida for the most part. And not because Republicans won, but because of how one side those races were.

  36. Take a hint there, Linds. I think the continued push further right has turned some people off. I have a feeling if they weren’t so extreme in some of their legislative promises, like total abortion/birth control/gay marriage bans, they would have won. When it comes to those culture war politics, they don’t have the support of the large majority of voters.

  37. It's definitely not a red wave--more like a MAGA yellow trickle. Still both houses are still undecided and that's all you need.

  38. They’re training to ban abortion and gay rights? Did they honestly think it wouldn’t mobilize more voters? They said it themselves, it was a mistake because they knew it would drive voter turnout

  39. He looks like an aunt at Thanksgiving who’s been prepping herself via wine for grandpa’s latest conspiracy theory but isn’t totally confident, by the time he starts talking, that she drank enough to achieve to intended effect.

  40. You know i really wonder if some republicans in the party are a little happy that Trump got knocked down a couple pegs. I am sure there are some.

  41. I’m confused by this reporting because I see the GOP is taking the house and the senate potentially. So I’m from Canada so why is this seen as the GOP losing support.

  42. This is so funny to me. Not once have we heard from Lindsey these past two weeks, and sure enough, here he is popping out of whatever closet he’s been hiding in to say this. 😂 Keepin it real with LindSAYYYY

  43. I can’t understand him. He is a gay man who is in the closet fighting against gay men? He seems to hate himself

  44. So you would think he would take that as the majority of people don’t align with his policies and he should ride the winds of change…. But no he will stay stuck in 1950

  45. Yeah. It'd be really nice of Republicans would play by the rules but they don't seem to care and their voters aren't interested in holding them responsible.

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