The House Is Getting a Bunch of New Progressives

  1. I am pleased. To see more young representatives gives me hope that our country will be moving in a more progressive direction.

  2. Maxwell Frost grifted his local Palestinian community, making pledges to never take money from specifically Zionist Israeli organizations (the ones who actively support apartheid)

  3. I doubt Maxwell Frost will be joining the Squad. His heal turn to become anti-Palestinian means he will likely want to keep his distance from AIPAC's Most Wanted.

  4. I’d like to point out that in a statewide red wave in, already deep red, Florida a Gen Z leftist got elected to congress. Proving once again that the answer to deep seated conservatism is not moderation or centrism, but a progressive alternative that offers alternative radical solutions to crises

  5. That might be the case for a local election. But state-wide, I'm not so convinced. Just look at the results in TX.

  6. It as more of a landslide because of the redistricting. They corralled blue voters into one district here. Basically trading 2 for 1.

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