Unionizing Is Now on Track to Be a Constitutional Right in Illinois. Here’s How It Happened.

  1. Haha that’s true, but it’s important for people to realize that there was a huge right-wing fear-mongering campaign against the Workers Rights Amendment. Conservative groups funded by the ultrawealthy were screaming about how passing this amendment would raise taxes and make Illinois one of the unfriendliest states for business. They defeated an amendment in 2020 that would replace Illinois’s flat income tax with a progressive one.

  2. God I hate headlines like this. I saw a similar headline on CNN about something else "heres how ____ happened".

  3. I still can't believe that Darren EDIT Bailey thought he was gonna win by not just running plain-on-their-face-bullshit lies, but running them as spoken by Joe Rogan.

  4. He ran as the christian moral candidate and then had ads that ended with, unfuck Illinois. I thought he ran a very odd campaign.

  5. He also sounded like he is from Tennessee, like, I know a few southern Illinoisans have a bit of a twang, but that much southern accent was hard to listen to.

  6. I'm really hoping to see America's Workers wake up to the serfdom the ultrawealthy have placed them in. I have met young workers who are working just to pay the rent, fill the tank and eat. Oh and because the ultrawealthy pay little if any tax, the cost of any safety net is shifted to you. It's time to stand up and Unions help you do this. Its important to make sure the unions you form are not bought so as to become company unions instead of worker unions. Also organized crime needs to be kept out as has happened in the past.

  7. I was happy to vote for this one (along with the Cook County measure increasing property taxes by a few dollars per year to increase the budget of the Cook County Forest Preserve system)

  8. Well, here in SC it’s illegal for the state to negotiate with the teachers union. So unions may as well be illegal here.

  9. I'm not even pro-union but I don't even understand how unionizing somehow isn't protected under the first amendment's right to freedom of assembly and association.

  10. My wife is part of a public union education, but not teachers). Most of her coworkers dipped out after I think a Supreme Court decision in 2018. She's pissed off because she's on the barging team and she has workers from her department asking about or bitching about something. I told her to start telling them to join the union so you too can be a part of the process. Sure she'd like to pocket her dues too but she's also not a selfish idiot like a lot her coworkers are (my words, not hers).

  11. Can we get this nationwide? Tennessee is an autocracy and will never allow us to vote for this. Who set our government up in new ways to prevent something like this from coming to the ballot and to prevent anyone who’s not a Republican from getting elected.

  12. It’s all the lobbyists and right wing money that prevents this. It used to be a standard among employers to give great benefits and wages so only one person has to work to support a family. Those days are long gone

  13. So serious question (ill even take the down votes). Under the amendment it clearly states that it "prohibits any law that "interferes with, negates, or diminishes the right of employees to organize and bargain collectively,"

  14. Illinois lawyer here -- though I am a criminal defense lawyer, but I stay tuned in -- and the answer is: it's not clear, so a lot of this can and will be hashed out in court. Likely, it is not going to negate union agreements to mediation before striking or etc., because those things don't actually inhibit union practices or the creation of unions, they merely restrict potential agreements that can be made.

  15. As an Illinois citizen, the wording of the amendment and the text on the ballot was infuriatingly vague and I never really saw any good discussions of the details of the amendment and how it would impact current public sector unions vs. private sector unions. And honestly, I still don't know. So curious what responses you get.

  16. Which union? The only political action is usually labor oriented. If politicians are against unions and labor then we don’t support them.

  17. Fitting that the state where the Pullman Strike brought us Labor Day and set the stage for larger labor rights in the US continues to be the most labor friendly!

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