What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Pakistan”?

  1. Yeah I never understand these polls, if you name a country I will think of that physical country, nothing else comes to mind first, yet it’s not an option in 90% of these polls lol.

  2. A Pakistani girl got killed by her family last year, because she didn't want to marry her cousin (it was an arranged marriage). From what I've read on the newspaper, the uncle strangulated her and her corpse is still missing to this day. Her parents fled to Pakistan and are still wanted by the Interpol, 2 cousins and the uncle are arrested.

  3. Yes, but its getting better now, people are starting to recognise the rights. Its nowhere near as bad as Saudi Arab

  4. Didn't know Pakistan was known for terrorism that much... All I can say is that In France we love your food, there are a lot of Pakistani restaurants

  5. Rapists I'm sorry. In our television anytime Pakistan is mentioned it's either for rape or because your are "bad immgiro". I personally don't believe this nor I support it and prefer to think of other stuff like your history and culture but sadly it's the first thing that comes to mind although I don't support it.

  6. Pakistan just hedged it's bets. Pakistan knew the US had no plans of staying in Afghanistan and the Afghan government being a joke was not secret. There were documentaries about Afghan soldier doing hash, not being able to do PT and general lack of discipline while the US were still there. There was little hope for them with US gone.

  7. Goat rape. I'm not trying to stereotype anyone, but I have seen like 10 different articles in the past few months saying that some dude raped a goat to death in Pakistan.

  8. Before I say this I just want to disclaimer. I’m not attempting to be mean or prejudice. I read a statistic on the national medical library that said approximately 66 percent of people in rural areas are inbred. Now every time I hear someone’s Pakistani i wonder if they’re from a rural area. Because there is an over 50% chance their parents are first or second cousins. Hopefully it’s incorrect and someone shows me a differing legitimate statistic.

  9. Some of my muslim mates from school. The fact that my Indian mates hated them. Cricket. The PAK-Supermarket in Brum. Imran Khan used to be ok, now he's a twat. (I'm white, from the Midlands and middle aged)

  10. I recently saw that it was one of the most highly populated countries of the world, so I did think about the population ... Just not "over"population

  11. i dont want to be mean but i fucking hate pakistanis. theyre recording womens without permission, raping peoples, kidnapping someone to get ransom (in turkey). AND, THEYRE LIVING BETTER THAN MOST OF TURKS IN TURKEY AND THEYRE NOT EVEN GOING TO JAIL.

  12. What's crazy is India's population is so large there are actually about 200 million Muslims living in India itself as well.

  13. I never heard of terrorism being linked to Pakistan, in the UK we have a lot of people from Pakistan and they're usually pretty friendly. So i just think of my friends

  14. You'd be surprised how diverse Pakistanis are. People usually think brown people, which there are many in the country. However there are many tribes and areas sick as the punjabs and pashtuns who can be brown or white blondes with green eyes.

  15. Hard workers and friendly because of my experiences with them as staff on farms and restaurants. But on this list the flag

  16. Lol usa media has brainwashed their citizens till core If u guys see some paki vlogs u guys would come to know that its not dangerous and its a good place for tourism

  17. It's sad to see so many voting terrorism whereas Pakistan is way way more than that compared to other MENA countries. I love Pakistan as a Bengali ;) they're great.... And also cricket

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