Would you rather Have unlimited money or never age past (25)?

  1. I think never aging past 25 will be quite weird and while it sounds good in theory, it might have some rather unpleasant consequences.

  2. I mean many celebrities look like they haven't aged since 25 or at least look a lot younger than they are. I don't understand how Tom Cruise is 60 for example, both in terms of looks and what he does in every movie.

  3. If you never age all your loved ones will grow old and you’ll be left alone. If you choose money you can help the world be a better place and have a nice life.

  4. Does my body heal itself, or would my body still become old as a result of the external aging factors? Will my skin no longer be damaged by the sun? Will my joints slowly shave away? Would disease still slowly eat away at my body?

  5. I was thinking about this kind of thing too, yeah. Good luck maintaining a believable identity. You're basically setting yourself up to be an undocumented citizen

  6. OP specified that you could still die from diseases, it just doesn't make sense to pick age if you can still die.

  7. I chose age and I’m 19. I’ve always wanted to be a vampire, and this isn’t exactly that, but it’s close enough.

  8. No. I chose age and I'm under 25. Assuming I can avoid stuff like accidents and getting murdered, I'd probably live well into my 100s. I could invest my money, invest in buisnesses, improve my talents, and I'd probably eventually get lucky and earn a lot of money. I could then be rich eventually with the body of a 25 year old

  9. Imagine seeing people make the same mistakes over and over again. You warn them, they won't listen and history repeats like always.

  10. Tf am i gonna do with that much time, I'd rather eat a bunch of sushi everyday and die at like 90 because it's incredibly healthy

  11. Unlimited money makes more sense off the bat. How you recieve it is the real defining part though. If I could get it anonymously then it's fine. But if anyone else is gonna be aware of it then it's a huge liability. Just look at every person that's won the lottery. They've all been completely miserable afterwards. Many have been killed because of it. If I could anonymously donate to good causes and quietly help others in general that'd be awesome. Not aging honestly just sounds awful unless it's something my loved ones could also do. It'd be lonely watching everyone around you lead full lives and pass while you stayed mostly the same.

  12. Age. You can accumulate wealth over time, and mind as sharp as when you are 25 connected with decades of experience would make it easier.

  13. I don’t want either. Nothing would be valuable to me if I had infinite money and I wouldn’t want to live so long either. Imagine living to see everyone you ever cared about die

  14. Meh. People always say that but I'm sure you'll get used to it. The first few times would be rough and then you realize you can meet new people to care about. Yea you can "only" hang out with them for 80ish years but that's a long time.

  15. Counter, If you choose the second option you would be inmortal and are bound to be rich if you have knowledge about the stock market and know how to invest, you could also learn new skill and take all the time you need.

  16. A few thousand years of eternal youth and careful investment, and if I'm not capable of buying my own continent I'd have to be incompetent.

  17. You can still look good if you keep your body in check after 25, and since you said just age I assume thay doesn't include eternal life so ima go with money

  18. If you dont age your body doesent get weak, that is the way people die, they cant fight diseases anymore because weak. If no age, then no weak.so unless you get cancer or something you'll be good

  19. What does “appear as 25” mean exactly? Can you change your hair, get tattoos or piercings, etc? What if you go on HRT after the age of 25?

  20. If you end up living for more than 1000 years, money would be pretty irrelevant as you could either easily manipulate everyone around or everyone is super wise and money is just used by builders and gamblers while everyone else uses free stuff.

  21. Why would I want to look young if my husband is going to look older? Would he even be comfortable with it? We can't act like a couple in public. 25 is so young too. You basically look like a big kid. Young people don't get taken seriously a lot. That's all assuming there are no twists like people hating you or hurting you for doing something "impossible." People get bullied for... whatever, let alone looking the same after many decades.

  22. Unless I can also give the age thing to others, I'll choose money. I'd like to grow old with the people I care about. Not remain behind for centuries after everyone had passed

  23. If you never age, you can amass savings and compound your investments in the stock market for hundreds of years and you will be a guaranteed billionaire who is also immortal. How is this a hard choice lol

  24. I voted age but I'll take money due to fact I'll outlive my family and future generations and would be sad to live like that

  25. I claim these are both curses. Unlimited age would eventually be found out, (and having to move country every decade or so once you stopped showing signs of aging) and when found out likely result in you being jailed for life by terrified people many many decades from now, or at least decades at a time (assuming you aren't killed by something else before then, in which case what was the point of the power).

  26. Neither, but i I had to choose I would pick the Money, being forced to watch all of my friends and loved ones die and spending an eternity alone is a curse.

  27. If you have unlimited money and you spend endlessly, you could hypothetically keep injecting trillions of new currency into the economy and cause severe inflation making the currency worthless

  28. Being immortal is very sad. You’ll get bored and wish you just had a short life with the money.

  29. Wouldn't want to live forever, the human mentality can only take so much death of the people they know

  30. If I had unlimited money I would use it to fund research to cure aging. I want to live forever so I chose the Age option.

  31. Wdym by unlimited money? Would I be able to buy anything? Wouldn’t that break the economy of the world?

  32. Well movies have told me both end up being bad... Which is kind of sus in the first place because it's like "ah no, all this money is terrible and living through disease and health issues is too"... But it makes living forever seem way worse and more psychologically painful so money

  33. making money might be difficult - but it is possible to earn it. With modern medicine heading the way it is - solving temporary problems such as various ailments is far less an issue, and the potential of full reversing it is feasible.

  34. You wouldn’t ever truly have unlimited money, that’s not how money works. With every dollar (or whatever) you spent, it depletes it’s value because you’re essentially artificially inflating the economy. So there would be an exponential decay curve of money spent to goods/services bought. Meaning that not only would your money be limited, but it would likely destroy the global economy as a result.

  35. Age. Imagine being at peak physical health forever. Not to mention that your mind will stay sharp too, allowing you too easily learn new things. You’ll never need to retire, so as long as you keep working you can eventually amass enough money to become rich AND you’ll still be young enough to enjoy that wealth to its fullest. Sure I guess disease could still off you, but being young makes you more resilient.

  36. Time is much more valuable then money. There is actually as movie (I forgor the name) where everyone has a watch that counts down to their death. They can work to gain time but they spend time on different things like hobbies and spending time with loved ones, but super rich just never die since they keep getting time (kinda dystopian know that I am thinking about it).

  37. So I'm Inmortal? I'll take it then, I'm guaranteed to be rich at some point with all that time.

  38. yall who voted money gonna be 80 crying about how ur dying cause im running over u with my minivan meanwhile im playing the long game 😎

  39. Why would you not pick age? You have decades to get all the money you want and need assuming you don’t get any fatal diseases.

  40. Fuck I wanna die, money will make me wanna die less for a while, then when I wanna go euthanisa won't be an issue.

  41. I would rather learn to appreciate the things I have, and accept old age, and the bodily decay that comes with it.

  42. So you are truly asking would. I rather watch all my loved ones die around me and not get to die with them (unless I am killed) or lose all sense of material possession and purpose in life, or choose money, at least I can give it away

  43. Yeah, disease is the deal breaker for me. If I could live forever until I killed myself. Or even just twice as long, let's say 150 years as a capable youth. I'd choose long poverty. But if I had unlimited money at 30 I'd just age in style. Yep. Do some good. Die. Good times. Si señor.

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