Which would be worse to wake up to at 3 am?

  1. We use old raid sirens to warn of approaching tornadoes here. I'm picturing myself hearing them and going outside to look for a tornado then it suddenly gets very very bright.

  2. Where I've been, we just use Air Raid-style Sirens, even though we are literally in the middle of the US

  3. The 11 magnitude earthquake because it would kill you instantly and likely seriously damage the entire planet, whereas the nuclear siren gives you time to get to a basement or other secure shelter and it probably won’t directly hit your house.

  4. Fucking finally, someone who understands. People think a nuke is worse than an earthquake much stronger than the dinosaur-killing-meteor earthquake

  5. If a nuke is going off, then every country will fire their nukes. The whole world is dead. No basement and shelter (unless VERY far underground) will save you.

  6. Aren’t you more likely to be able to get outside in time, even if you’re just jumping out the window or something. Then if you’re standing outside away from stuff you can survive even an 11 magnitude earthquake I imagine. Like yes the ground might split in the spot you’re standing on, but it might split in other areas and you end up being okay.

  7. Also magnitude measurement is logarithmic. It means Magnitude 2 is 10x stronger than Magnitude 1, so Magnitude 11 is billion times stronger than Magnitude 1.

  8. Not the whole planet, but maybe a zone of 200km radius would be seriously damaged. I mean yea it would split mountains like fucking fruit ninja, but the planet is a bit far fetched.

  9. Largest recorded quake was a 9.5, off the coast of Chile. I've been through a 7.0, but the epicenter was far enough away that the damage around me wasn't bad. An 11 is 10,000 times as intense.

  10. I feel like paranormal events would be worse as I dont believe in anything like that. I would be a lot more scared to have my entire belief system change right as I wake up compared to a nuclear siren.

  11. Easily nuclear siren. All other circumstances can be escaped from. Maybe not easily, but it’s possible. No running from a nuke.

  12. You don’t realize that a magnitude 11 earthquake is much stronger than the resulting quake after the meteor strike that killed the dinosaurs

  13. Right? And even if you can’t escape the other events, the consequences are far less dire(with the possible exception of ‘paranormal events’). They are all localized. A nuclear exchange is apocalyptic.

  14. If you're not in a major city, you're not going to get hit. Magnitude 11 will just outright shred everything. Even magnitude 9s can permanently change the area they hit, and magnitude 11 is over 100x stronger. It would completely obliterate the landscape it hits and damage the whole continent.

  15. I think people are underestimating the strength of an 11 magnitude earthquake. It would be 100x stronger than the strongest earthquake ever recorded. 7-8 magnitude earthquakes have been known to kill hundreds of thousands of people depending on the region, like the 2010 Haiti earthquake. An 11 magnitude would cause destruction on a worldwide scale, no one would be safe. If you were at the epicenter of it, you’d be much safer with the single nuke. Why? Because the earthquake would set off nuclear power plants across the world, leading to a nuclear apocalypse and making the world mostly uninhabitable. Luckily it is also impossible for an 11 magnitude earthquake to occur. Even a 10 is considered impossible.

  16. I was woken up today by earthquake for the first time in my life. It wasn't a nice feeling at all, it was "just" 5 in magnitude but it scared the shit out of me, since we don't have anything like this where I am from. (I am in Turkey now, otherwise I live in Czech republic)

  17. While a nuke would be pretty bad and would destroy my city and hurt my state, a magnitude 11 earthquake would probably destroy society as we know it worldwide.

  18. If I'm gonna be nuked then I'd rather not realize I'm gonna be nuked.. same for the earthquake but I'd still be able to survive the earthquake where i live.

  19. No the fuck you would not survive. A magnitude 10 earthquake resulted from the dinosaur meteor. This is an order of magnitude stronger.

  20. Have you ever been in a powerful earthquake? I’ve been in a 7.6 in a town made to survive earthquakes and even that did serious damage an 11.0 earthquake on the epicenter is killing everything nearby

  21. The extinction causing earthquake that blacked out the sun with debris and smoke, and killed dinosaurs as a whole? That was magnitude 10. Magnitude 11 is ten times that. An extinction event like earth has never seen before

  22. You can't survive a magnitude 11 earthquake. Your chance to survive a nuclear explosion is higher than such an earthquake. It's 100 times stronger than a magnitude 9 earthquake.

  23. You guys are underestimating the earthquake. Although the nuclear siren would probably mean the end of most of the world while the earthquake would not destroy the entire world.

  24. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a single nuke has a blast radius of maybe 2 miles, and the effects of the nuke will cover maybe a lot more than that. I believe the planet is significantly larger than 2 or 20 miles, correct?

  25. Burglary, because everything else will happen to everyone else at the same time and I don't believe in paranormal stuff outside of TV shows.

  26. Yeah but the hope is the sad part of the nuke scenario, imagine you make it to the bunker and the bomb goes off. Imagine you remember your kid was on a field trip to the city that got nuked that day. You remember to your parents were visiting a attraction in that city too, you may survive this, but in the end, would it really be worth it?

  27. An 11 Magnitude earthquake is going to kill you. So waking up to it means you have just enough time to realize you are fucked.

  28. Same with the earthquake. Magnitude 11 has literally never been seen before in the history of this planet. The meteor caused a magnitude 10 quake.

  29. I mean, it's 1000 times stronger then a magnitude 8, so you'd die, Japan would be underwater, the entire north American continent is fucked, and so is mostly if the world

  30. A nuke is like experiencing every natural disaster at once. Earthquakes, fires, acid rain, radiation sickness. Imagine seeing a blindingly bright light in the distance. A second later your windows are gone and your skin, hair and clothing is on fire? That's what a nuke does.

  31. Don't forget that unlike most SINGULAR disasters there is some capacity for help. If a city is deemed an important target there will be MULTIPLE warheads air burst one...after another...after another.

  32. Not a magnitude 11. Humanity would be lucky to have anyone alive after something like that. It would be 100x more powerful than the strongest earthquake ever recorded and would set off nuclear power plants across the globe. It would lead to a nuclear apocalypse and the deaths of billions. Even 7 magnitude earthquakes have been known to kill hundreds of thousands of people, like the Haiti 2010 earthquake, and we are talking about something over 10,000x stronger.

  33. So you know how the dinosaurs got fucked by a meteor that caused a massive, planet-shaking earthquake? Yeah, that one was magnitude 10. Now imagine an earthquake 10 times stronger. Do you still think a nuke is worse than that?

  34. Where I live if there's a nuke inbound it's heading for NYC. Obviously this will be horrific and cause more than enough issue for myself but I don't think I'd be in the immediate blast or radiation radius.

  35. See with the nuke you know shit is gonna hit the fan and you'll be bye-bye in a few minutes if not seconds. Now if I wake up to some ghost dragging my ass outta bed, I may also die from the heart attack, but most likely not so therefore, Id have to deal with it 😭 Nooooo thank you

  36. Id say paranormal activity,everything else you are either 100% dead,or know what to do,but the unnknown is scary.Also,ive woken up to air alarm syrens already,like 50 times,not that scary after a dozen

  37. Easily the earthquake, Ive seen what a 9.6 did and something 100 times stronger could destroy multiple countries while a nuke only destroys an area

  38. They test alarms here in Hawaii for possible missile attacks and let me tell you that not knowing the schedule for these alarms and having a slight anxiety attack while you look up searching for a missile or some air raid could kill you itself.

  39. Dude even thinking about nuclear sirens makes my eyes tear up, that shit freaks me out more than any jumpscare, thought of a family member dying etc

  40. A nuclear attack is like have multiple disasters happen simultaneously with fire, rescue, medical help, hospitals, law enforcement, escape routes all incapacitated or gone at the same time.

  41. Well, obviously an earthquake that big because I font think I'd survive. But a nuclear siren, we have time to react. So it would be worse to wake up to a earthquake. But I would be more scared of a burglary. Obviously burglary isnt worse than earthquake or a nuclear siren but I would just feel more fear if there is a person in my house

  42. I chose burglary because with the first two you get a quick death (I think/ hope), and I don't believe in the supernatural.

  43. There are things you can do to mitigate everything but paranormal events. how you gonna stop a demon from shawshankin ya cheeks?

  44. If a nuke siren were to go off, how much time would you have to try to evacuate? Or is there no clear answer to that

  45. Earthquake at that scale is worse than a nuke. Nuke might miss you personally. Your house turning to liquid and burying you for sure won’t miss.

  46. If a magnitude 11 earthquake could happen it would kill everyone. The nuclear missible may technically be on it’s way to the next city over, it may be a smaller tactical unit and you may be sleeping in the basement of a concrete house. But if you are sleeping on top of the worst earthquake ever recorded you are 100% a goner.

  47. If I'm waking up to the siren or the earthquake, at least I have the solace of knowing that I won't be awake for long at all. If I wake up to a demon, that shit might stick with me the rest of my life, that I will likely have.

  48. a magnitude 11 earthquake would be 40 times worse than the worst eq ever recorded, it would destroy continents. a nuclear launch could destroy a city, but there is a chance it would be limited to just one city.

  49. With a nuke, at least you have a chance of escape. An 11 magnitude earthquake? Earthquakes of magnitude 10+ aren't even possible; however, if they were, the building you were in would most likely collapse instantly.

  50. Ok now hear me out. If I hear a nuclear siren, I'm gonna assume someone's playing a prank on me. A burglar though? I'm gonna be scared out of my mind.

  51. Considering a Magnitude 12 earthquake (can't actually happen, there's no fault line long enough) would split earth's crust in half, Imma go with the magnitude 11

  52. The nuclear siren could be a false alarm. Or still get intercepted. Magnitude 11 earthquake would be guaranteed horrific chaos. According to the Richter scale wouldn't that be like 15x worse than any previous quake?

  53. Earth quekes are't where i live, parabormal event is every day if you look at my parents and they still did't divorced, anyway i'm probably gonna be pissed out even if something would try to throw me with some random shit, nuclear siren? Someone would probably throw roof tile in this shit to be fucking qiet, i'm turning off my 7th alarm cause i had to play with friend from 4th am but he's fucking sleeping yet and i have insomnia, i drinked coffe black like tar and i feel like fucking hangovered but i don't even remember what was fucking yesterday, i kicked my toe but kinda pissed out cuz my father was punching me when i was 4 so pain is't much for me idk what can happen at 3 am and i'm gonna care about it. I'm 16 wicked out of soul empty human vessel that lives only to live cause nobody ever gonna love me or something, the only thing i can do i scienve progres and i wonder why cause if this would be important humans are retarded enough to say,, this guy is actually right" 400 years after i'll die so i won't have even satisfaction from this cuz i died in depresion that i had cuz i thinked i wasted my life and did shit. Maybe if my project will work and death won't be a big deal maybe then. But yeah i don't have money even for materials not sayning about building this shit. I have fucking space suit made for free space travel idea but nobody gonna give a shit cause "hehe dumb kid it's not that easy" i know.

  54. I wouldn’t mind a nuclear warhead if it was so close to me that I'd get obliterated before feeling any pain

  55. I voted nuke because it seemed obvious. Then I googled exactly how strong an 11 mag earthquake would be. Holy fuck

  56. I’m surprised at the results lol. First, at 3 am I’ll be too tired to fully comprehend the nuclear warning. I’ll just instinctively get myself ready and then speed off to another city or something.

  57. A magnitude 11 earthquake might literally level the planet. The Chilean earthquake that shook the earth was a 9.6. An 11 would be over 11x more powerful

  58. If I heard a nuclear siren I’d just kiss my ass goodbye. I’d be vaporized in a few minutes, but it would be the shittiest few minutes of my life. The earthquake would be worse imo, the thought of getting trapped underneath rubble for hours or days seems worse to me.

  59. A 10.0 earthquake is impossible on earth so now imagine a 11.0. Thatd be worse than any nuke you could throw, because the Richter scale is logarithmic. Meaning 11 is 10x greater than 10 and so on. The highest measured was something around 9.5 i believe.

  60. A nuke would kill instantly if it's that close, plus my area has no such sirens and wouldn't be a target until literally everyone is dead from nuclear winter so I would be in the forever sleep, 11 magnitude earthquake would probably kill me, I don't know though because there is no fault line here so would it just be the aftershocks here? paranormal events could be a demon or just casper stopping by to say hello, burglary I have a cricket bat in my room plus knives if they themselves are armed and alarm would just be a minor inconvenience unless I wake up from a coma, I don't know maybe a paranormal event would be the worst for where I am because I don't very much like the idea of being possessed believe it or not

  61. People don't know how absolutely terrifying an Earthquake is. And it's an 11 Magnitude too so I can't even imagine what would happen.

  62. I don’t think people understand how big a Mag 11 earthquake is. It’s at least 50 times as powerful as any earthquake ever recorded.

  63. If there is an 11 magnitude earthquake, humanity as we know it is probably over. A nuclear bomb wouldn't do that.

  64. Well while nuclear siren and earthquakes are far more dangerous phenomenon but there is nothing you could do about it and they affect ALL people, especially nuke; you gotta accept it, like it or not.

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