Do you think it is okay for parents to *force* their kids to be vegan?

  1. parents are going to force their kids to eat however the parents eat, no matter what. if parents live off junk food, the kids will eat nothing but junk. if parents have an average diet, the kids will have an average diet. I don’t see being vegan any differently. if parents only keep vegan foods in the house, the kids will only eat vegan food. I don’t really see any issue, tbh. it’s not my place to tell parents what to feed their kids.

  2. Exactly. The entire premise of this post holds no logical ground because you really can't "force" your kids to eat anything, in this context. As you say, the kids will simply eat whatever the parents eat. Period.

  3. Field trips, birthday parties, summer camp etc are places where they could eat animal products without their parents being there.

  4. Omg seriously. You eat how your family eats until you’re old enough to make your own food choices, and to do so with an appropriate amount of knowledge.

  5. Exactly, not vegan and have no intentions of ever being vegan, but at the end of the day as long as the kid is well fed there are worse things out there than feeding him vegan food. But when the kids a bit older and wants to try bacon, he should be able to

  6. This exactly, I have friends who are vegetarian because their parents are due to religious reasons, so ok technically they’ve “forced” their kid to be vegetarian, but its not really as bad as people make it out to be

  7. Exactly! Vegan is certainly better than getting mcdonalds every night. Its only a problem if the kid is 12 and decides he wants to eat meat and is forced not to. But as a small child there's no way to force them to be vegan or not

  8. an “average” diet these days is a bunch of unhealthy crap. but like nobody knows. it’s so normalized everywhere online. even our public schools taught us wrong

  9. Yes, that is my view too. The amount of shit that is fed to our increasingly Michelin man kids, by parents who would have an aneurysm at the thought of them having a fully vegan diet, is pretty disgusting.

  10. Same. I'm a vegetarian but eat meat every day because of what they cook. I'd like to be relatively healthy but they buy junk food so I'm a bit heavier. Until you're buying your own food, most kids will just have to deal with it. Yeah some parents will accommodate, but it's rare

  11. That's how my friend was raised. His parents only cooked vegetarian at home, but still made sure he got to taste meat dishes elsewhere, like at school or at friends houses.

  12. I’m vegan and that’s literally how I plan to raise my kids if I ever have any. I’m vegan so that’s what I buy and cook. However if they go to a party and eat cake made with eggs that’s their choice. Or if they buy their own food again their own choice so I’m not forcing my children to be vegan but rather they eat what I eat at home.

  13. if they used their money to go to a cock/dog fight would you allow that too? just trying to figure out what criteria of animal abuse you'd be ok with your kids partaking in.

  14. But as a parent, it would be your responsibility to make sure they're being fed a healthy and balanced diet, don't you think? They're not old enough to weight the pros and cons of the vegan diet yet, so I think you should just provide a balanced diet and wait until they can decide for themselves. Also wait until you can't stunt their growth anymore lol

  15. I think it's ok to have a vegan household, if you have a kid you have a responsibility to feed them well and make sure they get the right nutrients. You can do that and be vegan.

  16. I am vegan and I'm surprised (a good surprise) that this comment section is relatively civilized, usually debates about veganism always get fired up lmao

  17. This post seems like a set up looking for a specific answer and if you dont agree your trashed in the comments

  18. I don't have a lot of knowledge on vegans but if there are ways to provide the proteins and other nutrients that the child needs in other ways why not

  19. My best friend has been vegan since day one, her mom is vegan and her dad is vegetarian, she’s never complained and neither have I. Her mother is a midwestern white woman but moved away from that because she hated the animal abuse she saw at farms. I can say without a doubt she makes the best homemade food ever! She does a lot of Indian cuisine, i’m sure if my friend wanted to eat meat her mother would let her; however my friend was raised vegan and doesn’t wish to eat differently.

  20. This is why I started raising my own cattle and will raise my own pigs and chicken soon. I don't agree with industrial meat farms but I'm also not going to just stop eating meat. Better to know where it's coming from and make sure those animals are treated well.

  21. This is a weird question. How do you force your kid to not eat something? Do you force your kid to not eat dogs? Do you force them to not eat diced and sauteed human liver? No, you just don't provide that option to them in the first place which is not the same as "forcing" someone.

  22. Have you ever met a vegan? Bro one of my friends is a vegan and they come to our neighborhood BBQ(they just don’t eat the bbq and eat everything else that they can)

  23. Veganism makes people feel attacked in their identity, because they don't want to think about all the animals who are bred and kept under bad conditions to then die a cruel death, just because of someone's short amount of taste pleasure.

  24. Exactly. My brothers were vegetarian since birth, and when they got older, they decided to stay vegetarian because it's healthier.

  25. Because you don't need to force children to do it? Most kids will gladly eat meat, eggs, milk, and all kinds of animal products.

  26. Bit of a loaded question. The usual way this goes is parents force children to eat meat until the kid is old enough to push back against it. Cause parents like to make meals they can share with their kids, which often involves meat and dairy.

  27. Honestly, parents force so much stuff on their children and nobody cares about that but everybody seems to get upset when the parents are vegan.

  28. While the question is loaded. Your revision to the question is also absolutely loaded. The best way I can think to word it would be, "Should vegan parents also prepare vegen meals for their children?"

  29. Is it OK to force a kid to eat meat when they have no idea what they are eating. A lot of kids get really upset when you tell them you have to kill an animal to make their food.

  30. I don't have a lot of knowledge on vegans but if there are ways to provide the proteins and other nutrients that the child needs in other ways why not

  31. Veganism as defined by the vegan society: "Veganism is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation

  32. I don't think there's any harm to let the kids eat what the parents eat. But definitely don't get pissy if the kid eats some meat at a friend's place or at some party.

  33. I'm vegan myself. If I ever would have children, I think it will go the same way it goes with my partner. When we eat together, he eats vegan most of the time. If I want to have something non-vegan, he can make it himself. The same would be for children. I'm not going to encourage you to eat meat, but I'm also not prevent tou from doing so. However, I'm not going to make/prepare it for you, you do it yourself or ask the other parent.

  34. The wording kind of screwed this up. Option 4 is inherent in option 3 because there’s nothing forceful about it. Parents have the right to choose what they put on the table. Kids have the right to refuse. Right or wrong, parents can advocate for what they think is best.

  35. Parents should not be expected to feed their kids something different from what they feed themselves. Unless the kid is getting malnourished of course.

  36. I mean, if you're the parent, you essentially decide how the kid grows up. If you start feeding them vegan food from a young age, then they aren't being forced, that's just their way of life, like how I swear abundantly.

  37. only so far as meat-eating parents “force” their kids to eat meat. Past what parents buy and serve to their kids, them wanting to eat differently should be their responsibility.

  38. Parents already force their children to eat processed carcinogenic mass produced crap. What's wrong with forcing them to eat their fruits and veggies?

  39. Well, let's look at it this way: if you only go out to vegan restaurants, that's OK, and you're going to take the kid. In the same vein, if you go to your worship session on a given day, you can take the kid. If, when the kid is hanging out with friends, he or she eats meat, you shouldn't have a conniption about it. In the same vein, if the kid is hanging out with friends and learns about different ways of worship or not worshipping anything, you shouldn't get upset.

  40. Kids will eat whatever you stock the house with. You are forcing your dietary preferences onto them no matter what based purely on what you choose to eat. I have no idea why this is suddenly an issue when it comes to vegans.

  41. I can't think of a single child who will voluntarily not eat any animal products. A child who won't eat any meat, fish, pork, chicken, eggs, milk, yogurt, marshmallows, gelatin, and countless others. Sure, maybe they won't like a thing or 2, but a child who will simply naturally not like any animals products doesn't exist.

  42. If you're against the suffering of animals, you wouldn't want to send the message to your child that it's acceptable.

  43. It’s ok to only keep vegan food in the house if that’s all that the parents are eating, but I think it’s best to explain why that is to your kid, and they can decide whether they want to stick to the diet when they’re outside of the home.

  44. If both parents are vegan and have a good and healthy diet it's just easier to cook all vegan, you can cook vegan at home but when outside you allow the kid to eat what he wants, with time he will choose by himself if he feels good with a vegan diet or not

  45. If you only cook vegan food and your kid is healthy, then ok, it's the parent's way of feeding their kid. Like mine weren't vegan but they were very healthy so I rarely had fries or fast food or stuff like that.

  46. Kids have no say in what they get to eat and vast majority of other things in their life, so it’s not forcing them to do anything.

  47. I see no problem with them making vegan meals and refusing to cook meat or have meat in their house, but I do see a problem with them getting mad at their kid for eating a burger while they were out with a friend.

  48. My mother is a vegan, she made the switch while I was still a kid. I mostly ate what she ate because she was the one buying the food. I don't think it was bad. As an adult I am not a vegan but I really like vegetables and have no issue eating vegan meals, and overall I probably have a healthier diet than most Americans. So in a way I am grateful that she taught me to love plant based foods even though I now eat meat and eggs.

  49. My parents are both vegetarian. My brother and I ate veggie at home but are allowed to choose if we want meat. My brother likes meat and has it when he is out, meat makes me nauseous when I eat it so I still eat vegetarian. There isn’t a problem as long as the kids aren’t forced to comply with their parents diets

  50. best plan would just to make vegan meals at home, educate them on why eating meat is harmful/immoral or whatever your argument against it is, and then hope for the best. but you can’t force them to do anything

  51. As long as they're serving a healthy diet to the kid, it doesn't matter if it's vegan or not. When they are old enough, they can decide for themselves.

  52. Idk about all this but there's a place in hell for people who force veganism/vegetarianism on their dogs. They're built for meat.

  53. parents control their childrens diets. thats how it works. do yall think babies and toddlers are out here feeding themselves?

  54. A good parent won't have to force their kid to be vegan. They just will based upon the facts at hand. Usually when you tell a kid the food they eat is that sweet baby corw or chicken or whatever they freak the fuck out.

  55. Option 3, is essentially "Vegan parents shouldn't be required to cook extra meals for their kids. But also not complain when their kids get animal products themselves when they are old enough". And I do feel like way more people would pick option 3 if it was worded as such.

  56. A vegan diet is not nutritionally sufficient for growing children. Children will not be able to thrive at their very best on a vegan diet, and they are more likely to develop deficiencies and health issues. They need animal products.

  57. There's whole, fairly large sections of humanity that are vegan (or at least vegetarian) and have been for millennia. Most of humanity was vegetarian for most meals before factory farms were developed-- our current level of an animal consumption is relatively new.

  58. I know many people who have been vegan since birth and didn't have any nutrient deficiency growing up. If anything, they were healthy. My brother is also vegan since birth, he's 7 right now, and he's in better shape than my sister, who is a year older and isn't vegetarian.

  59. This is not true, if done properly anyone can be healthy on a vegan diet. My family was vegan for a while when I was younger and I loved it. But we made sure we had enough vitamins and carbs and all of that. Vegan is expensive because you have to buy nuts and extra veggies and things so some people don't do it properly and that's when it can become an issue. To make up for what you aren't getting from animal products you simply just eat more of the fruits and veggies and things. You can get sufficient nutrients from most fruits and veggies if you research and look into it.

  60. You already got replies, but as a meat eater this is false. You can get any nutrition you want without meat. We manufacture all vitamins, salts, carbs, fats, oils, and so on. Meat is not made of magic it is made of chemicals. You can re-make or substitute any chemical nessesary. A vegan diet is objectively more healthy if they do it right. The problem is they often don't.

  61. same with the stupid people reading this that have dogs or really any pet and make them go vegan or vegetarian instead of having them follow the diet that they need to stay healthy and survive

  62. My best friend has been vegan since day one, her mom is vegan and her dad is vegetarian, she’s never complained and neither have I. Her mother is a midwestern white woman but moved away from that because she hated the animal abuse she saw at farms. I can say without a doubt she makes the best homemade food ever! She does a lot of Indian cuisine, i’m sure if my friend wanted to eat meat her mother would let her; however my friend was raised vegan and doesn’t wish to eat differently.

  63. But please check up with a doctor before feeding them completely vegan. It can cause major issues when still growing humans don't get what the body developed to need throughout history

  64. I mean, don't all parents force their kids to eat a certain a way? If all they cook is meat, they're forcing the kid to eat meat. If all they buy is junk, kids only gonna eat junk. If all they buy are veggies, guess the kid is eating vegan.

  65. Some kids can’t be vegan. Some people just can’t be. I have iron absorbing issues, meaning that with supplements I have to eat red meat 4 times a week and meat every day, if my parent forced me to be vegan I could have died. I would have been very sick my whole life.

  66. My highschool/ colleague mate was vegan during most his youth. I known him since highschool. He always packed vegan meals to school.

  67. Parents force their kids in regards of so many things... a proper vegan diet is definitely among the better things (for the child) a child is usually forced to by their parents.

  68. I'm not a vegan, but honestly, the vegans are clearly right. What we're doing to animals is objectively immoral and the worst crime that humans are currently guilty of. That said, I don't know enough about the topic to make a certain answer - I don't know if a kid's developing body needs nutrients that are in meat to properly develop.

  69. Parents already decide what their kids eat. As long as the kid is getting all the nutrients they need, there is no problem with it.

  70. I’m unconvinced that a vegan diet can be all that healthy for a growing child. Need to get some meat and/or fish into them, and milk is a pretty good idea too.

  71. They shouldn't force them. They can choose to keep those types of food and educate them on why they are vegan. But no. Never force.

  72. Somewhere between 2 and 3 is the sweet spot. Allow the child to add meat on a schedule or ad gov basis to an otherwise nutritionally balanced diet.

  73. I think that is between the parents and the pediatrician until the child is old enough to decide for themselves. If the child is able to get all of their nutritional needs met through a vegan diet, it would be wasteful to buy a bunch of food that won’t be eaten by anybody else in the house besides the child. If they get older and start wanting to eat non vegan foods, then the parents are in the wrong if they continue to force veganism on them.

  74. As long as they’re not causing their children to be deficient in essential nutrients, I don’t see why not.

  75. Actively feeding a kid a different meals than the parents all the time is not something I'd call pedagogically or dietistically smart.

  76. If you’re forcing a child to be vegan, you better be working with a Dietitian on the regular to ensure that child is getting their macro requirements to grow properly, if that child grows up with deficiencies that leave permanent effects and they learn why, there’s going to be some big fucking drama

  77. It's not our natural state of being and so in my mind it's abuse to force your child to be a vegan. I dated a girl during my teenage years that was a forced vegan by her family and while she saw nothing wrong with it ( Probably due to a life time of indoctrination ), she also could literally not eat any meat at all or any animal product adjacent item.

  78. Kids need nutrition, especially proteins and minerals in meats and dairy products. Unless they have a very growing child centric nutritional value vegan diet, it would be bad to force your kids to eat they same way. I've known vegans who had to let their kids eat differently because they got malnourished eating vegan diets.

  79. Reddit moment lmao, if the Parents are vegan then there's only vegan food at home. I really don't see the problem.

  80. One can reach a healthy growth and phenotype as a child on a diet without meat perhaps, but completely vegan? That's either impossible or needlessly difficult.

  81. Eggs are from a vegan perspective not wrong for possibly being fertilised, but for the industry behind an egg. Male chicks aren't profitable, so the often get in a blender quite soon after being born. Even with free range eggs, male chick are too expensive too be alive.

  82. Why would you milk an infected cow lmao. And what if the chicken egg came from a factory farm? This comment is ridiculous

  83. I don't think it's okay, they're not old enough to understand all the health complications of the vegan diet and it could severely stunt their growth if it's not done properly. I'm also against unhealthy and not medically necessary diets like junk food, only snacks,... btw, I think parents should aspire to give their kids the best food because they're not old enough to decide if their morals are worth the risk for themselves yet. But the parents can teach them to love animals sure

  84. My close friend in hight school had a vegan mother and the doctor had to practically threaten to call CPS to get her to feed them meat. Him and his brother were missing many important nutrients to their development. I know you can get like 99% (or something I'm not a nutritionist) of what you need from plants but the way she was doing it wasn't right and they were showing that. Kind of wild and extreme example but I would not feed my kids vegan even if I became vegan (but I probably wouldn't ever become vegan anyway because vegetarian and pescetarian sound better and make more sense imo).

  85. Then the doctor was stupid. Instead of threatening her to try to get her to feed them meat, he should have indicated her vegan sources of what they needed. You can absolutely be vegan and have everything you need.

  86. Honestly, veganism is ridiculous. But Option 2 seems sensible to me. Afaik, if you go from a vegan diet to a normal diet, you can get sick or serious skin breakouts and stuff. So if the kid has to choose, it’s better to let him choose to give up animal products rather than the other way around.

  87. I'm not opposed to people serving their dietary preferences to their children, but there's a difference between that and "forcing" a kid to be vegan. For example if a vegan family had s kid they're totally fine in my book if they serve vegan meals. With that said though, just as I'd expect a meat-eating family to accommodate a child who doesn't like or doesn't want to eat meat so too do I expect a vegan family to accommodate the dietary preferences of their child as well.

  88. I've been raised by vegetarians and I grew up to love meat because my dad (who was basically vegan at this point, but he sometimes used cheese) always made me the quality meet. Like I had meat like one a week and never really had sausages or smal meet things but whenever I had it it was something special.

  89. It’s kind of like Judaism and pork. When they are older they can make their own decisions but while at home they will eat what is served. Also “force” like if a kid brings home a burger you can’t force them to not eat it.

  90. Only when kid isnt old enough to develop its own preferences/ taste, or they are overly controlling with what child eats.

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