Ideal age for having kids?

  1. Middle 30s is when you start to be financially stable and/or achieve a good position, so you can support your children without problems

  2. But biologically a woman's eggs are declining by mid 30s to early 40s. Higher chance of disorders like down syndrome. Biologically 20s is when we're best suited for healthy children.

  3. 25 to 35. For me, after I turned 35 I had little to no interest in having children. It's like you come to terms with the concept that your life doesn't have to follow the norm around that age and you start thinking about all the good parts of not being responsible for another human making the prospect of having kids less appealing.

  4. We should teach people about that last sentence before they're 25 tbh. People shouldn't have children just because they're not fully aware they have a choice 🙈

  5. mid 30s. you get one shot at life, spend the first 30 years being free and doing everything you want, and then when you’re a bit older you can settle down with kids and not feel unfufilled

  6. Women in their mid 30s are more difficulty having healthy kids vs women in their 20s . Chances of birth defects increase as they get older. Science supports this btw

  7. Agreed, my sister inlaw had her 1st child at 22 with her husband was 25. They found out they couldn't actually afford to provide the lifestyle they thought they could for their child and are now raising their child at my inlaws house

  8. Everyone of my Partners 15 odd American based Cousins in Minnesota have been married with multiple kids by 25ish. Seems to be the thing you do. We're considered weird for being mid 30s without kids.

  9. I feel like people voted 25-30 only so that they wont have to listen to their parents complain that they are too old to have fun. I voted 30-40, since twenties seems too young to be responsible for a child especially these days when getting into a good college, graduating college, and even landing a high paying job is super hard along with finding the right romantic partner and a proper home.

  10. I’m 28 and used to think I’d be settled down with a family by 25. Now I can’t imagine that happening even by the time I hit 30.

  11. My mom spent her entire 20’s just enjoying being single. She spent a lot of time hanging out with her friends after work, partying, etc.

  12. 35 and over is considered a geriatric pregnancy for women though, lots of added risk and difficulty conceiving unfortunately

  13. I'd d say between 28 and 35. At the age of 28, you have at least a few years of working experience and a stable income, while over 35, women are biologically under too much pressure to have children.

  14. Was born when both my parents were 40, will say that they were already pretty out of touch with the modern world and physically exhausted all the time and we didn’t do much together as a family as a result. Said problem will likely get worse with time considering how tech and culture is advancing so rapidly. They grew up in the 60s/70s and the lessons they learned about life just don’t usually apply to 2010s/2020s America.

  15. My parents had us at 40 and they’ve done just fine all my life, they’re more youthful and active than I am tbh. They’re out of touch with technology and it’s annoying sure but they also have their shit together (mostly) and maturity. My moms always pushing me to go out with her and have fun more, they recently went for a 10 miles a day walk for 10 days (in their 60’s now) and tried to convince me to come along too. Lol, nah fam.

  16. If we’re talking in a purely physical sense, I’m pretty sure it’s 18-25. Financially and mental maturity wise it’s 40-50. Emotionally and probably on the overall it’s 25-30.

  17. I want to have kids at an age where I can do stuff with them without always being sore, and I can financially support the family

  18. just depends on the person. im 22 and cant even imagine having kids right now. but i know people that had kids when they were 17/18 and they are glad they did.

  19. i'd say 25-30 since 30-40 age gap with parents isn't fun, based on experience. but at 25-30 at this era nobody is really financially stable. not even sure if you've met a good partner yet.

  20. I was 28. And I wouldn't do it much later. I swear my body aged 5 years just by pregnancy and giving birth. I am in so much pain lol.

  21. Late 20’s since you don’t want to be too far in age from them or you cannot relate to them as much and since your more likely to be stable at that age And if your older then you’ll be too old to enjoy some of the things they want to do

  22. As a 35 y/o with 4 kids, starting after 35 is crazy talk. The vast majority of you will never be "financially stable" enough if you begin to think that way and you will be too old to enjoy your children.

  23. I think 25-30 is a good point. Young enough to still have energy to have fun with your kids. There’s also a good chance you could be financially stable. Personally I don’t want kids. I never have and never will. But In my case, I’m 23 and I’m doing pretty good. Have a decent salary, a comfortable and flexible job, my job gives paid maternity leave, I have good health insurance. I think my boyfriends is about the same, just less flexible. A few more years and I should own a home.

  24. Who answered 25-30 ? Please remove, I am not at all ready for it !! I am still moving appartments and girlfriends every 6 months, I am the antonyme of stable

  25. I did 25-30 because I don’t think I will be able to have any children if I wait later than that. My parents had me when my dad was 33 and my mum was 35. But that was after struggling for about 4 years with fertility issues and they never managed to have a second child. I don’t want to risk waiting and then not be able to actually have a kid.

  26. Because that's the ideal age. But most of us won't get there by then. Finding a life partner to do that with is incredibly difficult, and so is having the financial means

  27. Some people are financially stable from 25-30. Some aren’t. Everyone has different experiences in life.

  28. 28-30 to be specific. Any younger and you are likely to not be financially stable enough yet, any later and you are likely to have fertility problems.

  29. Physically would be 18-25 but honestly you should only be having kids if you’re financially stable enough and are able to give the kid a good life

  30. 30-40. I don't want kids but if I did I'd have them in my early 30's. When you're 25 you're only just reaching financial stability and settling into a good place in your job: you want to enjoy the extra cash and freedom before settling down and having kids, and either way early 30's is still a good age to have them (and you'll hopefully have savings by then too).

  31. I was 29 when ma boy was born. Wife was 27. I feel it was a good age. Was almost (lol) fully matured and had a bit of wisdom, but still young enough I’ll be able to play with any grandkids without a walker.

  32. 25-30 because having children in your late 30s to 40s you lose the stamina and ability to keep up with your children and they end up not having as present a parent in their teens. I saw it with my friends in high school who had older parents and now my younger sister. Because you can’t always handle that teenage rebellion phase after a certain age. At least that’s been my view and experience. I’m sure there are some people out there able to handle it but I’d say majority won’t.

  33. My parents had my sister and I at 39 and 40. They had fertility issues for 11 YEARS. My mother said she cried every month all that time.

  34. For me, between now (almost 23) and 28. I want to start trying with my husband once he's ready. But we both agree we aren't waiting any longer than 25-26

  35. not my answering 25-30 is the ideal age. You are not too young so you are more responsible, you aren't too old to be impatient. You most likely have an affordable amount of money to get a child. Of course, 30-40 is not bad aswell, but 25-30 is the best in my opinion.

  36. You also got to keep in mind if you have aging parents that you need to take care of, it’s a lot easier to take care of them if your kids are not super young.

  37. Realistically, anytime from 25-40 would be fine, permitted a stable career is in place as well as being financially stable. I'm more inclined to go for 30-40, as you're more likely to be mentally stable, as well as gotten your "fun years" behind you, so that you may be responsible for a child.

  38. 25-30 in terms of the time you’d have to spend with them and the energy you’d have to raise them. That would be the ideal.

  39. 25-30 is the sweet spot where both a) you are likely to have a job and b) you’re just fertile enough that the child probably won’t have any birth defects

  40. Honestly I feel bad for all the people I know who got married and had kids either during or right after high school. You haven’t had enough time to grow yourself.

  41. as maturity and comprehension tend to peak/level off in the early 40's and biologically ideal window ends in early 30's 30-40 is likely as close to ideal as can be.

  42. 50+ if we circumvent the biological timer on our bodies and if we manage to find a cure for dementia. Id say 100+ maybe even 1000+

  43. ASAP so that when your kids have kids then hopefully you'll be at a young enough age to still be physically active with them!

  44. I just had my son at 23 and it is a good age for us but it’s obviously going to different for everyone 🤷‍♀️

  45. Growing up I always wanted to have children starting at around 20, but it didn't end up happening until 28. On the one hand, it was nice to just have fun for a while and to have time to get my act together. On the other hand, I'm now trying to have four children before 35, when the health risks to myself and baby start increasing. It's stressing me out! I'd love to have a little bit more space between kids and a lot more leeway while trying to conceive. It's probably still for the best that it turned out this way though. I'm in a much better place mentally than I was in my early 20s.

  46. It's a lot easier to get your woman pregnant between the ages of 18 to 25. After that, the chances of her getting pregnant go down significantly. This is why I chose the first option to vote for. By the way, I would love to get a woman pregnant, if she would let me, of course.

  47. No one here wants to acknowledge that a 30 year old woman who is pregnant is treated for her geriatric pregnancy...cause she's medically old to have kids.

  48. Most of us know this, but "choosing" when to have kids is such an odd concept to me. You don't choose when you'll meet the right person. Sure, ideally most women who want to have kids would rather have them early, but that's not the reality of it

  49. my parents were 33 when they had me, and 40 when they had my brother. i was lucky, but now that my brother is ten and they’re 50, they’re older and their bones are already getting more achy, so they don’t play with him very much. i wish my parents had me earlier, because they aren’t going to live to see me or my siblings grandparents, or even just me grow up too much

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