How are you gonna get rich?

  1. Or hear me out. Spread your food to 400 swallows minimum a day. Small bites. That's $24,000 a day minimum. And I am sure I could do a 1000. Just eating sunflower seeds would be healthy and profitable.

  2. On average, most people blink around 15 to 20 times each minute. That means, while you're awake, you probably blink: 900 – 1,200 times an hour. 14,400 – 19,200 times a day. Yeah I chose right too, I knew we blinked a lot but god damn.

  3. You could just post something that goes against the hivemind in a main sub. Don't even need to leave reddit to collect your hypothetical payday.

  4. Exactly. Idk why so many picked blinking. That will take way too long and will fuck your eyes pretty quickly. Try it, 20 times already begins to be uncomfortable

  5. Taking the 500 dollars, there is a lot of sensitive people on Reddit so this will be easy. I might even get it now just for this comment

  6. The blinking math is bad. But the sex math is even funnier to me. 10 mil per year would mean having sex 1000 times, or 2.7 time per day every day. If that's your life, then I don't know whether I should be impressed or concerned. lol.

  7. You disclude the fact that one doesnt have to watch an individual movie. If I have a warehouse of a thousand tvs playing at the same time, thats a million per movie, 16 milly best case if I dont scale up.

  8. Here's the thing, if you have a hobby like gaming or anything that's person versus person then you also get free money just for existing, bonus points if you're LGBTQ and open about it.

  9. I picked it because the act of selecting that option upsets peole. Slef fulfilling prophecy on loop

  10. The getting laid one is the one to go for. It's essentially an atm that works everywhere. Abroad and the atm's don't work? Find a prostitute.

  11. 600 people pick blinking. 50 people pick upsetting people and then head to the comments to defend it. Checks out.

  12. How is $500 per person upset not the obvious answer? Go on a controversial video, post something offensive, ???, profit.

  13. Maybe some people just don't like upsetting people. I personally don't think I'd be happy with myself knowing I'm upsetting so many people daily.

  14. Holy shit. 500 dollars for every person I upset? Damn. Reddit is a gold mine for that. With one controversial post I can upset at least a thousand people! That's half a million dollars of clean profit! Sign me up!

  15. If I just wanted to make a lot of money easily I would do the linking one, but I really really enjoy watching movies so I definitely would rather choose that. Even with no repeats, I can still watch a movie multiple times if I wanted to so I wouldn’t care much. Also, I can watch a movie make a video on the movie and post it to YouTube to also make some passive income there.

  16. About 3 movies a day (every day) would make me 1 mil in a year, so about 6 hours a day for a year. That may seem like a lot, but it doesn’t mention how attentive we need to be to the movie so that can cut down the time by a lot.

  17. $500 for everyone i upset. Just have two redit accounts one for pro trump post and one for anti trump post. Should thoroughly piss off just about everyone

  18. Blinking gets you 15 dollars every minute, 900 every hour, 13,500 every day, 400,500 a month and 4,806,000 a year.

  19. The average person blinks 15-20 times per minute, so at minimum I'd blink 14400 times in a working day and about 12000 during off days, making about 95k / week.

  20. OK but you can give 1000 dollars to each girl you fuck. You will be drowning in both pussy and cash before you know it.

  21. Go on Reddit and talk about anything that doesn’t sound heavily left leaning and I’ll be rich. That or make a tier list of something.

  22. Define "watch movie" because I can have a warehouse of a thousand movies on TV's playing at once and make like 16 million in a single day, keep at it for a few days and retire more than happily.

  23. Let's just say overall I'm constantly upset with myself does that count, and if so is like a continuously coming in as it would be with blinking

  24. I chose the movie one even though it's not the most profitable now because I could still continue my normal life, not develop any unhealthy habits or ticks to earn money, and I could be paid really well-doing something I enjoy already.

  25. Student optometrist here. You'll make around 15k a day by blinking (unless you use a lot electronics then your blinking goes down a little but still 10k a day easily)

  26. The play is to buy a fuck ton of m&ms, and just spend an afternoon swallowing each of them individually. Assuming you can go at a pace of about 1 every 2 seconds, you could get 100000 in half an hour.

  27. Get 10k for every time you get laid. Make an agreement with an escort so we have acheduled "work days" where we do it some tumes and split the moneyat the end. Would become rich really quick by having sex. Blinking would be bad because you would remember that you get money when you blink and it would become not automatic.

  28. I work in a mill and do Millwork as my trade. I also don’t wear safety glasses (I’m an idiot) so I constantly get saw dust in my eyes lol. Needless to say which option I chose

  29. $10,000 every time you get laid is pretty good if you’re a couple in a relationship with a healthy sex life. I’d be making at least $50K per week. Even if I was single, I’d sleep with a random person every once in a while when I need money.

  30. Blinking is the easiest as you can do whatever you want and make money. But if you find a partner down to fuck 2-3 times a day. Even if you’re splitting it. Let’s just say 3 times on average.

  31. Boutta accumulate a large politically charged and far left audience and say the nword on live stream and wait. 500 per mf upset.

  32. Pretty sure all I'd need to do to get rich would be to go on political subreddits and say the opposite of the common belief.

  33. Look all im saying is my mere existence makes far more individuals upset then i could blink my life. Firstly pineapple on pizza is good, secondly ranch is american sauce and it sucks. Lastly Europe thats a joke in it self. This alone has me richer then you idiots that went to college bam more cash see ez gayming.

  34. You guys missing getting laid option. Pay first time from your pocket and do that 3-4 times a day gg.

  35. $500 for each person I upset easy. I would just go on stage before someone performs and say, “sorry folks, they’re not playing tonight”. Bam, I would piss off tons of people, make $500 per person, and they wouldn’t be upset for long because the performer would come out afterwards. I would become rich very easily.

  36. I can have sex all day with my partner and get a nice house, or you could even hire someone to have sex if you wanted, infinite money, and it doesn't have to be a different person even and I could have sex like 12 times a day, and make 120,000 daily, and then my money works for itself lol

  37. I always like these polls where one option is so much better than the rest bc you know the person who makes them genuinely thinks the options are balanced

  38. If prostitutes count as getting laid, you could make a very large net profit every time you see one.

  39. The problem some people are ignoring about the piss people off deal is statistically, you will piss someone off that will try to kill you

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