Everyone go wash your car

  1. Ya. I’ve tried power washing my truck and it removes a layer of grim, but it definitely leaves quite a bit. Must be some type of soap or degreaser.

  2. Having bought a few vehicles that were sitting outside and not cared for, I go Scrubbing Bubbles. Might sound crazy, but it works.

  3. i detail cars, for a car like this i would use iron remover + dish soap after the powerwash. usually you dont want to use dishsoap because it removes the wax etc but in this case you want to remove everything so you can clean properly then maybe buff it up at the very least and protect with new wax layer! after this, youd just use speciaized car soap

  4. Nothing special. Power washing will do this regardless. 100% guarantee there is still a good film of grime on that car after this is done. Agitation is required for a clean car.

  5. If you used soap like in the video then use green and you shouldn’t have problems. I’ve used yellow on mine for small but tough spots but you definitely have to keep a safe distance and not linger.

  6. White tip otherwise known as 40 degrees. You don't need more than 1000 psi for car washing. I also recommend to watch some of so much videos and copy his techniques. His way is the best to minimize swirls which happen mostly while washing and drying

  7. The way I've always had it explained to me is that the tip doesn't matter as much as the distance. No closer than you would spray your own skin.

  8. Try to only use white or sometimes the green tip for heavy stuff or on rims. Stay away from the yellow and red tip or you will chip paint.

  9. My SunJoe came with a nozzle specifically for car washing. It's like a 50-60 degree nozzle that's more Misty than anything and does a killer job, especially up close on the under areas.

  10. You got a bit of wax/ protectant on it though beforehand, meaning your car is protected. Don't stress it buddy

  11. Fully agree about washing your car at least twice a month to prevent debris from becoming embedded, but once it's embedded a pressure wash ain't gonna help. A pressure high enough to do anything will cause more harm than good.

  12. Twice a month?! Dude, I have a life beyond my car, and I'm not washing my car at all in the 7 months that everything is frozen. I have already stopped since its too cold to be worth it and its just going to pour the next day and undo all my work.

  13. I bought my first brand new car a couple months ago and started actually taking care to do this. It's so satisfying. The iron remover is the most satisfying step for sure, but also, good lord, how does my car pick up so much?! I live in a fairly industrial area, just surprising.

  14. It’s not illegal but it’s extremely stupid. You should never wash your car at home where the water runoff ends up in nature and can poison waterways. Always go to a car wash with proper runoff systems

  15. I love videos like this. I just watched the whole thing. If it wasn't for the carpet and the steering wheel, I would have sworn that car was brand new.

  16. This may be a dumb question but do regular car wash places have power washers? Or are they lower pressure than a real power washer?

  17. Do you mean the self service car wash or the ones that you drop off and wait 15 minutes for them to call you to your car?

  18. I had a 1990. One night I was drinking in my house and got lazy and left the car on the street. It was gone the next morning. Still the best and first car I bought myself.

  19. Idk what kind of pressure washer he has, but that does not look far enough from the paint. He looks like he is power washing a driveway. And it makes me skeptical of just much work his presoak spray was doing.

  20. There's no point. My car is covered in dings and dents and the rear bumper isnt even painted. The clear coat and paint on the roof, boot, and hood are sun damaged. Under the hood and the interior aren't so bad.

  21. This isn’t true at all. You just need to use the correct nozzle. There are even attachments for spraying foam on your car using your pressure washer. It’s actually the best way since it uses less water as well. You just don’t want to use a high pressure nozzle.

  22. If this interests you go check out ammo NYC on YouTube. His wash routine is the best I've found you don't need fancy equipment I use the $100 small Ryobi pressure washer and get great results! As for what products I use. I use the complete p&s detailing product line. Very affordable each gallon of product is around$20 and high dilutiable

  23. Karcher is better for not that much more money, and it's way easier to upgrade it to quick-connects when you feel like spending a bit more money. Makes using a pressure washer for car washes not a huge PITA

  24. I wish people would wash the underside more often especially in the winter to keep your car corrosion free.

  25. Bought a car in June that collected dust all summer. I was just about to finally wash it and the rain returned. Problem solved.

  26. Possibly using muriatic/hydrochloric acid? I worked at a boat dealership. I remember cleaning stubborn yellowing/green aluminum(pontoon boats) or fiberglass boats off of them. Mix the acid with water, scrub, then spray off in patches. Worked really well but had to be careful inhaling the fumes

  27. Was going to do this on my 1969 ford ranchero that's been sitting for 15 years this weekend. Storming pretty bad tho so Im gonna do it next week. Anyone want to see 15 years of grime get a bit of pressure washing?

  28. I always thought doing that would take the paint off. Can you power wash hub caps too like even the cheap plastic ones?

  29. I have to park under a tree in GA. I have to power wash my vehicle regularly, but give up during the Spring because it is almost a permanent yellow at that point.

  30. People come to maaco to have their car painted because they are to lazy to get it washed. I swear this happens. And I don't understand People or the human race.

  31. No power wash the radiator you will damage it The fins of radiator very fine and people damage them with pressure washers Plus you can mess up the paint and the clear coat on the vehicle unless it's at a more mild pressure which I'm assuming is using

  32. Why do I have the feeling that car was made dirty just for this video? Not many people who own cars like that with paint that nice allow their cars to get that dirty.

  33. A vert s13? Should be able to still find those for less than 4k. Good luck getting atop in decent shape, or rear quarter windows that work.

  34. This is a really bad idea, and even worse jet washing in the front bumper. Talk about trying to ruin the internals of the car just from trying to clean it

  35. in sweden you cant wash your car in the driveway. all the chemicals, heavy metals etc will be washed down into the drains. So unless you actually have real filters installed you are supposed to go to a carwash place.

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