US preppers: a new COVID wave (BA2) in the US is likely less than 30 days out -- how are you prepping for it?

  1. I lost 25 lbs since January. Energy up, sleep great. Also my night time stomach problems disappeared since losing the weight and improving my diet - haven't had to touch gaviscon in months! Definitely a really good prep taking care of yourself.

  2. Oh man, I forgot about stock in Charmin. I wanna go back and add that to my prep list. Knock out that financial preparedness.

  3. You can do it. I closed on a new house in Sept 2021 and getting my garden set up this week. It also helps having your own space to just sit out side and get some fresh air

  4. Agreed. I’ve lost 100+ lbs after coming to accept how dangerous obesity was and what a future I was looking at if I didn’t address what I was doing to myself.

  5. This is probably the only subreddit where you can suggest fitness and healthy nutrition as one of the best ways to manage the risk posed by COVID (or any disease or illness) and not get massively downvoted. So many people would literally do anything else to avoid putting in the time and effort to improve themselves and become more resilient to the many challenges a typical person will face in their lifetime.

  6. Why exercise and diet wasn’t part of the official response from the beginning is beyond me. Early on we knew being overweight was associated with worse outcomes and it’s been longe enough that if someone started at the beginning they could have changed their life.

  7. My friend who is a professional ice skater and PE teacher who got COVID without symptoms, and now her heart has gotten some sort of inflammation due to covid and it might be permanent. Her husband is a professional soccer player, he had COVID with heavy symptoms but no more issues afterwards. They were both vaccinated. Just saying you need to stay watchful even if you're in good health.

  8. Literally the only helpful prep ITT. You can't avoid covid forever, you will get it, even if you're giga vaxxed and wear a hazmat suit. Its going to happen. Might as well get it when you're healthy and ready for it

  9. I’m vitamin D deficient and take 50,000 iu (or something like that.. it’s a prescription) once a week. Seriously folks should get their D B and potassium levels checked at least once a year. I also take script potassium after landing in the emergency room in a septic state for something else and they had to wait to operate until I had a few banana bags with shit ton of antibiotics IV. I’ve been downing that K horse pill for years now and still test in just about the normal range. Same with the vit. D.

  10. Buying medicine and supplements to boost immune function. Started home schooling earlier this year for more reasons than COVID but it definitely makes a difference health and education wise. Starting a small hobby farm teaching the kids about growing and animal husbandry. Less trips to the grocery store is cheaper and less exposure. This healthier too.

  11. Since we have already had two years of this; what else can I do?. I'm better prepared now that I was 2 years ago. So just keep on keeping on I guess.

  12. The only right answer. People on this sub LOVE watching the news a little too much. Prepping is fine but it seems like recently more people are panic buying than anything else

  13. It's killed a million people in the US alone. I don't understand how you can be an active participant on a /preppers forum, and yet still advocate ignoring news about a disease that's killed a million people.

  14. If you are vaccinated you have a very good chance of surviving, even new variations. But I agree, I think with the world where it is, no unspoken “I love you”s hits a little harder.

  15. COVID will never end. Virus mutates faster than we can develop vaccines and innoculate the population. At a certain point, I think the costs of trying to beat an unwinnable fight are going to be greater than conceding nature has us beat. In the meantime, being in good physical shape and having a robust immune system is going to be the best option for most people (barring those with autoimmune disorders). 80% of your health is determined by what you eat and how much you exercise. Running is free and veggies are cheap. Medical bills are not.

  16. I have Covid right now. My nasal douche keeps my nose clear and aspirin/ibuprofen/paracetamol helps with the fever and the pain but my throat is killing me. I wish I would have bought an inhaler/nebuliser before this.

  17. I survived on DayQuil and NyQuil and that was basically it 😭 it sucked hard for a few days but within a week i was better. Hopefully yours will be over soon!

  18. I’ve finished restocking the preps I used the last 2 years. I’m good for another round. This time I have plenty of hair dye, zip lock baggies and cat litter. It has been an learning experience.

  19. I agree. Society will eventually realize that this isn’t an ebola level illness and we will just coexist with covid like we have adapted to having influenza going around.

  20. Nothing different than what we've been doing, COVID-1`9 BA2 is only more transmissible the BA1 not more severe. Also looks like variants are less and less likely to mutate additional vaccine resistance.

  21. It is going to be a non issue, at least in the USA, it is something we will have to live with like the flu, it will unlikely be eradicated...

  22. My Dad has shite for immune system due to a lot of factors beyond his control. I assumed he had a game plan on case he did catch it (3x vaxxed). He caught it in January and tried getting over it without going in for antivirals.

  23. I don’t know why some people are acting like a new outbreak wouldn’t affect them. Have we forgotten The Great TP Shortage of 2019? At a minimum, we should be checking over our preps. It was TP then, who knows what it’ll be this time.

  24. People panicked the first time around because with the immanent lockdowns it appeared that the entire population was going to be put on house arrest for an indefinite amount of time. There was no panic buying for delta or omicron so it's unlikely there will be this time around. Enough of the population is over it and has realized that its an endemic disease like the flu and have moved on with their lives.

  25. As tempted as I am to ignore it, I figure it’s gonna be the one time I ignore it that it’s gonna be the big one.

  26. Odd that the "I don't care / covid is over / I prep for people not pandemic" crowd are adamantly discussing their strong desire not to prepare as if even if their own beliefs about covid were true they ignore 2 years of supply chain issues well beyond their own control.

  27. I’m good. Minimal contact with others. Weekends getting sun exploring the woods. Lots of family time. Got a decent amount food and meds. Money in the bank and cash stored. Gas tanks stay full. Generator ready, multiple portable phone chargers. Nothings perfect but I’m not worried unless someone steals a car or catalytic inverter. The time and money involved would stress me out.

  28. Masks, Covid tests, baking and cooking essentials. Bought a 1/2 beef and some pork from a farmer. Food prices are going up!!! And perhaps shortages

  29. I bought flour today because I’m hearing of wheat shortages coming. I’m not going to panic buy but just get a little extra each time I go to the store.

  30. This is a good comment. Buy now to avoid straining the supply system if you believe another wave is going to come.

  31. Exactly. I don’t know when or why people stopped caring about other’s in their community, but the cold and callous reactions towards others is quite alarming.

  32. I know, right. I especially like the ones who say ‘quit watching the news’ … so… how will you know when the next emergency is happening? Caught off guard because you ‘quit watching the news’. Seems… why bother preparing for anything then? I don’t get it

  33. I haven’t stopped my preparations from last time. My area is high transmission still and has been since cases first hit this area

  34. It's still killing 30-40,000 Americans a month. People are forgetting and I think they are being led to forget bc this is going to be the normal for a while. I'm starting to think tptb know this is as good as it gets until there's an improvement in treatment.

  35. No one cares apparently until it’s their own toddler or themselves gasping for air like a fish out of water.

  36. BA2 has been in my country (I live in NZ) for a while now. It’s not that bad. We are seeing a lot of cases a day (relative to our size) but hasn’t stopped any usual services from continuing

  37. My quarter cow is going to be over a month late due to the butcher's family getting Covid, ironically. I'll have to make a Costco run to stock up a few weeks worth of meat as I was purposely letting my freezer empty out for the beef.

  38. My new swimming pool should be completed in two weeks. It’ll take a month to heat a clear/ filter after the plaster coat (white cement). I’m eating less trying to get a pool body.

  39. Staying healthy and hydrated, taking vitamins and having them on hand. Zinc, Quercetin, NAC, Vitamin D, Vitamin C. Otherwise nothing. Colds and flus have new variants all the time - this endemic virus is and will be no different.

  40. I'm just watching it to see how bad (i.e. "if") it gets bad. I'm still wearing a mask though too, and not one of these stupid cloth ones but N95. I think it helps some in public places. I still have all my previous preps, was already prepped before the pandemic and have used and replaced some of it, so still just as prepared as ever. Except now two years older. :D

  41. Yeah, since wearing a mask I have not gotten a cold or anything in the past 2 years. I don't see myself stopping wearing one going forward.

  42. I can't get N95. But I got my hands on several KN95s. Not as good, I know, but still better'n the cloth ones.

  43. I am definitely seeing the trends in cases going up and beginning to get the phone calls. We had a significant amount of Omi cases so there is natural immunity out there but many people are starting to be 90 days from their infection when natural immunity begins to wane. We’re gonna hit this wave with far less elasticity in the healthcare system. We’re already low on lots of things with no indication when the supply chain is getting better.

  44. I still just wear masks or hang outdoors for the most part. It’s basically just been a hygienic way to not get sick at the very least. I have two young kids and we’ve only gotten sick twice in two years…I’ll keep the masks on. The antidepressants are working, I just don’t have the mental energy to freak out about it anymore.

  45. Lol. Some of ya are pissing your diapers over a mythical nuke compared to something that already killed millions. Not sure which one is worse at this point.

  46. To be honest, I think most people are "done" with Covid in the US (not my personal opinion, just observation). Some places might bring back mask mandates but the era of lockdowns, shutdowns, etc. is over. There's no more political will to do it.

  47. I don’t think it’s political will people are just over it in general. Look at how triggered they got over masks and vaccines, you tell ‘em to do another locksdown at this stage and they’re gonna start really freaking out.

  48. I ordered some more N95 masks. I already have plenty of wipes, soap, hand sanitizer, etc. Already fully stocked on OTC's and checked the expiration dates just recently as part of the lead up to spring cleaning. Cupboards are stocked.

  49. I'm a fat old man (though I work out regularly I just eat a lot) and had the vid twice. Both times I took Nyquil, afrin to open my sinus' and slept it off. It sucked for two days then a few more days of mild misery My advice is stock up on that stuff, honey and isolate yourself from people who are a) elderly and b) immunocompromised.

  50. Not totally sure what you mean, but surviving a car crash because you wore a seatbelt means keep wearing your seatbelt, not "I used a seatbelt once so I don't need them anymore"

  51. Lol, this sub is hilarious. You spent years and years prepping, thousands of dollars, and ungodly amounts of time / energy to prepare for the worst. Here we are with millions dead across the globe which can pretty much cause long term health problems or even death at random… and it’s being downplayed as no big deal.

  52. I scoffed at the idea of covid the first time around. Not this time. But I'm already prepped, not much more I can do except try to be financially ready since there's no more PPP for being out sick. I've had covid twice with no major difficulty so I'm not going to be going back every 3-4months for a booster shot

  53. Re-upping on masks and sanitizer early, bit of extra cash on hand in small bills, plus change (weirdly, that was a hang-up - people not giving change).

  54. It’s not the best but I bought two 5 gallon refillable jugs from my grocery store and a manual pump from Amazon that works perfect. I was using it during the freeze cause I didn’t want to go out but I’m just going back to the Brita filter and having these full in case.

  55. I have canned foods, masks, tests, vitamins, medicine, water. Might get more water and variety of canned foods. I was thinking of flour because of the wheat shortages but honestly I don’t use it or eat bread much so I don’t see the point. I don’t anticipate a lockdown so I don’t know what else to do.

  56. I don't prepare for individual situations like covid getting worse or war or whatever. But I am always trying to better our preparedness for any life circumstance. Right now in light of this covid news I am sort of happy that life is keeping us down due to a medical surgery, some work projects, homestead projects that we don't plan on leaving the house after next week for about 3 months. Grateful timing I suppose.

  57. Lol, doing nothing. Plus I thought we were supposed to ignore all this shit and live like normal. Mask off on Monday, can't fucking wait. Also, you can prep what you can carry, thats about it. Your pickup is going to be useless, your Jeep, whatever burns fuel, canned food is heavy. You can only carry a couple days worth of water. And if we get nuked your food and water are fucked anyway and there's no shelter.

  58. The only thing a COVID wave changed here last time was the availability of masks and tests, so I’ll stock up on masks and tests. The food and toilet paper and all that other stuff needs prepping for even if there’s never another COVID wave, given food and gas costs, supply chain, war.

  59. "Official" data about COVID I´´ will take it with a grain of salt. Applies the same for every country. Not trying to rain in your parade, amigo, but...I don´´t know. In Venezuela the official yadda yadda stopped from...December, maybe...and I don´t know anyone who has got it recently.

  60. Been constantly prepping for the next wave for the last two years. It’s an ongoing thing. My plan is, basically, just have the things that people tend to panic buy on hand before the panic starts. Then sit back with a cup of tea.

  61. Meh. Prepping for it? Just my usual fifo and making sure I'm okay staying in for a while. I normally want to chill out alone with a good book, so being asked to stay home wasn't a hardship. I'm starting to get excited for spring and working on my balcony garden. That's about it. My province has given up all restrictions in the hope that all the vaccines do their job. I'm not informed/schooled enough to have a strong opinion either way. I'm vaxxed and boosted, but will be keeping my distance from others for now on. Kidding aside, I really enjoy the excuse to stay home and do whatever I want on my days off...

  62. Omicron caused cases to go up (huge spike) but deaths were only marginal and hospitals were not overrun. What is the severity of this new strain? That's what is important. We may not need to prepare at all.

  63. Lots of hospitals were rationing care during the omicron waves across the US at least. Still, the biggest risks of getting covid have never been death, but things like higher risk of strokes, myocarditis, reduced lung function, extreme fatigue, and cognitive impairment.

  64. My preps are already there.... 6 months-1 year food supply.... ability to hunt and gather.... ability to protect..... ability to bug out..... ability to ramp up the gardens and become more self sufficient. The only "prep" for a new disease strain is to get the vax (i have) or become a total hermit....

  65. Keep strong and carry on! I’ve got my preps, done everything to protect me and family (mask, Vaccinated, limit outings) so no reason change anything

  66. You're very disciplined. I increased my lightswitch kissing because I didn't want to get my hands all germy turning them on and off. /s

  67. Not wearing masks, not testing, not quarantining, and going to so called super spreader events. That's how I'm preparing

  68. I will continue doing what I’ve been doing. Avoid crowds, wear a mask when indoors, and spend most of my time at home. It’s where I prefer to be anyway.

  69. A store called Black Friday opened up on our main thruway a few months ago. Essentially they buy the crap people return to Amazon. F’ing world of consumer waste… anyway.. friday is 12.00 day Saturday 10.00 and so on. Since my wife is a thrift store junky, it’s like manna because the stuff is brand new. I always go in on the four and two dollar days and scarf up all the masks and any first aid and or liquid holder things. And more containers to store shelf stable foods in. I think back to the beginning and how tough it was to get masks and I keep that mindset and pick some up whenever I can. N95’s or Kn95’s. Getting a sealed box of 20 or 30 at six bucks? Hells yeah. I should also add I drop off boxes of N95’s to the workers at the 7-11 I frequent. They are not provided masks and had been washing the N95’s they did have. Crazy. The string of 7-11’s on my main thruway is populated with the drunks druggies homeless mentally ill… etc. people you simply cannot police about any kind of illness avoidance.

  70. Conscientious mask use and being vaccinated has gotten me this far, I don't plan on changing what I do just because of a new variant.

  71. The primary effect of COVID is getting fucked by the government, so... I guess preparing to get fucked by my government.

  72. I'll probably just keep doing what I've been doing for the last two years: wash my hands, wear a mask sometimes, don't panic.

  73. Whatever. There will be new variants every 6 months for the rest of our lives. I'm triple vaccinated, then I caught COVID last month anyway, had mild cold-like symptoms, and recovered. I do believe it causes severe illness for some people, but the same is true of many diseases that existed since before I was born. I'm done with planning my life around the virus.

  74. I plan to just go about life as normal... The only worry is the idiots who are panic buying, but is that still happening with the covid scares that the media keeps pushing? I thought people were desensitized to it by this point.

  75. I read about this "variant" back in February. Hard to believe these "variants" anymore. They can't even isolate one strain let alone Delta, omni omnicron, etc. We're as prepared as we're going to be. Hubby stops every Thursday on his hour + drive home from work to get the items i request. We live quite rural so on his trek here, he gets items for us. This week he's getting 20 more pounds of AP flour, as many pounds of butter as he can (it's on sale), 4 more 24-pack bottles of spring water, two 3- month prescriptions i called in Tuesday and some more starter mix for my seeds.

  76. Not a damn thing lol. I take my herbs and vitamins and eat as healthy as I can. I kiss my babies when they get sick so I can pass antibodies to my breastfed baby.

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