I'm so fucking tired of wasting my life but i don't know how to stop.

  1. Playing an instrument is very impressive especially the piano. Don't think that is wasting time. You may not be playing for a crowd in a music Hall but it's still a talent. Be proud of that. Maybe try another instrument or a totally different hobby if you're not interested in piano anymore.

  2. I don't think playing piano is a waste of time at all.It's one of my favourite things,but I lack a lot of motivation. I also play the guitar in a less serious way (I'm self taught so I just learn the chords) and while it's fun it's also a way to indulge myself because it doesn't require any actual work.

  3. Oh yeah,I love "wasting" time.I just don't do it right.There's a difference between watching a show/reading something I like/listening to music and mindlessly scroll for the whole day. I want to fight the second thing but I don't know how.

  4. Im currently having the same fear and doubts at age 14, but reading the comments under this post are really comforting, thank you

  5. People told me this 8 years ago when I was 15 and what was troubling me then is still troubling me today despite all efforts to the opposite. I say good on him and better luck than me

  6. This is what social media is doing to teenagers. Creating a sense of inadequacies because of the constant comparison to others who look like they have it all.

  7. While I agree with the people saying "enjoy wasting time, you're 15", I don't think that's the answer you wanted. I was in your shoes as well and now I'm an engineer so I caught up in the end because, like you, I had a wake up call. This is what I did that worked for me (from what I remember):

  8. Thank you. I'm trying to hold myself more accountable,but most times i just feel unable to do anything. I know it's not really like that and i'm in control of my life but it feels like i'm not. I will still try to push until the end of the school year.

  9. Procrastination in my experience, is usually a symptom of something else. In my case, it is ADHD and anxiety. I’m a 46-year old woman who was only recently diagnosed, and procrastination was a way of life until that happened. Well, it still is sometimes. It was difficult for my own self worth because I had high standards for myself and often would just give up if it wasn’t going to be perfect. My parents would certainly just say I was lazy. And I thought the same, I must just be lazy (aka worthless as it translated into my head). But, I was overwhelmed, anxious, couldn’t figure out where to start…I still very much struggle- NOT lazy. Not even a little.

  10. Second this. Get tested. I was diagnosed at 46. Made a whole change. Also: check focusmate.com it is a life changer experience for me.

  11. Uh…. Are you me? I’m 25 and every year I become increasingly convinced I have ADHD because the procrastination just gets worse and the anxiety gets higher. I def have anxiety and panic disorder, have had them since I was young, but this lack of ability to concentrate and extreme procrastination is very new (didn’t experience it until 19, 20ish)

  12. Go workout. do it every day. when you start doing something productive for yourself everything else will fall in line.

  13. This is the best thing that can happen to you. Awareness that you are wasting your life with 15. Use it to foster change. Use it for self improvement. You will not even think about your current struggles anymore in 5 or 10 years. You are in a wonderful position. Many people never realize they wasted their life or do it when they are 60.

  14. I can share with you my last findings. It sounds like: make a business or friendship with yourself, not a war, don't be a tyrant for yourself. How it works? For example, you can create a deal, let yourself scrolling (if you enjoy it) for 15 minutes, and then you should work 30 minutes or hour. Or after piano practice, let yourself drink a cup of coffee or whatever you like. Don't be so hard to yourself.

  15. It is sad to see the pressure you are already under. Basically, the solution is simple, but the implementation is difficult. Every day for 90 minutes nothing but silence and your study materials. Cell phone, computer, PS off.

  16. You have good self awareness for a 15 year old. But like others have said, relax. Enjoy high school man, because once you finish it, vacation is over. Whether it be college or entrepreneurship or something else. That's when you really need to worry.

  17. I really can't relax.I risk failing classes because of my lack of studying and I don't know how to get into it.I don't have routines,I'm not constant in anything and there are no excuses.The only thing that can save me is self discipline but I got none.

  18. My god you're 15. I'm 23 & wishing I could go back to being 15. You may feel like we're against you & you're a rebel but honestly don't. Do whatever the fuck you want right now I'm serious. You've absolutely no liabilities no responsibilities. Money at disposal & time in hand. Go ask that girl/boy out you've been pondering on. Go grab a guitar & visit your local karoke joint. Smoke a doobie w your friends vibing through some if your fav artists discography's. Cook, kiss your mother, play w your dad. Stop social media all kinds. Instagram & TikTok should be uninstalled immediately. Took me 8 years to figure out what damage they were doing. In all just develop a routine you want while having fun. Journal & record it all on tape. You would smirk when you're 23 after you look back trust me. Have a good one broski 🤝🏻

  19. While I agree you shouldn’t be worrying too much about this at 15, a lack of motivation to do things you want to be doing (playing piano), could be a sign of depression, anxiety or another health issue. I’m no doctor, but I would recommend speaking with one or your parents, counselor or whoever you feel safe speaking to.

  20. I don't want to sound edgy but I was very depressed when I was 13.I went to a therapist for a lot of time (mostly during elementary school for other problems and also in the last year of middle school),and it helped me.I can't really go to one now,as the school year is almost ending and I can't go during summer,but I wanna try to start going back in september. It's just that I don't want to be a burden to my parents,and I also can't deal with myself as of now.

  21. Be honest with your family, friends and teachers. Explain that you’re struggling, that you want to work but you can’t. There’s strategies and interventions that can help. But importantly, you’ve got to be easy on yourself

  22. It’s okay, I’m 23 and I spent the weekend at home mindlessly scrolling waiting for Monday and getting back to work

  23. By a teenager. Try weird shit and fuck it up. Figure out what assholes do to get into relationships, then avoid them. Stop worrying about wasting your life

  24. At your age it's really hard to have self discipline, so the best you can do is talk to your friends and parents and try to arrange something to make you more productive. My parents used to only let me buy videogames if I got good grades and this actually led me to become top of the class throughout the entirety of middle and high school.

  25. Someone in this thread said to exercise daily, and that is the same thing I would humbly tell you. You feel like you are tired due to internet abuse? I know what you mean, I feel like my brain turns to mush when I consume social media nonstop. Exercise and meditation have been the best ways to undo that tiredness, personally. IMO, anyone seriously wanting to improve themselves must engage in consistent exercise and meditation. Routine brings order, order brings a sense of competency, and a sense of competency overshadows useless negative thinking.

  26. You are way ahead of most 15 year olds. You are very self-aware. Your intelligence is probably why you are feeling so miserable. Talk to a trusted adult at school. Sometimes they are much easier to talk through these problems than parents. Teachers and counselors are thrilled when you ask them for advice and mentoring.

  27. I swear you are me at 15 calling me from the past. Studied in a Liceo Classico (grammar school for non italians), played the piano, wasted enormous amounts of time on the internet.

  28. Bro you’re 15 , your concern should be getting outside and enjoying life with people who are good friends. Relax lol. Enjoy it because when you get older, it’s going to suck much worse!

  29. You should see if you can find a therapist who can diagnose ADD/ADHD. There's a great book called "Driven by Distraction" written by a psychotherapist who is also ADD, and he does a great job explaining how folks with ADD often feel horrible about themselves. And everyone around them just tells them they need to "snap out of it" or "work harder" or "just focus". But there is something deeper going on that isn't a simple choice for this type of brain, and knowing that can help both the person with ADD as well as the family and teachers around that person understand without moralizing (e.g. "You're lazy!" "Stop procrastinating!") etc. There is also medication that can often help tremendously (but nothing is a silver bullet!)

  30. Don’t worry man you will slowly find something that gives you purpose and you will feel like you are moving forward. Just make some goals and take small steps. Try anything if you don’t know what.

  31. Dude, enjoy it while you can. You’re young. Don’t worry about this at all for at least another 10 years

  32. You are off to a great start! You recognize what must be done and you are aware of where you are at, that’s great self awareness.

  33. You're literally 15 😂 . Don't feel guilty about "wasting time" at 15. Enjoy "wasting" your time before becoming an adult with actual responsibilities.

  34. I have this kind of thought a couple times a week when instead of working i just put it all off and waste time, which i equally dont enjoy because i’m thinking about all the work i’m not doing. But genuinely the best help i can suggest is to tell yourself ‘right i’m going to do 20 minutes of work, then i can scroll/watch stuff/ whatever again.’ You either do that 20 minutes then stop, which is better than doing nothing ! and which maybe u can do again an hour later, OR u get in the flow and continue for longer than u expected and before u know it youve conquered that challenge.

  35. I feel for you. Try out the app “routinerly” or something like it where you can set up daily routines. For example, morning or bedtime. You’ll feel more focused and also see where your time goes. Hope that helps.

  36. High school is the time to have ambitous goals and work hard towards them. If you care about your future.

  37. I struggle with procrastination too! Just know, there’s a reason for it. If you are able, I would recommend getting a therapist. There’s nothing wrong with you, and your future isn’t doomed. There’s just probably some stuff to work through

  38. I wasn't aware a 15 yr old was even capable of procrastination...but if your struggling with internet addiction I would suggest some form of detox. I'd say either unplug fully but today's schooling I'm guessing is mainly done via internet so use it for school only and find another source of instant dopamine feed and visual stimuli to ease any post acute withdrawal symptoms you may experience. I'm not sure what the effect is from detoxing from internet usage but if it's anything like my time kicking alcohol, cocaine and heroin all simultaneously.... than seek professional help as soon as possible. But obviously no internet is now completely impossible to do so maybe a part time job or hobby you do outdoors could help. Anyway good luck!

  39. You must be feeling scared and frustrated because of the constant pressure to be productive, and because you may feel like you are failing. Especially at age 15, you must feel like you need to do everything perfectly. Need to get good grades, make many friends and memories, get a girlfriend, get into a good college.

  40. Man I wish I had your mindset when I was your age. Not that I’m that much I older. I’m 17. But it’s way better to be thinking like this before you’re in your last year of high school. You’ll get there man good luck!

  41. I had a similar issue through high school and college. I'm not familiar with your high school environment, but I did have an intense set of high school classes and was in a rigorous program in college.

  42. I feel like deep down you know what you gotta do. Follow what makes your heart happy and take actions(even if teeny tiny) to get closer to doing what makes your heart happy. There's no right or wrong way to be yourself, don't look to others for validation. If you want to procrastinate, hell, take advantage of procrastinating at 15 rather than 20,30,40+ because it's an exhausting thing as an adult. I'm 32 and I procrastinate, causes anxiety and stress if I think about it too much. Maybe try making a list with 3 things to want to do each day like 20 minutes of studying with a 10 minute dance stretch break then 20 more minutes of studying with a 10 minute Internet break. I wish you the best with your life.

  43. Picture who you want to be, and choose the path that takes you there. If you want to be a successful adult you gotta start acting like one.

  44. Oh to be 15 again lol.. wish I could have asked this question to anybody back then because I was the same. Just live your life. Don’t be in a hurry to try and figure things out. Doesn’t matter if you’re 15, 18, 21, … If you keep moving forward and just keeping an open mind to new experiences, things will start to lead you towards your passion and personal goals to help you get yourself through the process of making yourself happy.

  45. Since you have not clearly mentioned it, I am going to assume that other people are not pointing out these things to you and making you miserable.

  46. Let me tell you a secret — as someone that also used to be 15. I’ll be 25 in a few months, after skipping a grade, going through college, and getting a 6 figure job while going through depression and anxiety.

  47. Jocko Podcast. Start with episode 1. IMHO, you taking the time to write this says it all. You’re ready. You just need to do it. The recipe is simple- want to stop procrastinating? STOP PROCRASTINATING. Want to Improve your life? IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.

  48. Could you get into a sport perhaps? A productive activity that will take you away from online time.

  49. I'm 16 and have been feeling very similar recently. Trust me, it's good that you realized that issue as 15 year old with tons of time left to get over it rather than a much older person who has already wasted a large chunk of their life.

  50. Social media most likely has put pressure on you to grow up fast lol, don't worry about it. You're 15. People are in their 30's and up still trying to figure shit out.

  51. I sometimes felt this way as a teenager, I also battled anxiety and depression starting at 13. Later on I learned I had ADHD as well. I suggest maybe seeing a therapist, maybe they can find the root cause as to why you have a lack of motivation and help you develop healthier habits and a good balance between your interests (like the internet) with things that need to be done-and not just the bare minimum. As an adult I have a hard time just keeping my apartment clean. And I mean I struggle.

  52. Stop beating yourself up. I don’t mean take it easy. I mean learn to check in with yourself more. Aim to do more things you enjoy not less. Start watching witch curiosity. Once you become friends with your body and feelings, it will be like a guide to you. When you say “why did I _____? Next time take the time to answer. Why DID you do that? Seek the smart and adaptive reason you did “that.” And then ask if it serves you now or it was a behavior that served you in the past. Your body protects you. If you’re unconsciously choosing other things there is a reason. Remain always curious to your own inner experience because your emotions are guideposts.

  53. At 15, identifying and understanding the problem is a big step many your age don't take until years later. Keep working on yourself.

  54. Next week the post will be: "I am 8 years old and I just wasted the whole week playing with legos" I must admit you are ambitious if you are feeling this at age 15 which is so so young.

  55. I came back on to add, keep exploring until you find your interest. I just had a very wise person recommend “the artists way” to me. Don’t have to be an artist or creative to gain Insights into your own deeper self. If you haven’t started listening to audiobooks, start now (or at least give them a try and see what you think)

  56. Hey...I'm 36 and have found myself back at square one very quickly. I had a wife with kids, a home, multiple vehicles, and was doing pretty well..Well, Covid came, lost my business, my wife cheated, my cars had to be sold, and I moved into something far less than what I had. My point is man, don't give up. You have your entire life in front of you..So what if you're lazy. You're a teenager still trying to figure life out. The world is a cruel place, enjoy it now, be observant, and don't rush things. I'm sure you're a good kid, who sees potential in yourself, but can't commit to making the steps you want. Just finish school, and think really hard about what you could do all day, without it being a chore..

  57. Dude honestly. Just set a time you allow yourself to mess with your phone and the internet. Be disciplined. I personally will purposely leave my phone in a room somewhere and then start doing what I need to do so I don't see it and subconscious pick it up. You know u have studies "ok at 7 ill mess with my phone or pc let me get at this book. " homework isn't done no IG playa.

  58. As someone who has spent lots of time staying up way too late on the internet, I feel you. You have a symptom (internet and procrastinating), and a root cause.

  59. It doesn’t feel like it though, at that age. I’d argue I felt like I had less time then than I do now, at 46. It’s a confusing age. Looking back it’s super easy to say not to worry, would you have listened? I wouldn’t have for sure. I’m hard-headed though with anxiety, so it would’ve sure benefited me to have heard that :)

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