User script I made for the IKEA website that shows you how much the article you're viewing costs in another country

  1. Nice! I have a feature request: move currency to a variable and add optional conversion rate. Use case: I'd like to check prices in Czechia (their currency is CZK, and conversion rate is 1CZK = 0.17PLN)

  2. I added the currency as a variable, currency conversion isn't that easy as the rates change all the time. I'll keep it in mind tho :)

  3. Ooh I like that, I'm planning an international move and have been trying to figure out what stuff is worth shipping and what's cheaper to just replace when I get there

  4. I was already thinking that this would be mostly useful for employees. Who is going to visit a different country for cheaper IKEA stuff? Maybe some people on the border, but that is it right?

  5. Kinda reminds me of the old Best Buy fiasco. If you went to their website on a store computer or using the store wifi, the prices were more expensive (i.e. the in store price) but if you used your own internet, the prices would be lower (i.e. their competitive online prices). I remember doing a ton of price matches against their own online store prices.

  6. I've always wondered if they installed measures to actively block cellular internet in their buildings to get you to use their shitty wifi

  7. I don't live close to any other countries, but I'm curious, what's the price difference in between countries that could make this worth it?

  8. as a very irregular javascript user, i love to see stuff like this as a working example of tricks i'm missing out on. reference docs + working examples is the holy grail of learning imo

  9. Going to get downvotes for this, but posts like this getting upvoted so much are why this subreddit is dying. Just because someone programmed something doesn’t mean it belongs in

  10. It is a nice idea that might inspire others. Everything does not have to be technically impressive.

  11. At least the elections are over so it's not 7th daily "FACEBOOK IS EVIL AND RIGGING ELECTIONS FOR CONSERVATIVES" article that has absolutely nothing to do with programming.

  12. If you live near the border for example, and the store in your country is as close as the one in the other country, I'm from Belgium so that's the case for a lot of people here :)

  13. Judging by the name, it's European. And it is quite easy to go into another country, load up and bring some stuff back.

  14. I bought a desk last week, didn’t realize at first but the Canadian price is the same as the US one. $299USD vs $299CAD, that’s unusual.

  15. I think OP is not a native english speaker. The word "article" (or similar) in some languages is often used with the meaning of "item".

  16. Australia used to have two IKEA franchises until a few years ago and the Adelaide/Perth one seemed more expensive on many items than the eastern states. As far as I know they are all one owner now. I wonder if other countries have similar arrangements where there may be differences within countries.

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