Group files emergency motion to stop Oregon Measure 114 gun control law

  1. The vast majority of the shootings here are happening in portland, since violent crime has increased by at least 200% since the start of 2020 and its only getting worse. As you would expect the majority of these shootings are done by felons and people with illegally acquired guns guns. The group responsible for creating this M114 is an anti-gun group from portland called Lift Ever Voice Oregon and they are funded by people like billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

  2. It's Portland, land of ANTIFA. They aren't even smart enough to off themselves without needing multiple tries.

  3. It's why my most damning insult for these people is "I hope you get sent to a world that operates the way you claim this one does."

  4. Banning regular cap magazines will stop suicides? I mean… if you need 30 rounds to commit suicide then your zero might be a little bit off.

  5. "You have to zero your rifle before you zero yourself." I can see the anti-suicide slogans paid for with taxpayer money now...

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