Ordered a pro-life sticker for my laptop on Etsy. Came with a sweet little note ❤️

  1. Schrodinger’s glare: if you don’t ask, then they are both homophobes glaring at the pride sticker AND pro-choicers glaring at the pro-life sticker

  2. Honestly this raises a great point, I regular see people, mainly pro chocies, with the sentiment all lgbtq people and allies must be pro choice.

  3. Awesome! There is such an idea that LGBTQ and pro abortion is ridiculously intertwined, so it'll be fun to confuse the heck out of people who don't expect it lol. Seriously good on you though. :)

  4. I was shopping for stickers to decorate my new school laptop and I LOVE Esty’s Pro Life options. They hold such powerful messages written in adorable ways

  5. This is so refreshing to see. I feel like the media portrays a false side of what the LGBT community actually cares about.

  6. As a lesbian this makes me so happy. I feel so isolated that the majority of other queer women I’ve met are radically pro-abortion.

  7. They’re always claiming we hate women and only care about children before they’re born, so I appreciate how this refutes the lies so succinctly

  8. It's incredibly ironic you say "they" are openly pro-abortion while "they" are on this very thread saying they are prolife.

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