Need some help with my image quality.

  1. The best image you'll get with that display is by getting some decent component cables and a component - HDMI converter. Make sure it's compatible with 480i & 576i resolutions so you dont have any picture issues.

  2. Look up the ps2 HDMI converter on Amazon it's only like $8. It works pretty good if you're just casual about it.

  3. That DPD-R06XE box is interesting, but based on that you could easily get the best experience with Component video, or RGB if more convenient, but you'll have a far easier time with progressive scan resolutions using Component video, and I think high quality Component video cables such as the ones made by HD Retrovision are cheaper than RGB equivalents.

  4. Kaico has one adaptor for the PS2, so you can just use HDMI. It works well so far, specially considering how expensive a HDMI solution can be (this was like 35€), but I already had some problems with Kaico so I might have more in a few months, who knows, but again, it works fine so far.

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