Kexploit 7.02 READY by Sleirsgoevy🥂

  1. You were told NOT TO UPDATE so many times. Was that one game of call of duty worth unsigned code running? No, now we have to heal your trauma now because you are fucked and it’s life and no turning back now.

  2. The game asks you to update to the 7.50/7.51 version but due to the version of the SDK it would be possible to play it on a lower firmware (7.00 or 7.02). I was thinking about the possibility of spoofing the firmware from 7.00/7.02 to 7.50 or higher and then, try to run the game on a jailbroken 7.00/7.02 PS4. Some people say it would work but others say the opposite. Who really knows?

  3. I'm using a 500gb slim and since updating to 6.72 from 5.05 stability has went WAY up. I have 104 success vs 7 fails/KP. Using "V10"

  4. Hell no. Can’t believe that you guys did it again! Now it’s time to update my PS4 once again. 🤘

  5. Im currently on 7.00, but my ps4 was connected to the internet and told me update to 7.5x was ready, can i still use the exploit somehow or am i screwed (i didnt update, im still on 7.00)

  6. I'm new so please excuse my stupid question. With fw 7.02 can I play games on the game list marked for earlier fw?

  7. You can play games from earlier firmwares but not later ones. So, for example, 5.05 games will work on 7.02, but 8.00 games will not.

  8. so, what part of him should other devs be like? Releasing stuff, or putting up with people demanding exploits like they are entitled to them?

  9. lol you wish if you think they’ll release a exploit for any latest versions... nobody’s publicly ruining online

  10. Yes! Got one PS4 on 5.05 HEN and my 500 Million LE PS4 on 7.02. I’m very greatful. Can not wait to give it some first tries and feedback to everyone once released

  11. Now we need a way to downgrade the firmware. I recently bought a ps4 slim off of Facebook marketplace and it was unfortunately running 8.0.3. Sad times

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