New rules regarding scheduling?

  1. The only corporate thing is that 2023 requests were canceled because they’re changing the request system. This is a store level rule, and doesn’t seem fair. Some vacations need to be booked months ahead of time.

  2. That’s just a store level rule. I don’t like the fact that store level rules could be made to begin with. Especially when they infringe on the corporate level rules already in place. Your store and managers don’t have to actual right to restrict how and when associates put in their scheduling/time off request. I’ve been in the position that some time off that I needed months in advance had to be approved so I could confidently plan the trip cause there was many moving parts and involved a large group of people that I was in charge of for a special event and I couldn’t risk the possibility that when the time came my manager would just deny it on a whim.

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