I, for one, am shocked. Shocked; I tell you.

  1. It's like that one post where the woman is like "I convinced a friend not to get an abortion and she didn't but now she's in jail and she asked if I could look after her kid but I can't because of reasons, what do I do?" This repeal is terrible but it is great fodder for selfawarewolves material.

  2. I remember a pro life person having a meltdown online because a couple she talks out of an abortion put her down as the person to give the child to and she was saying how it would ruin her life she she can't handle a baby

  3. The problem is that they don't see a contradiction because they see unwanted pregnancies as a personal failure. They believe that people pregnant with unwanted children should "live with the consequences" and that people with unwanted pregnancies voided their right to not have a child for any of these factors because they made the "mistake" of having sex. It's about punishment

  4. I adopted.... I lost 4 kg in the first 3 weeks. Unlike your own kids there's no slow wind up. It's deep end from day 1.

  5. Catholic people out here telling non-catholics to adopt, while simultaneously shitting out 12 children. I cannot stand them.

  6. Look sometimes GOD provides them with an opportunity they are not willing to step up to. WHO are they to refuse God's request.

  7. Crazy thing is my wife and I have decided that if we do decide to have kids we will adopt/foster, instead of creating our own, in like 10-15 years.

  8. A couple I know are very prolife and absolutely say they can just be adopted. Well, they had trouble conceiving, so naturally they would adopt right? Wrong!!! They purchased 5 fertilized embryos, neither person is biologically related to said embryos, and had them implanted in the wife. I think they still have two on ice they're going to try to implant yet. But yeah, adoption is an option.

  9. Private adoption is $30-40k+ so no most people can’t afford it. If you’re referring to public adoption, AKA fostering, you’d better prepare for a lot of heartache and going through a few fucked up kids before you get one you can actually adopt. They want to place those kings back with the family, and family members can step up unexpectedly and take them back. Source: my friend works in CPS she has to tell people all the time that the kid they’ve been fostering for months or years has to go back with their family. It’s heartbreaking.

  10. Well you see, it's because people (read: women) need to be held responsible for their choices (read: or rape, or whatever got them pregnant), by forcing them to put their bodies through the intense physical and emotional process of pregnancy as punishment for their sins. Then, if they can't find someone to adopt their baby, and if they aren't willing to put it in the foster system, they need to try to raise the child they didn't want and can't support. Because responsibility. And life, or something.

  11. Not only that, if you mention that you're interested in adopting, it's "but they're coming from broken homes, they're going to be problems or have issues".

  12. Don’t forget “I already have three of my own”. The subtext being, even if they did adopt (hahahaha, sure), those adopted children wouldn’t be as much “theirs” as the ones they birthed

  13. Adoption is outrageously expensive and you are out that money even if you don't get a child. A family member started the process and it's no wonder why kids don't get adopted. They had to cash out their 401ks and refinance the house and in the end, no baby because they ended up getting pregnant.

  14. I'm pro-choice, my mom is pro-life. We know we're not going to change the other's mind but she brought up the RvW decision the other day and said she was happy about it. I told her I disagreed and she said, "How can you disagree? Just look at your daughter! Could you do that to her?" I'm 36 and just had my first child. She just turned 3 months.

  15. None of them want to face the reality of what foster care is like. We foster. Oddly, we don’t generally get responses of support when people find out. It’s usually “oh I could NEVER.” They say because they’d love them too much, because they couldn’t give them back to bioparents, etc. it’s the most ridiculous response. Like “I’m TOO good of a person to foster” sounding. It always instantly pisses me off. Some of those kids experience a living hell and none of the pro-life people seem to care.

  16. I'm very pro-choice but I dislike it when people compare being in foster care to literal death. I'm sure it sucks on multiple levels, but it's not a death sentence.

  17. My ideal dream prank is to show up at a pro-life rally with a bus load of kids and "adoption agents" to see how many people would REALLY save some children.

  18. I watched a video a few weeks ago from Russia where they were asking men on the street about Ukraine, the replies were all VERY supportive of the " special military operation" and basically Ukraine=nazis. The reporter than took out a clipboard and said awesome! Please sign here in so happy you are willing to fight for mother Russia! We will call you next recruitment.

  19. Someone already sorta did this (just without the kids). A journalist/vlogger went around asking the pro-adoption people at a pro-life rally how many children they've adopted. Literally nobody he interviewed actually had an adopted child.

  20. There was a guy interviewing a bunch of these people with adoption signs. No suprise not a single one had ever adopted a kid.

  21. This seems like an Eric Andre prank and I’m here for it. But, for real, I’d be down with making this happen for reals.

  22. They used to bring trainloads of orphans from the Northeast out to the midwest and adopt them out to randoes in towns the trains passed through. A lot of them were treated as slave labor, doubtless many were molested, and some had good experiences.

  23. I'm betting in the next 10 years there's going to be an orphan crisis in banned states and democrats will get blamed for it.

  24. Oh absolutely. Cause a lot of adoption centers are in urban areas due to the existence of funding. Doesn't matter that a majority will be from women being treated as unfeeling unthinking incubators by conservatives cause other conservatives will see that the children mearly exist in "dem cities" and therefor assume they're from irresponsible lib parents who don't have family values.

  25. Foster parent here. I just adopted my son earlier this year. It’s laughable that Texas is quick to ban abortion but won’t put money into its foster care system. Kids are sleeping in hotel rooms and the office floors of caseworkers because there is nowhere else to house them.

  26. My coworker is a foster to adopt parent and she's been dealing with the system for two years. She finally was able to legally adopt the little boy she'd been fostering for two years. It was a really hard road with twists, turns, and heartache. I'm glad it was a happy ending for her and her husband. I hope the same for you.

  27. FYI these are really bad people. The woman spent a decade as legal counsel for an anti-LGBT hate group and served as their representative to the Organization of American States where she lobbied hard against any advancements in civil rights in Latin America

  28. I would hold up a sign saying. "I will never get an abortion if you agree to pay for my therapy as well as everything any resulting child of mine needs for 18 years."

  29. "Go through literally all the difficult and expensive parts involved in making a baby and we'll happily reap the rewards for you"

  30. They’re missing the entire point. A woman has the right to not carry a baby to term. A woman has the right to not put her body under that kind of stress. A woman has the right to not be pregnant any longer.

  31. Yep. No one can force me to donate part of my body to keep another person alive. Not even after I’m dead (I’m an organ donor, but if I wasnt. Even then, my family has the final say on whether any of my bits can get used). But one stray zygote and I have no rights at all? Get outta here.

  32. Putting the BS aside, adopting is in fact such an exhausting and costly process. Which makes the overturn even more infuriating.

  33. That's not really true. It can cost like $40k-$50k to adopt a child, which is in addition to the cost of actually raising them.

  34. Ironically call themselves pro life but willingly let children die so they don’t have to give up their guns

  35. There’s a photo of the Sebaldo guy holding a sign with a drawing of a gravestone with the death date of Roe vs Wade, grinning ghoulishly. So, yeah, they are total POS.

  36. And they'd also care about what happens after birth, meaning providing for the new baby's shelter, feeding, education, and health care. But these are the same people who don't want to pay taxes for public health care, don't care about improving schools in poor neighborhoods, and will tell the new mom to get off her ass and go get a job.

  37. They aren't pro-life because abortions happened before 1973, they were just unsafe and people died. Countries were abortion is illegal see higher maternal mortality rates because women who miscarry or haemorrhage are afraid to seek medical assistance; finally anti-abortion laws make it harder to deal with ectopic pregnancies which will kill the women.

  38. Just call them anti abortion why do people need all of these complicated terms, they’re against abortions and that’s it.

  39. If this was on a pro-forced-birth demonstration they can literally f*ck off. Adopt as many children as you want but don’t act like this is any solution to an unwanted pregnancy. It might come as a surprise to them, but most people that deal with this issue also don’t want to deal with the progress of being pregnant and actually giving birth. (Also expensive If you live in America for example) That shit ain’t too easy, bro. And I don’t see their “we’ll happily carry and give birth to your child” sign.

  40. Lol wait till they find out American Christians don’t recognize foreign Christian’s, it’s a pure America thing

  41. People like this should not be shown in media unless they are asked how many children they have adopted and/or exactly where they currently are in the adoption process. They are almost always liars.

  42. That looks very similar to what my parents went through about 15-20 years ago when we adopted my brother from Russia. My parents had to take 5 weeks off work (and that was short compared to some stories we heard) and $30,000 US in cash with them. One part I didn't see (though I skimmed, so I could have missed it) is how agencies, the government, orphanages, etc. will use the child to emotionally manipulate you and extort even more money out of you. I've seen adoption from just about every angle except actually being adopted myself, and it is not this magic bandaid that all these uninformed people love to think it is. It's pretty horrible for the children involved, even in some of the best possible situations.

  43. Adoption agencies are allowed to discriminate, too. Just like with the abortion issue, school prayer, and such, many people in charge of it have chosen that position in order to assert religious influence. Because of that, many adoption agencies require parents to be Christian. Non-Christians and others that they do not approve of (anyone not straight or white enough), may very well not be allowed to adopt.

  44. I’ve seen so many prolifers saying this shit over the past day. When asked how new mothers would pay for them they would always say there was some church that was going to pay for everything. Not one single fucking reporter pushed back or followed up.

  45. The problem isn’t even the baby for some people, it’s the pregnancy. Nine months of mental, emotional and physical strain, plus the birth itself can be hard on a person, and can take a while to recover from, even without complications. That’s why signs like this mean nothing to the people that need an abortive procedure, on top of the fact that they, in fact, will not adopt anybody’s unwanted baby.

  46. I would rather have my child never develop than have to grow up with that kind of people as parents anyway.

  47. Look, even as an adoptee whose adoptive parents are lovely and someone who loves adoption and wants it to be better, I can't stand these people. You don't actually want to adopt babies. You just want to look good. You have NO CLUE what adoption is like. None. It's not just about the cost. And it's not just about BABIES. Would you take on that 16 year old who has been passed around from foster home to foster home for 10 years whose mother never wanted him but was forced to give birth and now has mass amounts of trauma? What about the toddler with behavioral problems caused by the fact they grew up in an unsafe abusive family? Or what about the lgbtq kid who was kicked out and has no where to go.

  48. I went into foster care at 8 months. I aged out of the system at 18 with a garbage bag of my stuff and some paperwork. I was lucky enough to go into the military. Many of us die from suicide. Many of us go on to life long homelessness. Many of us are abused and neglected in group homes and by foster parents. Many of us become addicted. Many of us are taken advantage of. Many of us become parents while we’re still children ourselves. Few of us are adopted

  49. Don't yall come at me with pitchforks, but wouldn't a private adoption between the birth mother and the adopting family be a whole lot cheaper than going through an adoption agency?

  50. Yes, but the adopting family still must pay all the medical bills including the hospital bill for childbirth, no matter how much it costs. Some births with complications cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  51. Not legal in all states. Plus it would be a lot harder for an individual to find and properly vet potential adoptive parents.

  52. It is. I was adopted privately. My delivery nurse knew my adoptive parents and just called them up. They picked me up a few hours later.

  53. Its like going to college; you plan on, and probably will go to college, but just need the funding. It doesnt mean you dont "plan " on doing it. So these illogical "if/then" responses really show the lack of education in America, if anything.....

  54. I’d like to adopt a kid, but I’m a single dude that currently doesn’t live on his own. I can’t actually adopt, even if I want to.

  55. Our foster care system is not designed to get children adopted. It's designed to get a paycheck for people that "foster" kids.

  56. This train wreck aside, adoption is for people who don’t want to be parents. Abortion is for people who don’t want to be or should not be pregnant. Adoption ain’t always the answer

  57. I hate that people think adopting is a perfect solution. Like even if adoption was feasible for most people and it’s fucking not, morally I am compelled to not bring a human into this existence. Im additionally compelled to not bring one into existence and then not be responsible for their well-being. I don’t want to live knowing that there’s a child of mine out there experiencing who-knows-what w/o me to help them jus bc I couldn’t afford a child or whatever the circumstance be. I don’t trust people. I could never trust someone I don’t know enough to RAISE my CHILD regardless of legal guardianship. Maybe it’s bc I’m a nanny of 9 years but shit I don’t think most ppl know how to raise kids and that’s jus talking abt the decent folks.

  58. You americans are mental, its ok to keep guns and kill shit loads of kids, but you cant have an abortion, even if you were raped or the victim of abuse. Laws and rights arse about face. Crazy,crazy country. What kind of image dies that send to the rest of the world. Madness

  59. The image that the US Supreme Court isn't representing of the US will. The majority of us favor gun regulation, reproductive rights, and equal rights. It's just this pesky tyranny of the minority (ruling class zealots) fucking shit up for the rest of us.

  60. I know some people that lost their kids for a time. They went to foster parents and now one has brain damage from one of the families striking their head with a weapon. Adoption and fostering is a myth.

  61. It makes me so angry for women in those states. It is their body. What makes them think a woman/girl is mentally prepared to deal with a pregnancy. What if they are addicted to a substance? What if they carry a genetic disorder that will pass down to their child?

  62. “If you’re so pro-life and you’re so pro-child, then adopt one that’s already here, that’s very unwanted and very alone and needs someone to take care of it to get it out of a horrible situation. People say, “Why don’t you do that?” And I say, “Because I hate fucking kids and couldn’t care less.” Couldn’t give a fuck. Don’t care at all about abortion. It’s your choice, case closed, the end, bottom line.”

  63. People that say put them up for adoption don't give a fuck. They KNOW the process is actually incredibly expensive. Adoption is not a thing achievable for the majority of this country, especially with the rising cost of living.

  64. Speaking as someone who has adopted it is not easy. It's super expensive and takes a really long time not to mentioned every state sides with the birth parents so as long as there is not a legal issue,such as drugs in the system or past csp charges, they can change their mind and bam your out anywhere from 20 to 60 thousand dollars depending on the state. It's physically and emotionally draining. I would not trade my child for the world but my one experience was the process was truly tough. I'm not defending anyone but it drives me nuts the "just adopt crowd" because they have no idea what it takes!

  65. At the end when he says "5 or whatever" did he man he'll take 5 kids? Because if you can't afford to adopt one child through the system, you can't afford 5 children in daily life.

  66. It's also very telling how these types of people will refer to adopted kids as not theirs. "Will you adopt these children?" "Oh no, I already have children of my own." Of My Own. You ask any parent of an adopted child, and they'll respond with saying those are their kids.

  67. Was it confirmed that this was indeed Neydy Casillas Padrón? The amount of hate coming from people that pretend to care is fucking astonishing

  68. How about an adoption draft? all anti-abortion dickheads that use this as an excuse must enroll, and they must adopt when selected.

  69. My wife and I started the adoption process after being told we couldn’t have a child of our own. We did end up having a miracle baby so stopped the process, not wanting to get in over our heads.

  70. Every time I see shit like this I always go back to Yuri Bezmenovs interview where he said … “They won’t even believe the reality in front of their faces unless a boot comes stomping down on their ass, then it will be real” Or something along those lines.

  71. I can't think of another "constitutional" right that is dependent on one's sex. Men can have abortions or not and who cares?

  72. Am I the only one who had to squint at the picture trying to figure out what is wrong with the guy's head? Even when I examined it closer, it still has a quality to it that makes it appear photoshopped on. I know it isn't, but it is still nagging at me.

  73. We are trying to adopt its a super long rpocess if you adopt under 3 and we are waiting. I wouldn't put this sign up though and I would still support a women's right to bodily autonomy. Just because I can't have kids doesn't mean I am going to force other women to go through that.

  74. It's much cheaper and easier to adopt from a consenting surrogate, the adoption process in actually very costly and gratuitously beaurocrqtic

  75. These people are being disingenuous and deserve the criticism, but he is correct that the US makes it super hard for non-citizens to adopt. My friends from my PhD program have been living and working in the US for 8 years, want kids, and would make the best dads. They can't adopt in the US until they get citizenship, and they also can't adopt a baby from their home country and then bring them back into the US without staying in their home country with the kid for 1-2 years and starting the PR/citizenship process over. So they have to wait until they've been in the US more than a decade to become citizens and then they can start the lengthy and expensive adoption process. And this is a rich PhD educated couple, i can only imagine how hard it is for less privileged immigrants

  76. Could be fun to tell the QANON cultists that the babies born from this are all going to become part of the Deep State Mole Children program and the strongest will become transgender Antifa super soldiers.

  77. Oh, and we'll also vote to cut funding for foster care and social services because fuck living children, they're Takers.

  78. the memes surrounding this are glorious, though. I’m waiting for one with a pair of dingos holding the sign.

  79. Well, they will adopt your baby, for money. Pay them money, and they will adopt. But don't call it welfare or a handout!

  80. Well, they got one thing right: it’s expensive as hell to adopt children. We spent $100k adopting our 3 kids, an older sibling group that would have aged out of foster care without us. The system really needs to change and get away from a profit-making scheme to one that truly focuses on the children just wanting a good and loving home.

  81. I used to work with a guy who tried to adopt from within the country (us). He and his wife quickly discovered that the adoption system is basically child trafficking where a child effectively goes to the highest bidder. And the system is racist and sexist too. Want a baby? Prepare to pay. Want a blonde, white girl? Prepare to pay through the nose. Want a young black boy? You can get one of those cheap.

  82. I must be confused because it sounds like they're making a choice not to adopt...and we don't allow choices around here.

  83. One pro-lifer hit me with the "why don't they just place kids for adoption" line and I responded by asking how many kids she's adopted, since as an adopted child myself I don't appreciate being used as a political talking point against women's rights.

  84. See this kind of thing pisses me off because there are plenty of children already in foster care. Not only that, there are adoption agencies and websites that they provide. Keep your personal business off of social media. They could easily adopt a child already in foster care but they are too egotistical and want a baby.

  85. "But hit up my Go Fund Me! Then perhaps I'll think about it. Even though I'm not American and can't. Thoughts and prayers!"

  86. I mean it's incredibly obvious that's not the same person but obviously it's just meaningless virtue signaling and these assholes aren't going to do a damn thing to help anybody.

  87. So translation...I don't want children because I can't afford them and other life circumstances interfere with my ability to properly care for a child.

  88. what makes me irrationally angry is the effort to make a lower case t look like a capital T or a cross. we get it, Jesus is fucking amazing

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